Sunday, 6 November 2011

The other day, I asked your opinion of Burberry.  Today, I am asking your opinion of another brand, Kate Spade.

I bought my first Kate Spade pocketbook about 12 years ago.  I bought a black microfiber Sam bag.  I loved it and still have it.  It is still in great condition.  On the same day, I bought a wallet.  Over the years, I have purchased several other bags, including two Quinn bags, one black microfiber and the other black leather.  Last year, I purchased another wallet and have been really pleased with the purchase.

I have always felt that Kate Spade was designed just for me. In the early years, I would visit the website just to read it.  I was introduced to many things, including a music group called Pink Martini.  I'm still a fan today.

BFF MAB bought a couple of pocketbooks a few months after my first purchase.  She was very pleased with them.  They were later replaced by Prada.  She is not a big fan of the brand.  Her sister had a friend who started out with the company at the very beginning.  She later left and went to work for a major high end department store as a designer for their in store line of handbags.  When she got laid off, Kate Spade sent an HR rep to see her to ask her to come back.  She was offended that Kate herself did not personally ask her, seeing that she was with her from the very beginning.  I have to agree with her. 

It seems like after a few years as a successful leather goods designer, Kate sold herself.  Even though, I still like the original simple styles that made the company a success.  Another think I like about the company is their commitment to the war on fakes.  I hate to pay my good hard earned money for something and then see someone with a fake that was made in a sweatshop by child labor.  That is one of my pet peeves.

What do you think about Kate Spade?


Mom on the Run said...

I bought J1 a purse and wallet at the KS outlet a couple years ago, but I couldn't tell you what it looked like (I remember the wallet was pink). I'm just not that into brands for brands sake, but that's just me.

Although I can say that Kate Spade is a Kappa Kappa Gamma sister...guess I know that much about it! :-}

Miss Janice said...

I like a lot of the Kate Spade products, but I don't buy much of the stuff...don't know why????

graciela alaniz said...

I am a kate spade novice, I always fawn over the colourful ads but didn't know much else. I am certainly a fan of the brand.