Friday, 17 August 2012

I have made it five whole days on my "clean living" eating plan that I copied from Miss Janice.  I don't know if I have lost any weight, but I really feel a lot better.  BFF MAB has adapted her own plan and she lost 7 pounds last month.  A few years ago, she lost her job due to a major merger and acquisition.  She ate her way through the misery and gained 50 pounds on top of the 20 pounds that she was at that time trying to lose.  She finally got motivated to lose it.  Losing the 7 pounds has really motivated her.  It has also motivated me.  I can't have her beat me. LOL!  I have to win also.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to go see Gone With the Wind at the Alabama Theatre.  I just love going there.  Movies are so much better and movie going is so much more fun. 

I hope everyone has a great Saturday.


L said...

It is always helpful to have your bestie dieting with you! Motivating each other and a little friendly competition goes a long way! Best of luck to you on the diet!

Miss Janice said...

If you were eating a lot of fat and sugar before the diet, those pounds will fall off! Good luck:)