Thursday, 1 March 2012

I think my job interview went very well.  There are three candidates and of the three, I am the most qualified. (I'm not bragging, it's just the facts) The interviewer was wowed by my experience.  BUT, I don't think I will get it.  I think it will go to the least qualified candidate.  At the moment, she is the assistant for one of the people that the position supports.  Today, she asked me to get her some keys to certain things that only a few people need access to.  I figure either she has been told she got it, or she just assumes that she got it.   Queenie was interviewed also, but she just participated for the experience. Queenie is more qualified also.  She knows that Queenie interviewed, but not that I did.  I was told that there should be a decision by the end of the week.  Only one day left.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Have a great Friday.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Well I'm glad that you feel good about it. I hope this goes well for you. If not this job, perhaps your skills will be noticed for something else. Good Luck!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Well it sounds like you did everything in your power to make this happen. If it goes to someone else, it truly was not meant to be. Is this job in your same office? I thought your company was closing, no?

Tempest in a Pink Teacup said...

Sounds like a bit of "office politics" going on there......

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