Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something happened to me today that sort of stung and I need an opinion.

There is a company where Queenie has been actively posting for jobs.  She really wants to work there.  I have been staying away because I didn't want to appear to be stabbing her in the back by posting for the same jobs and also because I really haven't seen any jobs there that I want to post for.  Believe you me, I look every day.

Last month, I posted for a job at a very reputable company.  According to the description on the website, it is a great fit for me.  Well, I've never heard from them.  The job is still on their job site.  Last night, I saw a new posting for a similar position.  I did not have a copy of my resume on my home computer, so I had to wait until I got to work.  I rushed in and posted for the job.  A couple of minutes later, I was talking to a coworker and mentioned how excited I was to be able to post for another job at that company.  Queenie overheard me, and couldn't wait to post for the job.  It wasn't that she did it behind my back, but she kept discussing it and complaining about how difficult it was to build a profile.

Is is just me, or was that sort of backstabbing?  I realize that she has the right to post for any job that she wants, but she wasn't interested in it until she heard me discuss it.  Me and my big mouth!  I think it is more like "Queenie and her big ears".  She can hear anything.

What do you think?  BFF MAB told me to remember my college degree, my polish and my experience.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I hope that something really wonderful will come your way soon. Such a stressful time, looking for a new job. Best of luck! I know it's hard when someone doesn't seem to follow the same sort of standards we set for ourselves. Just be true to yourself.

Syl said...

I'll not be politically correct or tactful. QUEENIE WAS WRONG!. But, you're right. She didn't stab you in the back. Although now you know that Queenie's actions show that she's a "may the best woman win" type of person. As cutthroat as the job market is today I know you want to share your job search with friends but I'd be a little vague and definitely not voice anything else around Queenie.