Thursday, 17 February 2011

This is the mug shot of the man that poisoned the two 130 year old live oak trees at the entrance of Auburn University's campus, more commonly known as Toomer's Corner. That horrible act has outraged the entire state. I, along with most Auburn fans have spent many times at these trees celebrating victories. I know people are thinking that it is just two trees. These trees represent a tradition shared by generations of Auburn fans. Not only did he poison the trees, but he also poisoned other plants in the area. The poison will remain in the soil for about 5 years. During that time, there is a possibility that the water system can be threatened. What makes it so bad is that this guy is proud of his actions. He confessed his actions to a sports radio talk show announcer. What a smart guy. This has been all that anyone has talked about today. I hope this guy gets what he deserves.
I hope everyone has a great Friday.

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crabbygirl said...

The true cruelty exhibited by this "man" is unreal. I cannot believe he is proud of himself, he ought to be deeply ashamed.