Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I hope everyone had a good long Memorial Day weekend.  I took a personal day on Friday and an occasional absence day today. 

Friday, my mother and I drove to Sevierville/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee area to do some shopping.  I could not believe our luck.  First of all, NO TRAFFIC!  For those of you familiar with the area, you know that is a rarity.  If you are not familiar with the area, you would not believe the traffic.  It is a bumper to bumper crawl for about 15 miles.  It is unreal.  First stop was the Pendleton outlet.  I got a parking place right in the front door. I hit the jackpot.  I got a charcoal gray suit, a camel skirt, a black and white glen plaid skirt and a red blazer.  On my way out of the store, I noticed a cute 3/4 sleeve light green cardigan.  I went back and bought it.  Then I went to the Brooks Brothers outlet.  I bought a white and blue on white striped blouse and a black dress.  At Cosmetic Company, I got some Clinique eyeshadow.  I got the Ivory Bisque/Bronze Satin shadow duos.  I went to J. Crew to see what I could find.  Again, front door parking place.  I ended up with a white tee, a turquoise Jackie cardigan and turquoise earrings.  Then we cruised over to the Jockey outlet for my mother to buy some pajamas.  Again, front door parking place.  Our last stop was the Apple Barn to get a slice of apple pie for lunch, some fried pies for Saturday and some apple butter for the pantry.  Usually we have to park forever away, but we scored a parking place right up front.  Lucky for my mother we had good parking.  Her knees were giving her fits.

If you haven't guessed already, there is a reason for my pursuit of new work clothes, but I don't feel comfortable disclosing it at the moment. 

Today, my mother had knee replacement surgery.  She and her very close friend both scheduled their surgery for today.  Both did great.  Their rooms are two doors down from each other.  They will go to a rehab facility on Friday for three weeks.  They are going to be roommates.  I think it works out great.  My mother's friend has a tendency to brag and make things a little worse than what they are, but my mother is used to it and just tunes her out.  I'm sure that my mother has little quirts that her friend overlooks.  Both have been good friends to each other ever since they were both widowed six years ago. 

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.


JulesTX said...

Wishing your mom and her friend a speedy recovery. I think it was a great idea for them to have the surgery at the same time and spend the recovery together.

Joan said...

Encouraging news about your mother-- looking forward to hearing more good news soon!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Sounds like a perfect shopping day! Glad your mother is doing well.....can't wait to hear about where you'll wear your new work clothes! Sounds like things are looking up and that's good news indeed.