Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Two days in a row for dressing better for work.

I wore a navy Brooks Brothers' dress, a light blue Lands' End cardigan, pearls, pearl stud earrings, and navy Ferragamo Veras.  I felt like I looked nice.

I had to go sit on another floor for four hours.  Everybody was in a meeting.  I had to sit there just in case there was a visitor.  Nobody came onto the floor.  I felt glad to help out.  It's all about team work.  My coworker does not understand the concept of team work.  She does not work outside of her little box.  That has always been hard for me to understand.  Oh well.  I can't worry about her.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

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The Preppy Princess said...

It's cool to read your thoughts on teamwork, honestly, people seem to get it or completely miss the boat. And I love your 'dressing better for work' outfit!

Sending you an unscented smile (I now you'll get the reference from our tweets),