Saturday, 8 September 2012

I keep saying that I am going to get better about posting, but for some reason it is just not happening.  I can only blame it on laziness.

Last weekend started out great.  I met an old high school friend and her coworkers for dinner on Friday night.  We stayed for awhile and listened to a band that was playing.  They played all of our favorite songs. 

Saturday, I went to a facebook page reunion.  My mother went along for the ride, but I think she enjoyed it more than anyone else.  After we all met up on the courthouse square, we went to the old high school to see the new renovations.  I didn't go to high school there, so it didn't mean that much to me.  My mother and a couple of the others went to school there.  Others went to school there when it was a junior high.  After lunch, we went to a museum at the old freight depot.  It was very interesting to see all the pictures, newspaper articles, clothing, etc. that families had donated.  We are considering donated a framed print of the old courthouse and an antique adding machine.

Sunday, I was supposed to work at the Arts in the Park from noon to 2:00.  About 11:45, it starting raining extremely hard.  It rained for about 45 minutes.  When I got to my post, I was sent home.  I was lazy the remainder of the day.  About 4:30, bad weather came through.  We went over to my sister's house until all of the tornado warnings had expired.

Now that Labor Day has passed, it is time to get ready for fall.  Last week I ordered two cardigans from Lands End.  I think the Chesterfield, which is sort of a gold color, will be great with a navy skirt and gold tone jewelry and the Merlot will be great with a gray skirt.

Has anyone out there tried the lip stains from Laura Mercier?  I like color on my lips, but do not like lipstick or lip gloss.  I think I might get try the lip stain in Merlot and Scarlet.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday.


crabbygirl said...

Gosh, I was getting worried about you!! It has not been the greatest week. I have just been so saddened about Coco Chanel. I just loved that little darling and my heart breaks for Miss Janice.

Katie Clooney said...

glad you're back!