Thursday, 20 October 2011

Today my boss's boss is in town.  I'm going to wear a navy Austin Reed skirt, light blue Brooks Brothers merino wool twinset, big pearls, big pearl earrings and my navy Ferragamo Varas.  It's cold outside, so I need to find an appropriate jacket to wear.  I have a long black Geiger boiled wool jacket.  Maybe that will do.

Since I am having to tell you what I'm wearing, I'm taking more time putting things together.  Maybe in a few weeks, it will just happen.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.


Miss Janice said...

That sounds so cute and stylish. I don't think I have a navy Austin Reed skirt...but, now I want one to wear with a light blue twinset and pearls!

Tammy B said...

If you find an Austin Reed skirt, let me know. I cannot find them anywhere. Nobody sells them in the US. I would love to have a red one and maybe a brown one.