Wednesday, 31 December 2008

I hooked up my DVR/VCR and I can't seem to get it programmed. I can program a VCR without a manual, but this thing is hard. I called Toshiba and they said that I needed a cable or satellite box. I don't have either. They said an old VCR would do. I tried that and can't get it to work. I think I did something wrong, but customer service is closed. I guess I'll have to wait. I'm not desparate to use it, but I do need to record my shows next week.

I have to tell you about Queenie. Today she had on a skirt, blouse and vest. I could only see her from the waist up. She informed me since it was so cold, she had on black stretchy pants under her skirt and trouser socks. The skirt came down to her ankles, so you couldn't see the pants. It really wasn't that cold, and if it is so cold, why wear the skirt? It's not like she's Pentacostal. She's Episcopalian.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Maybe I will get my DVR programmed before this time next year.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I have finally arrived in the 21st Century. My sister and brother-in-law gave me a DVR/VCR combo for Christmas. I have a DVD/VCR combo, but the VCR does not work. I wanted a DVD recorder. I didn't realize that my TV was as out of date as it was. I haven't had it that long, I don't think. My brother-in-law told me to hook it up to the auxillary plugs on the back. They are colored coded. My TV didn't have auxillary plugs on the back. I went to Best Buy so I could see a floor model of my DVR/VCR and I explained my problem. No problem, they have an adapter that I can buy. It was not very expensive. I bought it, brought it home and hooked everything up in less than 15 minutes. I'm good to go. Now all I need to do is program it to record my shows: Gossip Girl, Desparate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle and To the Manor Born. As you can see, I only watch quality programming. I'm going to test out my DVR by attempting to record The Barefoot Contessa.

There's a sweater at LL Bean that I think I want. It is the navy/natural birds-eye cardigan. I have a $10 gift card and it is on sale. I need another sweater like I need a hole in the head, but I want it. I told myself before Christmas that if it went on sale, I was going to buy it. Now I'm having second thoughts. What do you think?

Monday, 29 December 2008

Today is the first day for me to be back on South Beach. I felt hung over all day long. My clothes were beginning to get a little snug. I thought that a few weeks on Phase I of South Beach would help.

I felt so sorry for Queenie today. Her boss's act devoted to her, and she is devoted to them. She told coworker and I that they didn't get her anything for Christmas. She said that they have not even mentioned it. She put a lot of thought into their gifts and even bought their children gifts. I know that her feelings were hurt really bad. Maybe they have her something special, but haven't given it to her yet. I hope they are not so sorry to forget her at Christmas.

I will be glad when the holidays are over and life will be back to normal. And, I don't have to watch reruns of my shows on TV. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmastime, but by the time it gets here, I am ready for December 26.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas. Our family did. We had a nice meal on Tuesday night. Wednesday, I had to take my mother to the eye doctor for her follow-up. Her eye is healing fine. We worked at the store Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day (yes, we are always open Christmas Day, except if it is on Sunday). It is always nice to see people that we don't get to see except for the holidays.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to Huntsville shopping. We hit Barnes and Noble, J Crew, Talbots, Belks, Dillards, Staples, Publix and The Fresh Market. We did all those stores in about 4 hours. Lunch was Chick-fil-A drive thru. At J Crew, I bought a green cable knit crew neck sweater, 2 pairs of socks and 2 bangle bracelets. At Talbots, I bought a change purse, a necklace and a bangle bracelet. At Barnes and Noble, I bought the set of Nancy Drew movie DVD's. I got the ones that star Bonita Granville as Nancy Drew. I just love those movies and can watch them over and over. Last night we had to work again at the store. One nice thing about the holidays being over is our schedule will finally get back to normal (I hope).

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Monday, 22 December 2008

My mother's eye is doing well. She has been very diligent about putting in drops. It rained from Wednesday until Saturday night. Yesterday was cold and sunny. It got down to 16 last night (yes, it gets that cold in Alabama). I came back to Birmingham early so as to avoid any chance of icing. Since I got back early, I went to Publix and The Fresh Market. I thought I would get that over with. I forgot a couple of things from Publix and had to go back the cold.

Tomorrow I get off work at 2:00. Then I'm on my way to my mother's house. We have decided to have our family Christmas dinner tomorrow night. I have to go home, make two pans of brownies and cook smothered pork chops in 2 hours. I hope I can get everything done in time. My mother will do most of it, but she cannot lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.

I don't know if I will be blogging in the next couple of days or not. Just in case, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hannakuh.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Candy Cane Meme

Preppy Sue has tagged me for a Candy Cane meme. The instructions are to copy, paste, answer, add a question, then tag the 3 bloggers with the most recent updates on your blog feed/roll.

1. What is/are your favorite Christmas Movie(s)?Home Alone and Christmas Vacation.

2. Favorite Christmas Song? Josh Groben's O! Holy Night and the Soundtrack from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

3. Favorite Holiday Memory?As a child, going to my grandparents house and there being tons of people there. Of course, my grandparents have long gone as well as some of the people that were always there.

4. What is your favorite cookie/treat to make? Creme de Menthe brownies

5. Have you ever made an igloo? No, afraid not

6. Do you love Starbucks?I don't drink coffee, but I love their Peppermint hot chocolate

7. What makes the perfect Snowman? Remember, I live in Alabama

8. Not sure what happened to #8 so we'll move on.

9. Best gift you have ever received? When I was young, I received a red tartan plaid shoe bag that I used to carry my ballet shoes to dance class. I thought I was a big girl with that shoe bag.

10. What is the snowman's name on Rudolph? Don't know, but his voice is Burl Ives.

11. Silver or Gold?Both

12. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? Wreaths

13. What's your Christmas decorating style? Williamsburg

14. Do you hang stockings? no

15. How many days do you celebrate Christmas?Throughout the month of December! From the Sunday before Christmas until Christmas night.

16. What was your favorite ornament on the tree as a child? We never had special ornaments. My mother always had everything to match. All of the ornaments are identical. The only bad thing with that is now my sister and I have to have everything to match. When I suggest something different, they both look at me with a look of shock

17. Where will you be spending this Christmas? I will be at my mother's house from December 23 until December 28.

18. When do you open presents? Christmas Eve night after dinner.

19. Real tree or artificial? Artificial (we all have allergies)

20. Is there any chance you'll have a white Christmas? Not in Alabama. It's supposed to be 50 on Christmas Day

Okay, I'm tagging...All of my followers who have not done this yet.
My mother's eye surgery went fine. We had to be there Thursday morning at 5:00 am. They did not start the surgery until 7:30. We were on the road home by 10:30. When we got to her house at 1:00, both of us headed straight to a bed. I slept solid for about 2 hours. Yesterday, she was fine. Her eye was just red. Her follow-up appointment is Christmas Eve. The appointment is not until 10:50, so we don't have to wake up quite as early.

I worked at the store last night. Every day's a full moon there. Last night, a woman came in and she was talking on her cell phone. She was standing in front of the cash register, talking loud enough for everyone to hear. When she finally hung up, she said, "I was talking to the Lord. Sometimes, I have to put him on hold, but he doesn't mind." I thought, "She was talking to him on her cell phone?" I think she might have been a little bit crazy.

Our family still has not decided when to have our Christmas dinner. We usually eat it on Christmas Eve night and have the leftovers on Christmas Day, but my mother and I have to work at the store Wednesday nght. We thought about Tuesday, but it does not seem right. We may have it Christmas Day. My mother and I were discussing last night that we may not have ham or turkey, but smothered pork chops. My sister's foster son has a 15 year old brother that is in some kind of home an hour away. My sister and brother-in-law get him for the holidays. The home was not going to let him come up here for Christmas because there was a boy that had no where to go and they wanted the brother to stay there with him so that he won't have to stay alone for the holidays. My sister told them to send him to her house. We decided that we would put all the leaves in the table and have a great big family dinner, just the seven of us. We need to go somewhere today and get the 2 boys some little something for Christmas. I think we are going to open our gifts tomorrow so that the 2 boys don't have to watch us.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

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We had fun at our little party this morning. I got a clear glass tea pitcher. I bought Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels for the person whose name that I drew. I ended up eating the sausage biscuit from McDonald's.

After work, I stopped by Publix to get some 12 packs of Pepsi products for the store (we don't have a Pepsi man, so we buy them on sale and sell single cans). While there, I bought a black and white cookie. They are usually so good, but this one was too sweet. The frosting was messy.

I'm going to have to cut back on my eating. Tonight, I tried on my camel wool skirt. It was a little bit tighter than it was a few weeks ago. The Monday after Christmas, it's back on South Beach until I lose what I've gained.

It may be a couple of days before I post again. I am going to my mother's house tomorrow evening and will be there until Sunday. I have to take her to the Eye Foundation for eye surgery on Thursday.

Enjoy the remainder of your week. I will probably be back Friday or Saturday.

Monday, 15 December 2008

All the presents are bought, wrapped and packed for the trip home. I have mailed my Christmas cards. Hopefully, I can cruise into Christmas. Tomorrow is the girls' party at work. We draw names and bring our own breakfast. I'm still trying to decide between McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with hash browns and Panera's chocolate chip bagel with raspberry cream cheese. I'm leaning towards McDonald's. It will stick with me longer.

I found the best blog today. It is Etiquette with Miss Janice. I spent all afternoon reading her posts. Shhh! Don't tell my boss. I shouldn't be reading blogs at work, plus he'll make me practice what Miss Janice preaches. Check her out.

Yesterday while in Publix, I noticed these pizza like things in the bakery. It was pizza dough with a mix of different cheeses with toppings and no sauce I was going to get a couple of Lean Cuisine pizzas but decided on these. They were less expensive than the frozen. I got a pepperoni, a mushroom and a cheese. They are so good. I may have to keep a couple of these in the freezer.

Saturday, I decided to wash all of my Isotoner and Aris gloves. I have 9 pairs of gloves lined up on a towel in my living room. It looks wierd, but I will have clean gloves for when the weather gets colder. I found gloves that I forgot that I had.

Have a nice Tuesday.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

I you live near a Lenox outlet, you may want to check it out. The one here at Watermark Place is closing at the end of January and everything is 40-50% off the outlet price. BFF bought 5 Solitare bowls for $18 each. She said that there is some ticky tacky things, but if you look good enough you can find some deals.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

It is finally Saturday. This has been a long week. The mail guy only worked on Monday. He has gout (sp?) in his foot and knee. I had my year-end review. I was extremely pleased. My boss praised me for taking whatever "goofy" job and doing it without complaining.

We got plenty of rain, but no snow. I was glad. I had a lot to do. I didn't have time for snow.

Last night after work, I went to Belk's and Talbot's. At Belk's, I bought a goldtone Napier bracelet that was on sale (don't laugh, but I love cheap jewelry, especially Napier and Monet). At Talbot's, I bought a ruby colored leather wallet and eyeglass case. Everything at Talbot's is 30% off. I may go to the other Talbot's and see if they have any mittens or gloves.

BFF is having her Christmas party tonight. I think I'll stop by the Galleria on the way to her house.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend. If you go holiday shopping this weekend, stay safe.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

It's still raining. I have been awake for about 2 hours and it has been pouring since. The weather service has issued a winter storm advisory for later in the day. They were saying on the news that people should have enough cash and food for 72 hours. It's going up to the 50's tomorrow. They are going to cause a panic.

The mail guy at work has been out sick for the past two days. His knee is extremely swollen. I hope he's back today. I'm not sure about going to get the mail in the pouring rain. I'm dressing down just in case. I'm wearing some old cordoroy pants and a turtleneck.

Have a good day and hope I don't wash away.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I kept my eye on the weather overnight. I went to bed with the radio on. The weather alert woke me up a couple of times. The last time was at 3:43 am. We were under a severe thunderstorm watch with possible winds of 60-70 mph. The storm passed through a little after 4:00 am. It is 63 degrees outside now (6:30 am). Two counties to the west is an area that is under a winter storm watch for tomorrow. They are predicting snow showers for tomorrow morning both there and here. By the way, the high this past weekend was about 40 degrees. There are several schools that are delaying opening because of storm damage. One is closed because of all of the damage. Is the weather where you live this crazy? I'll let you know how much snow we get tomorrow. Ha!

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. All I lack is my brother-in-law. I have part of his. He requested some homemade Chex mix (nuts and bolts). My mother and I are going to make him some next weekend. I need to find a large container to put it in. I really don't want to go to WalMart until after the holidays.

Have a good day and stay safe if the weather is bad in your area.

Monday, 8 December 2008

I thought I looked cute this morning - I had on my favorite RL black tweed skirt, RL red merino wool turtleneck, Talbot's black flats and black tights -until I got to work and realized the tights were not black, they were NAVY BLUE. I was self conscious all day. I'll be more careful tomorrow.

I got so much shopping done this weekend. I have all of my Christmas shopping done except the person at work and my brother-in-law. I'm going to try to take care of that tomorrow.

I went with my mother to her high school graduating class's Christmas Party Saturday night. It was about 30 degrees outside so I wore my charcoal gray cashmere Chesterfield coat and my Burberry scarf. When I started to get into to the car, she said, "You're not wearing that coat are you?" I asked what was wrong with it and she said that people don't wear stuff like that anymore. I said, "They do if they're cold!" I haven't figured out what was wrong with the coat.

Boy, Gossip Girl was a shocker tonight. We're going to have to wait until January to find out what happens.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The weirdest thing just happened. A man that has been coming in the store for years walked in and held his arms out and said, "Give me a hug." It struck me as weird. I hugged him but was not comfortable doing so. He said that it made his day better. I don't want this man to make me feel unconfortable. Maybe he'll want to hug my mother and the other girl.
I still haven't figured out who sent me the invitation to the party. It's not a customer where I work, BFF has never heard of them, coworkers have never heard of them and my mother has never heard of them. I wondered if it was a mistake, but it had my name on the front of the handwritten envelope.

Last night on the way to my mother's, I stopped at Chick-Fil-A and bought a Peppermint Chocolate Chip milkshake. BEST.MILKSHAKE.EVER. If you like mint and chocolate together, I highly recommend it. I have been wanting one for over a week. I told myself if I was good on my eating all week, which I was, that I could have one Friday night. It was also my reward for getting through two weeks of mail duty.

I know this sounds weird, but to me McDonald's is my Christmas go to food. I grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and there were only 2 McDonald's, one on North Memorial Parkway and the other was on South Memorial Parkway. We rarely ever went there because it was "all the way over on the Parkway". We always went there for lunch after the Christmas parade. So now when I have a holiday activity, I always stop by McDonald's for a cheeseburger, fries and a Coke. (remember, in the South, all carbonated beverages are called "Coke") . It is sort of nostalgic.

I think I am going to start giving our Northern readers some lessons in Southern language so that they will not be confused when us Southerners talk Southern. Today's lesson:

Coke - any type of carbonated beverage. Types of coke are Co-Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and of course TaB. The person that works for Coca-Cola or Pepsi is called the "Coke Man".

Bobs - peanut butter and crackers that come 6 to a pack. A good snack is a Coke and a pack of Bobs.

Krystal - fast food restaurant chain headquartered in Chattanooga, TN that serves small square hamburgers that are steamed with small diced onion, pickle and mustard on a small square bun. The #1 is 4 Krystals, fries and "Coke". In the South, it is a challenge to see how many Krystal's one can eat.

Debbie Cakes - The box says Little Debbie. Also headquartered in Chattanooga. They can be bought 10 small to a box at the grocerry store or individually at convenience stores. They make Oatmeal Cream pies, brownies, holiday cakes, Swiss Rolls. My favorite are the Fudge Rounds and I can eat almost an entire box of Swiss Rolls in one day, if they are fresh. They also have a Thrift store in Collegedale, TN which is a favorite stop for our family.

If us Southern bloggers ever mention something that is confusing, just ask me and I will try to explain it the best I can.

It's time for me to eat a snack. I think I'll have a Coke (diet Dr. Pepper), and I think I'll eat a Snickers bar instead of a pack of Bob's.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Stay warm where you are. It is in the 20's here now.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Today, I received an invitation to a Christmas Party/Open House. I have no clue who the couple is that invited me. It is an RSVP thing and I am afraid to call. I'm afraid that I'm supposed to know these people and it will show that I don't have a clue as to who they are. I'm goint to start asking around. Surely somebody I know knows these people.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I am sick over Tommy Tuberville, Auburn's coach. He will not be back next year. It is like a "Mini Apocalypse". Just because he had one bad season, they get rid of him. My brother-in-law said, "The sun can't shine on the same dog's but every year." I think that is true. I feel like I've been kicked in the stomach. All of those Alabama fans are gloating. Whenever Tuberville comes to my hometown, he always takes time to stop and visit with my sister and brother-in-law. We think he is a class act.

I just finished a great book, Poisoned by Gilt by Leslie Caine. It is the fifth murder mystery that she has written about interior designers Erin Gilbert and Steve Sullivan (Gilbert and Sullivan). The others are Death by Inferior Design, Fatal Premises, Manor of Death, Killed by Clutter and Fatal Feng Shui. I highly recommend all of them. The next book that I am going to read is Eggs in Purgatory by Laura Childs. She writes the Tea Shop Mysteries, Scrapbooking Mysteries and now Cackleberry Club Mysteries. I have read all of the Tea Shop Mysteries. I haven't read any of the Scrapbooking Mysteries. I highly recommend the Tea Shop Mysteries also.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This morning, I was relieved to see that Pink Cupcakes and TaB was not listed as one of the Eleven Lamest Blogs.

Yesterday, Birmingham's mayor was arrested and indicted on 101 Federal charges. There was not much on about it today...but on my way home from work on the Red Mountain Expressway, there was a billboard that said "Mayor Lankford Indicted". It was an advertisement for the Birmingham News. Apparently, The Birmingham News is not a big fan of Mayor Lankford. Apparently, A Trip Down South is not a fan either.

Today, Queenie had to leave early. Her cough drops weren't working. Working for what, I don't know. She didn't act like she was sick.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Today was awful at work. When I got back from the post office, I fell between the parking deck and the building. I was trying to carry too much. I had on rubber soled shoes and my foot started dragging on the concrete and I felt myself starting to fall. I gave into it so that I wouldn't fall flat and really hurt myself. The only injuries that I have are the joints on my right pinky and the finger next to it. They bled pretty bad. Tomorrow, I'll either ask for help or carry everything in one at a time. Queenie has not helped much with the mail, but she is quick to criticize when something gets in her mail by mistake. If she complains tomorrow, I'll tell her if she can do better, she can have at it.

Yesterday, my mother and I bought ingredients for chili. We cooked a pot of chili to have for dinner. It was a dreary blustery day and chili sounded perfect. Right before we started to eat, my sister called and invited us over to her house. My brother-in-law had cooked real food, as in, green beans, mac and cheese, pork chops, fried potatoes and biscuits. We cooked some frozen crowder peas and took over there. It was so good. I brought back some chili for lunch and dinner. I need to curb my eating. I don't want to gain too much weight over the holidays.

Did anyone watch Gossip Girl tonight? I hate to say this but Vanessa is growing on me. I know a lot of people don't like her. I heard that someone was going to get killed off. I was hoping that it would not be Vanessa or Jenny. I won't ruin it for those who did not get to see tonight's episode.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

One last thing about the Auburn-Alabama game and I will let it go until next year. This morning in church, our minister referred to the event in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a "Medium Apocalypse". I thought, "He got that right."

War Eagle!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

War Eagle Anyway

Update: In case you didn't hear Auburn lost 36-0. I lost all respect for Nick Saban, Alabama's coach today. When Alabama was winning 29-0, he screamed at his players, "Don't let up now, I hate those guys!" And that is the censored version. That is so classless. They never showed him shaking Tommy Tuberville's hand. Not good sportmanship.


Today's the day. If you aren't familiar with the State of Alabama football, then let me tell you. Today is the Iron Bowl - Auburn University vs. University of Alabama. If you live in Alabama, you are either an Alabama fan or an Auburn fan. Obviously, with the blue and orange, I'm an Auburn fan. That's where I went to college. Alabama is the #1 team in the nation, but that will end today. My sister has predicted an Auburn win. She said that Alabama is going to show up too confident and cocky. I hope she's right. I'm getting tired of these rabid Alabama fans that have been bragging all week about how Alabama is going to slaughter Auburn. If Auburn wins, I am going to laugh in their face. I hope I don't offend all of you Alabama fans that read my blog. I think you have felt my pain in years past. Our family knows Tommy Tuberville, Auburn's coach, and he's the epitome of class. Auburn scored when they hired him.

Our family had a good Thanksgiving. We went to my sister's house. She invites us, her in-laws and any one that doesn't have any where to go on Thanksgiving. I think everyone had a good time at her house. My brother-in-law's nephew brought his college roommate. He's from Iceland and could not figure out why we were pro-American. Go figure.

I didn't do any Black Friday shopping. I did order a sweater from Talbot's for me. Everything is 30% off and free shipping. Use code WISH at checkout. Thursday, I went to K-Mart and bought a Ipod/MP3 dock with AM/FM radio for my Ipod. It was $19.99 and I got the last one. My sister bought my brother-in-law and foster son a Wii for $249. Today, I'm going to a small gift shop here to spend a gift certificate. I want some Jody Coyote earrings.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their holiday weekend. It is suppose to snow here in North Alabama tomorrow night.

Again, WAAAAAAAR Eagle!!!

P.S. When I was in college, everyone liked our cheer. It was Bodigedda Bodigedda Bodigeddi bah, Rah rah rah, sis boom bah, weagle, weagle WAR DAMN EAGLE! Kick 'em in the butt, big blue!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Today was better. We had about 1/4 as much mail as Monday. Tomorrow, I have it all by myself. All of my helpers are on vacation. I'm wearing chinos, a polo and Tretorns. I don't care if I get in trouble. I'm going to be comfortable. I can't believe how spoiled some people are. One lady came to my desk and asked if I would be coming to get her mail or did I want her to call the maintenance man. Why didn't she bring it when she came down? Maintenance man is going to be on vacation tomorrow and Friday. I guess everyone is going to have to take care of their own mail. I have other stuff to do.

There's nothing on TV tonight. I guess I'll just watch the TV Guide channel.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I have to work at the store until 2:00 on Thursday but I'm off until Saturday. I may check in Thursday.

Monday, 24 November 2008

WHAT A DAY! I had to go to two post offices to get mail. I got lost going to the last one and when I got there it was the wrong post office. Luckily, they figured out which one I should go to and gave me directions. We had a ton of mail today. Queenie didn't even offer to help sort the mail. I guess she figured that she was too good. Then when she came to get the mail for her side of the floor, she only got her own mail. Tomorrow should be better. After I go to the post offices, I have to go let someone into our old operations center.

I ran all my errands tonight so that tomorrow I can come home and rest. I went to Publix to do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping. I dropped a can of cranberry sauce (yes, I eat it) and it went rolling across the floor. I chased after it. When I picked it up, this man said, "I was going to get that for you." Kind of surprised me, since he didn't seem to make an effort. I bought 5 cans of peas, 6 cans of carrots and 6 cans of tomato sauce for the Advent baskets for church. They gave me some paper bags to repack them. They are so nice there. They are a lot nicer than the Food World where my mother lives. I went in there Saturday to get some Diet Pepsi that was on sale. When I got to the register, the checker told me that I had to have a $15 additional purchase to get them on sale. I said that it had never been required before. She told me that they were cracking down. She told me to go get $7 more in groceries. I told her that I didn't want anything else. I paid for my peas and my magazine and left. You'd think that they would be eager to sell me whatever since there weren't that many cars in the parking lot in the middle of the Saturday afternoon just before Thanksgiving.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

I am going to have to rest up this weekend. The bank has one mail guy. He's a one man department with no backup. He reports to my boss. Mail guy's wife is expecting a baby and it is due December 1. He was to take the first two weeks of December as vacation. My boss developed a plan on Thursday to take care of mail delivery. Well, yesterday, Mail Guy told me that his wife is having problems and they are going to take the baby this Monday. So, he'll need to take the next two weeks as vacation. My boss and I went into a panic. I am going to have to go to two post offices and get 5 P. O. Boxes of mail. When I get back, my coworkers will sort it and then everyone will come get their department's mail. The maintenance man will get the local outgoing and run it through the postage meter. I will drop it off at the post office on my way home. Wednesday, my coworkers and the maintenance man will be off on vacation, so I have to do it all by myself. Hopefully my regular work will be slow that day. I hope everything goes well. We are all team players and we have to work as a team. Of course, Queenie was suggesting that another department do the mail. That didn't go over very well with my boss.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

I made it through the day at work. I wasn't going to take any cold medicine, but ended up taking some to get rid of my cough.

When I got home, I got all my things together to take to my Mother's for Thanksgiving. I have to come back here on Sunday evening and then back up there on Wednesday. I'm going to take everything tomorrow so I don't have to worry about it Wednesday. I don't have much planned for the holidays except for Thanksgiving Day. My sister is hosting dinner for us, my brother-in-law's family and any strays that don't have anywhere to go. My brother-in-law used to have an employee that is deaf, mute and developmentally slow. His elderly mother passed away a few weeks ago. My brother-in-law's family makes sure that he has all holiday meals with them. I always bake a chocolate pecan pie for Thanksgiving. This year, I'm not taking it to my sister's. There is always so many desserts. I am going to save it for us. I'm going to share it with the girl that works at the store during the day. I hate to be selfish, but last year only one piece was eaten. I think I may also make a pie that I saw on Paula Deen the other day. It's called Corrie's Kentucky Pie. I'm not going to share it either. I know, I should share with my sister's group, but like I said there is always a lot of desserts. Plus, nobody can bake pies like her sister-in-law. If you don't believe me, ask her. She always bragging about her own pies. It gets old.
I'm going to try to go to work today. I can breath better, but I have an annoying cough. I laid around yesterday and slept and watched boring TV. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes. I hate being sick like this.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Yesterday's sore throat is today's cold. Or as they used to say, I've got the Gripp. I left work early today. I stayed as long as I could. I stopped by Target and got some drugs for this cold. Thanks to Kappa Prep, Preppy 101 and Hicktown Diva for the well wishes.

I hope to be back to blogging as soon as I kick this cold. I hope none of you get it. I think it is going around.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Yesterday when I got home, I had a slight headache. After I ate lunch, I took a nap. When I woke up, I still had the headache. I took aspirin and Sudafed. It did not go away until about 8:00. This morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat. WATER BURNED. It was awful. I still have it now, but not as bad. I notified everyone that I was around yesterday. I hope I don't get worse and I hope that they don't get anything. I had some chores to do this evening, but I think I am going to just relax and watch TV. Tonight is Gossip Girl and Two and a Half Men.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

I hope all of you have been behaving in blogland.

My conference was over this morning. I came home and took a nap. I only got about 4-5 hours sleep each night. I also have a headache. Luckily there were no cat fights. The organization has only enough funds to keep going for about 2 more years. There are some that think we need to try to keep it going as long as possible, but there's not enough money. I don't know what they are thinking. The dues only cover about 1/3 of the expenses. We could not get these ladies to listen to reason. I'm not going to bring it up again. At least not until April.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It is so windy here. Today, leaves and trash were blowing all over downtown. I keep hearing the wind blowing the trees up against my outside walls. I hope that it doesn't keep me awake.

I have my conference this weekend. I hope we don't have a large cat fight. I talked to the president today and she was just saying things to get her way. Everything is going against her. I don't blame her for standing up for herself. She has had an eventful year. Too eventful. I hope that it does not carry over into my year.

I will be away from my computer and will not be able to blog. I hope that everyone has a good weekend. I'll check back in on Sunday.

Monday, 10 November 2008

What a day. I am the president-elect of a conference that oversees some organizations that are associated with Chambers of Commerce. The outgoing president has had a bad year. The treasurer flipped out and did not make any deposits for over a year. As a matter of fact, she lost them. Everything was recreated and the money is now in the account. Also, there is talk about dissolving the conference in the next couple of years. Today, the outgoing president said that she is going to hold her tongue until after I'm installed and then she is going to disassociate herself from the organization. I was looking to her for guidance. Maybe after it's over, she'll change her mind. She is one of these people who always has to be involved in something. I wish she would stick around until it is dissolved. Now, I have to be the bad guy and bring up the dissolution.

I don't have to go to work tomorrow. YAY!! I'm going to try to get up early and do a little housework. When I say little, I mean little. I'm going to give the place "a lick and a promise". After I finish my cleaning, I'm going to lay around and watch some of my favorite movies: Sex and the City, You've Got Mail, Mona Lisa Smile and that cheesy 80's movie, Making the Grade. If I don't get to watch all of them, there's always Wednesday night.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

My mother is in San Antonio this week, so my sister helped me at the store last night. I was glad. It would have been boring without her. I didn't want to eat at the restaurant next door, so I stopped at Jim N' Nicks and got me a barbeque sandwich. I was going to eat it when I got here, but I couldn't wait. It was so good. It would have been better if I could have put some sauce on it, but I would not have been able to eat it and drive with the sauce dripping. It was good anyway.

I got on the scales this morning. I have lost 5 of the 7 pounds that I gained on vacation. Yay me! I want to lose the other 2 plus 2 more by Thanksgiving. I think that is just a dream. I have a conference next weekend and I will probably snack on junk a lot. Those women like to eat. After the conference, I may live on chef salads until I get the weight off. I worked so hard over the summer to lose weight. I don't want to ruin my good work.

I need to get back to work. The floor needs sweeping and I need a Diet Pepsi or Diet Dr. Pepper (I'm out of TaB's).

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

There's a new woman on our floor. Actually, she's been there about 6 months. She is what most decent people refer to as "trailer trash". She has dyed blonde hair. She recently had her roots touched up. The dark roots were only 3 inches long. I have to say that she dresses worse than Queenie. I don't think Queenie knows any better. Trailer Trash dresses inappropriate on purpose. Today she had on an extremely low cut blouse with either a black lacy camisole or black lacy bra showing around the cleavage (I didn't get a good look, but others did). You could almost see her big fake boobs. She replaced a classy professional looking woman. Today there were executives having a meeting in her area. I'm sure they got an eyeful. The professional looking woman thinks she was replaced with her because Trailer Trash has bigger boobs. She could be right. Trailer Trash acts clueless. My bosses' wives probably like me because I'm flat-chested and wear turtlenecks and buttoned-up blouses.

Last night, instead of watching the election returns, I watched "Rear Window". I love that movie. I want to marry L. B. Jeffries. I wish for Grace Kelly's classic looks and poise. I also would like to live in the studio apartment where the composer lives (I know it's a Hollywood set).

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I left work at 3:30 to go vote. The news kept showing my voting place all day, and there was always a long line. When I got to the polls, there were not many people there. There was no one in line in front of me for my particular letter of the alphabet. I told the workers, "I thought there would be a line." They said, "You're lucky." When I put my ballot in the machine, I noticed that over 3,200 had voted at our voting place. I am really nervous about this election. I don't think I am going to watch the Election returns. I recorded "Lipstick Jungle" and "To the Manor Born" this past weekend. I think I will watch those.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Saturday, after I got off work at the store, my mother and I went to Huntsville to do a little shopping. We went to Sam's, Dillard's, Belk's and Publix. The only thing that I bought was socks and tights at Belk's.

Sunday, I was lazy. My mother went to Huntsville with my sister and cousin to visit a church where a friend is the pastor. I didn't take any appropriate clothes so I stayed home. There was nothing on TV and everyone I knew was at church. I just sat around and channel surfed.

Today was rather quiet at work. Queenie was in a good mood. I know you want to know about her attire. She had on brown slacks, purple blouse and a black knit vest that zipped up the front. The vest looked like something you would buy at a sporting goods store. She has a large collection of black vests.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

I take it that everyone had a safe and happy Halloween. I worked at the store. Business was fairly steady. We had a few trick or treaters, but not like in the past. Yes, we have children that trick or treat at the liquor store. Everyone always knew that my late father always had candy for the kids, and now we still hand out candy. I don't know why, but Halloween is worse than a full moon. We had all kinds of odd people that came in last night. I guess it brings out all the wierdos.

There have been several people at work who have received notice that their jobs are ending. Some have already gone. It's kind of scary. I'm not as busy as I used to be. If anyone asks me to do something, I'm there to help. My coworker said that I had enough odd jobs, that I may have a little job security, but I don't want to be too confident. Both of my boss's are busy all the time. They act like they don't care if I'm not busy, but I don't like to just sit. But, when they say "frog", I better start jumping. Next week, I am going to box up the last of my old files and send them to North Carolina. The reason I haven't done it yet is that I lost my ladder. I know that's lame, but the files are on the top shelf of a cabinet and I'm only 5'1". I can't reach them.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Friday, 31 October 2008


I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! Don't let the ghosts and goblins get you.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Last night I found a new blog called Heavy Tweed Jacket. As I was reading, I came across the October 8 post. This is how I dressed when I was in school. To tell you the truth, I wish this style of preppy was still popular. I may have to go through my closet and see if I can find some things that are similar and kind of update the look. I love plaid skirts with sweaters or blazers. I would wear a turtleneck under my oxford cloth blouses, but I'm afraid that I will look like a linebacker. I wish I could get away with wearing argyle socks and penny loafers with my skirts, but that would probably be too much.

Today, Queenie was talking about finding a second job. Her husband came by to get her credit card so that they could buy their car tags. She said that they had to buy five. She said that she could either buy tags or eat. That's why she had to put them on the credit card. She said things were really tight. She said that they had to turn on the heat and that would be a gas bill. She said that she didn't know what to do. I would have felt sorry for her, but her husband has not worked in over 15 years. When she left, she said that she was going to buy a gift for a departing coworker. My coworker's boss reprimanded us for getting all worked up over it. He said that there was nothing that we could do. It was her life. He was right, but he doesn't have it in his face everyday.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Today, I really couldn't talk about Queenie. I wore a camel colored wool skirt that I bought at Talbots about 10 years ago. It still looks good. I wish they still made skirts like that one. It is a lined straight 100% wool skirt that comes about mid calf. It zips in the back and the best part is that it doesn't have STRETCH in the fabric. I have expressed my thoughts with Talbots a couple of times. Tomorrow I am going to wear a black skirt that is identical to it. It just goes to show you what good quality merchandise that Talbots had 10-15 years ago. Do you think that the skirts may be a bit dorky? I think that they are classic looking. Does anyone know where I can purchase skirts like these, except for Pendleton? Pendleton has a tendency to be a little on the pricey side. I saw some nice skirts from Austin Reed, but they were just as pricey as the Pendleton. I guess you pay for quality, classic goods.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Last night, I watched the season finale of Mad Men. I was surprised how it ended. I can't wait for season three. Desperate Housewives caught us up on what happened in the five years from last season until today. That new guy really gives me the creeps. I haven't figured out who his target is yet.

I left work early today to go for my yearly checkup at the doctor. She said everything looked good.

Today, Queenie had on an off white long sleeved v-neck tee. It had 3 little buttons at the V. Over it she had a cranberry colored short sleeved cardigan. All I could think of was Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives. Gabrielle is supposed to be a frump queen this season. I dressed up in a navy Pendleton skirt, Brooks Brothers navy/light blue plaid blouse and Brooks Brothers light blue merino wool cardigan. I had on my pearls, of course, and my Ferragamo Veras. There was an out of town executive on our floor today. My coworker wore a brown tweed suit. Then there was Queenie. For some reason, she just can't get it right.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday. I really didn't have that much to say.

Friday night I went to eat with BFF. She gave me a table for my bedroom, so I had to go get it. It looks really cute in there. I got off work an hour earlier than she did, so I went to WalMart (I know, I hate WalMart). I dedided to throw away all of my Rubbermaid and Tupperware and replace it with glass storage containers. I would have bought groceries there, but their prices were higher than at Publix. Apples were almost $0.40 a pound higher at WalMart. Everyone thinks WalMart is so much cheaper. You have to be careful. I think Target has better prices than WalMart.

Yesterday, I cleaned most of the day. It looks better, but not great. I'm working on it. After I finished cleaning, I took a shower and sat around and watched TV.

Today, I think I am going to watch some TV and read the three new magazines that I have. On the front of Southern Lady, there is a white cake with candy canes and peppermint disks. It looks so yummy. It might be a good thing to make around the holidays.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Kate Spade
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Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I was tagged by Pink is my Signature Color. If you haven't read her blog, you need to pop on over.

1. Clothes Shop - I usually end up buying most of my work clothes at Brooks Brothers outlet, Pendleton outlet and Talbot's. For casual clothes, I hit LL Bean. Some of my preppy clothes come from The Pink Pelican in Huntsville, AL. I have never had much luck at Belks, TJ Maxx or Marshall's.

2. Furniture Shop - Most of my furniture came from Phillip's Furniture in Jasper, TN. They have an excellent selections of classic furniture. If they don't have what you want in stock, they will order it for you. They don't advertise. They don't even have a sign in front of the store. That keeps their prices low.

3. City - You know me - Williamsburg, VA because of the history. I also love Nashville and Atlanta. Both are happening places with great shopping.

4. Sweets - I could live on sweets. It is hard to pick a favorite, so I'll name a few (just a few) Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread, chocolate cake (or any cake except pound cake), mint chocolate chip ice cream, oreos, M&M's, black and white cookies, yo-yo cookies from Publix, candy corn, chocolate covered cherries (I usually eat an entire box in one sitting) and of course Godiva.

5. Drink - I mostly drink TaB, Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Snapple (all flavors), sugar free Kool-aid, and unsweetened ice tea with sweet & low and plenty of lemon (fresh, of course). I drink plenty of water, also. For alcohol, I like wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Riesling) and gin & tonics. I have to be the only girl who doesn't like marguaritas.

6. Music - I like most kinds of music, except Country. I have always hated Country music. My favorite is 80's. I also like classical and some jazz.

7. TV - I never miss Gossip Girl, Greek, Desparate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lipstick Jungle, Mad Men, Two and a Half Men, and To the Manor Born. I record reruns of Murder, She Wrote to watch when there is nothing else on TV.

8. Film - You've Got Mail, Rear Window, The Women (the original), The Wizard of Oz, Dial M for Murder and the Legally Blonde movies

9. Workout - I walk on the treadmill and I sometimes exercise with tapes of Gilad

10. Pastries - I like scones, bagels, cinnamon rolls, muffins, croissants, pretty much anything with sugar. I'm not much of a doughnut person.

11. Coffee - I don't drink coffee at all. I don't even like to smell it.

I tag:

Preppy Enginneer
Short Pump Preppy
Kappa Prep
and anyone who has not done this.
Yesterday, Queenie was telling me about her lunch at a trendy restaurant. I think someone took her to lunch. As she was telling me about her lunch, I noticed that her hair was dirty and oily. You would think if she were going to lunch with someone, she would wash her hair. You'd think she would wash it anyway. Today, I noticed that it has not been washed yet. YUCK!! I can't stand to see someone with oily hair. That's just plain lazy.

My apartment is a wreck. I am going to spend Saturday getting everything clean and organized. I am going to take everything off tables, desk, dresser and countertops and only put back what I want to go there. Everything else is either going in the garbage or packed up. I went to Target tonight to get a storage tub. They had the harvest colors on sale for $6.49. It's not the color that I want but it is $2.50 cheaper than the normal colors.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Today, Queenie was standing at my desk when she noticed that my cardigan was monogrammed. She was so amazed. Sometimes I wonder about her. I use to have a pink wool twinset. She was blown away by my shell and cardigan that were the same.

I've have been tagged by a couple of you. I promise I will get a post up soon. I have a couple of household projects that I am working on. I hope to be finished by Saturday. Then I can blog to my heart's content.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Saturday, I went to eat at an Italian restaurant. I did not eat the Cobb Salad. I had a 10" pizza with sausage and mushrooms. I ate the whole thing. Then I went home and ate some candy corn. Earlier in the day, I went to Walmart. I bought two of the tees suggested by Tickled Pink and Green. I bought the green with navy stripes and the blue with navy stripes. I plan on wearing them with sweat pants around here and at the store.

Sunday, my mother and I went to my cousin's graveside service. We had to climb up a steep hill to get to the cemetery. Then we had to carefully walk back down. We held on to each other most of the way. They had to bring the casket up on a wagon pulled by a 4-wheel drive. It was a nice service. My cousin was an Episcopal priest. He died in Jackson Hole while on a hunting trip. They had to carry out on horse back. It took a couple of days to get him back to the resort.

After the funeral we went with my sister to appraise a huge house. The family that lived there was at the beach. The laundry room had laundry piled up everywhere. There were about 30 pairs of shoes on the floor and the dryer was open with laundry hanging out. In the kitchen, there were dirty glasses on the counter. Some had liquid in them. The dishwasher was open and the top rack was pulled out. The master bedroom was a disaster. There were diapers on the floor in the hall. I hope they weren't used. I really don't want to know. There were toys all over the driveway. My sister said that the husband must not have told his wife that she was coming to appraise the house. She said that she would kill her husband if he arranged something like this.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

I'm sorry to be so bad about posting. I've been lazy.

It was a very quiet week at work. One day Queenie was complaining about someone being out and the next day she left at 8:30 with an upset stomach. I have to tell you about her outfit on Thursday. Skirt: black with tulle overlay (great for someone young to wear for after-five), white satin camisole, top: black long sleeved with v-neck and empire waist, sweater: light blue cardigan, shoes: old lady loafers. Bless her heart. At least she covered her cleavage with a camisole.

This morning I weighed for the first time since I got back off vacation. I GAINED 7 POUNDS!! I didn't think I ate that much, plus I did a lot of walking. I've been trying to watch it this week. Maybe it's because I'm not used to eating the way I did. Tonight, I'm suppose to go eat at an Italian restaurant. I think I'll just have the cobb salad.

One of my father's cousins passed away last week. Actually it is my father's stepmother's nephew, but we are extremely close to the family. We have always been real close to her family and consider each other family. This particular relative was an Episcopal priest. He had a heart attack while on a hunting trip to Jackson Hole. They had to carry him out on horse back. It took them a couple of days to get him back to civilization. How awful! The funeral is tomorrow at a small family cemetery on "the hill" between my grandparent's old house and her sister's house. My sister doesn't want to go because she doesn't want to go to a funeral where they bury someone in the yard. We have tried to tell her that the cemetery is not in the yard, that it is a good walk from the house. She just thinks that it is weird.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of your weekend.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I had to go back to work today. It was hard. I had several voicemails and 81 emails. There was mail stacked on my desk. It didn't take long to go through everything. After lunch, I had a chance to sit back and relax a little. I hope tomorrow is not very bad.

After work tonight, I had to go get a new headlight. Before I went, I called the store and asked if someone there could help me install it. They said "YES". When I got there, the guy said, "I don't know, I'm the delivery guy." Another guy that worked there helped me to install it.

After my stop at the auto parts store, I went to BFF's birthday party. It was supposed to be a salad party. I took waldorf chicken salad and pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake from The Fresh Market. We also had lasagna, cheese ball and crackers, fruit salad and tortellini pesto salad. We had a great time visiting with old friends. I ate so much that I had to loosen my belt. That's sad. I'm going to try to do better tomorrow.

Monday, 13 October 2008

As promised a list of my buys while on vacation:

Outlets in Sevierville, TN and Pigeon Forge, TN

Shadowline - lingerie
Pendleton - navy skirt, 2 pair of pants: black and navy
Brooks Brothers - Light blue merino wool cardigan and white cotton tank ($9.99)
Wedgeford/Waterford - Johnson Brothers blue willow scalloped bowl and Emeril baking dish
Lenox - Kate Spade trinket box

Outlets in Williamsburg

Brooks Brothers - navy merino wool cardigan, blue/white striped oxford blouse, faux pearl earrings, brown argyle socks
Cosmetic Company - Bobbie Brown gray eyeshadow
Le Creuset - green loaf pan (on clearance)
Clarks/Bostonian - 2 pairs of clogs: navy and brown
LL Bean - natural/pink boat 'n tote, pink turtleneck, olive twill pants

Shops in Historic District/Merchant's Square

Williamsburg at Home - navy/white checked chair cushion
Craft House - pineapple highball tumblers (for BFF's birthday), Chowning Tavern 9" soup bowl, crystal pineapple salt/pepper shakers
Pink Cabana - Vineyard Vines navy with red/white stripe lined hoodie, 3 Eliza B key fobs
Dubois Grocers - jams and Virginia peanuts
Closet Envy - Longchamp Le Pliage bag in Black

Now to find a place for all this stuff.

I am so lazy today. I have done nothing today but watch all the shows that I recorded last week and catch up on all of the wonderful blogs that I read. I need to go to Target and the Fresh Market to pick up a few things. I think I diserve a day to do nothing.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Yes, I'm back. I got back at 8:30 this evening. I am so glad that tomorrow is a holiday. I had a great time. We stayed at the Williamsburg Lodge from Friday until Friday. Then we moved to the Brick House Tavern. The Williamsburg Lodge was very nice, but the Brick House Tavern was like a prep school dorm room. We went to Jamestown, Montpelier and to an antique textile workshop at Ashlawn-Highland. We also did a lot (and I mean, a lot) of shopping. I also ate a lot. King's Arm Tavern, Shield's Tavern, The Lodge Lounge, Sal's Restaurante Italiano, Christiana Campbell's and of course, The Old Chickahominy House. If you've never been to Williamsburg, I highly recommend it. Since I have been several times before, I felt like I didn't have to cram too much into this trip. I was able to relax and enjoy the trip. We usually didn't wake up until about 8:00 am. I felt like I also got plenty of rest.

I'll update you on my shopping tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My bags are packed except for my blowdryer and makeup. I leave Friday morning at 3:00 for Williamsburg. We are stopping in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville to do some quick shopping at the outlets. I plan on hitting Pendleton, Shadowline, Brooks Brothers, Wedgewood and Clinique. Then we'll be on our way. I'll try to remember to wave at Short Pump Preppy as I pass the exit for Short Pump. I hope it is not too late when we get to Williamsburg. I probably won't be blogging any next week because neither of us are taking our computers.

I hope everyone has a good week next week. I'll catch up when I get back.

Monday, 29 September 2008

WHAT A DAY! I cannot believe Congress or the stock market. There was a lot of anxiety at our office. I'm lucky (for the time being) that I work for a foreign owned bank.

I still have a lot more ironing to do. Sometimes I hate that I have to have everything starched and pressed. Is that considered OCD? When I was growing up, my grandmother lived with us and she starched and pressed everything, so I guess that is what I expect my clothes to look like. I use Bissel starch and a Rowenta Professional iron.

I really don't have that much left to say. I need to get your blogs read so that I can watch Gossip Girl and the recording of Desparate Housewives.

I hope tomorrow is better.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

I was so bored yesterday. I was so glad when 5:00 came so I could go home.

This morning, the guy at the car wash came and got my car and took it and washed it and cleaned the inside for me. It looks good and he only charged me $7. I gave him $10 because he didn't have to come and get it. He even washed the strips inside the doors. Now I have a clean car.

When I get off work at 2:00, I'm going home and getting a few things done for my trip. Plus I'm going to watch the Auburn game. WAR EAGLE!! The game comes on at 2:30. I hope it is better than last week's game. Auburn lost to LSU.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. Don't forget to watch the season premiere of "Desparate Housewives" tomorrow night.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Nothing much has happened this week. Tonight on the way home from work, I stopped by Target for a few things. While I was there, I took a stroll through the $1 section. I ended up buying 3 Charlie Brown notepads just because. I've always been a fan. After Target, I went to The Fresh Market and bought some Waldorf Chicken Salad (YUM!), some cheese straws and some Brent & Sam's chocolate chip cookies. I bought the cheese straws and cookies to take on my trip. I hope I don't break into them before then. I am making progress with my ironing. I am about 2/3 finished. I'll finish the remainder on Monday (or maybe Tuesday).

I watched Ugly Betty tonight. I have been waiting to see who she left with - Geo or Henry. If you didn't watch it, I'm not going to spoil it. I just hope all the actors will be on the show this season.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I stopped by Talbot's on the way home from work to get a pair of panty hose. Sandal season is almost over. While I was there I got the kelly green textured cardigan, a kelly green/navy striped headband and a red/navy striped headband. I received a coupon in the mail for 20% off until October 13. Everything I bought was on sale plus my 20% off.

Today Queenie had on a sleeveless v-neck black knit top with an empire waist with a white with navy striped blouse over it. Bless her heart.

After I read blogs, I need to start ironing. I have a huge pile of clothes to iron.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. My mother and I cooked dinner for her. We cooked this delicious chicken. Everyone enjoyed it. It is so easy. You take skinless, boneless chicken breasts, coat well with soft butter and roll in potato chips (you don't need to salt the chicken at all). Place on a baking dish and bake for about 45 minutes or until done. To go with it, we cooked mashed potatoes, mac & cheese (it's a vegetable in the South) and green peas. My sister's foster son requested a banana pudding for dessert and my mother did not have to have her arm twisted to make one. It was back on the diet today.

Queenie's outfit today was something else. She had on a black and beige printed skirt that was too tight, a black tank top with her stark white bra straps showing and a white eyelet belt over the tank top. I think the belt goes with a dress. It has holes and a buckle. Sometimes, I don't know what she's thinking when she puts her outfits together.

Gotta go. It's almost time for Gossip Girl and after that is Two and a Half Men.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

I forgot until I was driving to the store that today is Trail of Tears. It is an annual motorcycle ride that raises awareness and education for the Trail of Tears, the forced removal of Native Americans from this area. The ride started several years ago with less than 30 riders. Now, they have tens of thousands of riders. Our former neighbor was one of the original organizers. He recruited our family to serve on the committee because my father was a local businessman plus we were raised right along the original Trail of Tears. The third and fourth year, my sister and I rode as escorts and helped to sell T-shirts and pins. The third year, they were hoping for 3,000 to 4,000, but it started raining about 1/4 of the way. My sister was invited to ride on a motorcycle for the last leg of the ride. We got to Waterloo, Alabama before the motorcycles and stood and watched them drive in. They were two abreast for over 2 miles. It was amazing. It took forever to get all those motorcycles into the small town of Waterloo. I worked the next year and that was it. One year, I was listening to the radio and they were giving traffic reports for Huntsville. They were warning people to stay off the roads until the motorcycles got through. The radio said that they were 2 abreast for over 40 miles. It has grown even more since. Last year it took them about three hours to get through Scottsboro. This year there are two routes: one through the original route and a route going through south Tennessee. It is amazing to watch the motorcycles, especially if you are driving along with them.

Yesterday, Queenie left work about 4:15. She has been driving to work everyday for the past week and a half because her husband has been out of town. Yesterday he showed up at 4:50 looking for her. His hair looked like it had not been washed all week and he was dirty. He walks up to the Vice Chairman of the bank and starts talking to him like they are old buddies. He even made a sarcastic remark about the VC squinting as he was trying to read. We couldn't figure out why he didn't call her on his cell before he blew in. What a loser!

It's all about football today. Alabama plays Arkansas and Auburn plays LSU. WAR EAGLE!!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Thursday morning, Queenie came over to me and asked if it was allright if she ate the leftover bag of potato chips that came from Jason's Deli. I told her to go ahead that they were for whoever wanted them. She said that she was giving up sugar but she was hungry and needed something. When the day's training was over, she asked if there were any leftover cookies. I don't know where she thought the leftover cookies were coming from. I ordered box lunches and each one has its own cookie. As a matter of fact, some of the extra box lunches were missing a cookie. I think the attendees were going through them stealing the cookies. I can't say anything, I did the same. Then, she told me that she bought a box of chocolate covered doughnuts and ate some for breakfast. She's giving up sugar...don't chocolate covered doughnuts have sugar in them? Maybe it's today that's she's giving up sugar. She had on black pants, white tee and another black menswear vest.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I will be so glad when the training is over. Ten no shows yesterday and nine today. I have eaten Jason's Deli two days in a row. I can't imagine what it is doing to my hips. Of course, I could have said "No, thank you" to the box lunch with a huge roast beef sandwich, chips and chocolate chip cookie, but that would have been rude, wouldn't it? I still haven't figured out how this got to be my job. Oh well. It makes me look good to the guy from Raleigh doing the training.

Queenie's attitude is a little better this week. Today she had on some beige polyester pants, a pink sleeveless shell and a black menswear style vest. At least her boobs weren't hanging out. Her Sarah Palin hairdo looked good on her.

Two weeks and one day until vacation. YAY!!! It will be so good to get away and have a fun trip. As I've said before, I'm going to Williamsburg. I was afraid to admit to BFF that I had an agenda for shopping while I'm there. She informed me today that she wants to do A LOT OF SHOPPING. I know I'm going to hit the Pink Cabana, the Lilly store. I also have a list of jewelry from the Craft House. And let's not forget the outlets. I want to check out the Brooks Brothers outlet and the Clinique outlet. I need a new muffler from the Scottish Shop. On the way back, I hope to stop by the Pendleton outlet in Pigeon Forge, TN. I had good luck there last year. I need some basic wool skirts and I'm sure Pendleton has them. I don't like stretch wool, I like 100% wool and it is extremely difficult to find. I usually try to buy 100% cotton or 100% wool. I'm a natural fiber kind of girl. Am I the only one? It seems that way since no one manufactures it any more. I hope the weather is pleasant. I'm taking oxford cloth shirts and cotton sweaters to wear with chinos and jeans. I'll throw a lightweight jacket in the car just in case.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I was too lazy to post last night. I came home and watched Gossip Girl and a recording of Mad Men. Yesterday, everyone at work had a bad day. Nothing was cooperating. To put the icing on the cake, the guy over training called me to see if I would arrange for lunch for 35 every day for the remainder of the week. So it was Jason's Deli. I ordered box lunches and tea and got it over with. Today there were 10 no shows, so my coworker and I got free lunch. Maybe tomorrow there will be some no shows and we will get free lunch again. Friday, I am ordering my boss and I lunch with the "Deli Dollars" that I have gained from ordering lunches.

It was cool here today. I'm ready for some crisp fall weather. I hope the weather is nice when I go to Williamsburg in a couple of weeks. I want to be able to wear cotton blouses with light to medium weight sweaters.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I don't know about your part of the country, but the media here has caused a panic with the gasoline situation. I filled up Wednesday afternoon and paid $3.59/gallon which was about the going price. Friday morning on the way to work, I topped it off at $3.59/gallon. After lunch, my co-worker's husband called in a panic because she only had 1/2 tank of gas and gasoline was $4.69/gallon in most places. If you could find it for $3.99/gallon you were lucky, and most of those stations were either out or almost out. If a station had gasoline, the people were lined up down the street. I would have stayed in Birmingham, but I have a dentist appointment in Huntsville on Monday. When I got almost to my mother's house, I saw a Shell station with gasoline for $3.77/gallon. I whipped in and finished filling my tank. Some places had jacked their prices to $5.99/gallon. The media announced that Hurricane Ike would shut down the refineries and the terminals would not be able to get gasoline for 2 weeks. Someone said that they thought the stations could charge what they wanted, but as best as I can remember, I think this is price gouging. A gas station cannot raise the price on gasoline that is in the tank unless he has a drop of gasoline that he pays more for. (They also cannot sell it below cost) The governor has called a state of emergency. I don't want to be a part of the panic, but I do want to conserve gasoline if there is going to be a slight shortage.

I pray for all those people in Texas and the surrounding states that are effected by Hurricane Ike. Hopefully, everyone will be able to recover in time.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Let's take a moment today to reflect. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It seem so unreal.

Suburban Cupcake?

Does anyone know what happened to Suburban Cupcake? She implied that she was going to stop blogging and then she was gone. I still keep her on the list in case she decides to come back.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. I've had internet trouble, plus I couldn't think of anything to say. I got my internet back last night.

I need some advice. BFF's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I don't know what to get her. She's getting new flooring, countertops and backsplash in her kitchen. I thought about going to Williams-Sonoma and getting her some kitchen towels and spatula to match plus a gift card. What do y'all think? My sister's birthday is the same day. I have no clue what to get her. When I ask what she wants, she just shrugs her shoulders.

While I'm typing this, I'm watching Nancy Drew. The movie is so unrealistic, but I love her clothes and her roadster.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

I'm back. I hope everybody had a good week. I had a very relaxing week off. I could live like this, but it's back to work on Monday. I'm sure I will hear what Queenie was up to while I was gone.

Sunday, I worked at Art Sunday, a local arts in the park event that benefits educational programs. Labor Day, I worked at the store from 8:00 until 4:00. Tuesday, I took my mother and two of her friends to Atlanta to shop. (you know that I didn't complain) We went to the Atlanta Mart where we spent most of our time at Morgan & Co. We bought monogrammed jewelry and purses. Then it was off to Lenox Square. I went to Kiehl's, Aveda, Sephora, Lacoste and Kate Spade. I bought the usual at Kiehl's, Aveda and Sephora. At Lacoste, I bought a long sleeved red polo and some socks. At Kate Spade, I bought a 2009 refill for my planner. The sales girl gave me a huge shopping bag to put all my bags in. People probably thought I made a haul at Kate Spade. Wednesday, my mother and I drove over to Guntersville. It is about 20 miles away. We went into a couple of shops. I bought a Vera Bradley Ditty Bag that was marked 40% off. We then went to visit some of her former co-workers. Thursday, we washed the front porch and windows. I had to work at the store from 3:00 to 4:00 because the normal help had to leave early. When I started to leave, my car wouldn't start. It was my battery. Yesterday, I took my car and got the tires rotated, the brakes checked and a new battery. This afternoon, my mother and I are going to Huntsville to run a few errands. We are going to visit my sister's mother-in-law. She has been in the hospital since July 11. She fell and broke her ankle in two places. She got a major infection that would not heal. She eventually had to have part of her leg amputated. (She is a diabetic). Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be able to rest.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Saturday, 30 August 2008


Since today is the first day of football season, I changed the colors of my blog to orange and blue. War Eagle everyone. I won't be able to watch the game today since it is on Pay-Per-View. I think I'll listen to it on the radio. Today, I have on navy twill shorts and an orange with navy polo man Polo T-shirt. I think my navy Keds are too much, but I wore them because they were comfortable.

It's starting out sort of busy at the store. I hope we are really busy today. This is our last good holiday until Thanksgiving. We do get a good bit of traffic on Saturdays when Alabama and Auburn play on TV.

As I said on Thursday, I'm on vacation next week. (I'm on vacation next month when I go to Williamsburg) I'm hanging around the hometown and may not have access to the computer every day. I'll be checking in and out throughout the week.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day and a great week.


Thursday, 28 August 2008

I went to a Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight. I did not get home until 8:40. I had not eaten dinner. I was starving. A lot of issues were addressed.

Today, I walked into the kitchen across from Queenie's desk. Her head was down, her eyes were closed and her hands were folded on her desk. I think she was asleep. I think I woke her up when I opened my can of TaB. When I walked out, she was looking at her computer screen. As I walked away, I turned around and she was staring at me. I almost started laughing.

I will be on vacation next week. I will be checking in off and on.

Have a good Friday!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I haven't had too many Queenie stories lately. She was on vacation last week, plus she has been acting almost normal, until today. This afternoon, we had a visit from a very top executive from the Toronto office. He's a very nice man, but he is a top executive. As she was passing the Vice-Chairman's area, she announced in a very loud voice, "I ate something today that has messed up my stomach." Yes, let the entire floor know. Ever since the mail guy told my boss that "something he ate gave him the runs", I don't even think about digestive systems. It seems like Queenie lost all of what little decorum that she had. She left early so she didn't have to repeat her story. Earlier she kept trying to talk to this other assistant, but the assistant would not turn around. Turns out the assistant was on a phone call. I'm thinking that she may be out sick tomorrow. I almost forgot. Yesterday, she was wearing a low cut tank top that had bedazzling around the neckline. It wasn't cute, it was trashy looking.

It has finally stopped raining, but not before several of our buildings started leaking. The operations center was leaking really bad. The ceiling fell in some areas. It hasn't rain like that in over 2 years.

Have a happy Wednesday.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Diamond Award

Thank you! Thank you!

Sweet Pink Putter and Preppy Engineer gave me this Diamond Award. How cool is that?

Here are the rules:

1. When you receive a diamond, make a post about it on your blog

2. Name the blogger from whom you got it

3. Award the diamonds to seven other bloggers

4. Link them and tell them that they got one.

I award the diamond to:

Cheers to you all! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs.
We have gotten so much rain in the past couple of days. It has rained all day long, sometimes very hard. I talked to my mother a few minutes ago, and she said that it has poured all day long. I have a touch of a headache. I think it is from this nasty weather. I hate to complain about the rain because we really need it.

About 10 minutes ago, they broke in on the news and said that they have arrested several people in connection with the 5 dead bodies in the apartment. They also have a few people that are persons of interest. That was quick work. I figured that whoever did it was long gone. They arrested them on the other side of town. They never have said anything about the person that is the actual tenant of the apartment. I heard that no one has seen him in a couple of weeks. He may be on a long vacation. How creepy.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a few days. I had planned to come home on Wednesday and brag to all of you about my new Stephen Bonanno sandals. I just love the color. I ordered the Chelsea in ermine with sable whipstitch. I wanted something neutral.

When I got home, the cable and the internet were both down. I watched a recording of "Mad Men" and walked on the treadmill. I got bored and went to bed early. Before I went to bed, I kept hearing my neighbors running up and down the stairs. I kept looking out the window, but couldn't see what was going on. I did see people that lived down the street walking, but I didn't think anything of it. Then I heard a noise that sounded like a large diesel vehicle. I looked out the window and saw what looked like an RV with a lot of cars behind it. I thought, "I bet those cars wish that RV would hurry and get out of their way." Then I went to bed. When I was getting ready for work on Thursday, I turned the TV to the only channel that I could pick up without cable and listened to the news. I heard them talking about 5 bodies in an apartment in the county where I live. I walked in to listen and recognized the background as the apartments where I live. Every time they would talk about I would run into the living room. Yes, Wednesday evening about 5:00, someone called the sheriff's department asking them to check on a friend that they were unable to contact. The deputy went to the apartment and could not get anyone to the door. He went to the office and got their key. When he tried it, it didn't work. At about 6:00, they finally got into the apartment and found 5 Hispanic men with their throats cut lying in the living room floor. From what I understand, they had been there for several days. None of the men lived in the apartment. The entire complex was under lock down. No one could leave or come onto the property. There were about 100 law enforcement officers on the premises. That's what all the noise was about. All my neighbors were outside waiting on details. I later said, "Why didn't you come get me?" The maintenance man told me that the men were killed elsewhere and their bodies moved to the apartment (how do you move 5 dead bodies into an apartment at right off one of the busiest roads in this part of the country?). He said that they had been there about a week. GROSS!! The door was locked and bolted, and someone had changed the locks. It wasn't until yesterday afternoon that they were able to identify 3 of the 5 victims. It's awful to think that someone could do something like this. My apartment is in an upper middle class section of town. Lately the management of our apartments has been renting to some questionable looking folks, but they don't bother anyone. My neighbor made a comment that we have a good group in our section. Everyone is decent and we all work different schedules so that someone is there 24 hours a day. I usually don't tell my neighbors when I go away for a while. I need to start notifying some of them, so that they don't think something happened to me. The reason that the cable and internet are out is the cable company had it down for a few hours to bury cable and the sheriff's deputy told them to leave the property immediately.

On a brighter note, I finally got my Stephen Bonanna sandals, and this morning when I weighed, I had finally reached my goal. Yay me! I am going to try to lose a few more pounds (no more than 5) before I go on vacation in 6 weeks. I want to be able to eat whatever I want without worry.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Can you believe that JLo said this?

Lopez, who appeared on "Good Morning America" Aug. 18 to discuss her preparations for the Malibu Triathlon, was overheard saying after the segment that she “couldn’t understand why everyone is talking about that swimmer,” according to a GMA source. “She couldn’t come up with (eight-time gold-medal winner Michael) Phelps’ name, and then she yammered on about how she was the one training for a triathlon just six months after giving birth, and how that was the big story right now, not ‘the swimmer.’ ” (this was on

I hope it isn't true. How can anyone be so self-absorbed? I know they are about to wear out Michael Phelps, but he did just win 8 gold medals. How many has she won? I never criticize athletes' performance. I know that they are in the Olympics and I'm not. I can barely swim a lap, much less 200m or 400m in world record time.

Monday, 18 August 2008

I was so lazy yesterday. I was too lazy to blog. I laid around and watched TV and read.

Saturday, I went to my women's club picnic at noon. The food was good and we had fun. We had a white elephant auction to raise money for the children's programs at the YWCA. Our auction was smaller this year but we raised twice as much money. That evening, my BFF took me to Shula's for my birthday. It was soooooo goooood. I had the small filet and a caesar salad. We shared a piece of 7-layer chocolate cake. It was sinful. The two of us together could only eat half. I can't believe that huge piece of cake was for one. After we finished, we sat in the lobby of the Wynfrey Hotel and watched the people. I wish I had my camera. I saw some outfits that were unbelievable. What kills me is this is a 4 diamond hotel and the lobby looks like it hasn't been redecorated since 1985. It is so 80's looking.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics. What about that Michael Phelps? I didn't think he made it, but the touch pad says it all. Former hometown girl, Margaret Hoelzer won silver. She was beaten by her former roommate, Kirsty Coventry (but I guess you already know that). As I was watching, 3 Auburn folks won medals in about 30 minutes, Coventry, Margaret and Cesar (from Brazil). I've never seen anyone as excited as Cesar was. I don't think he could believe it. I'm not going to be at home this evening, so I'll have to record it so I can watch it when I get back. Maybe the swimming won't happen until I get home.

BFF MAB is taking me out to eat for my birthday. At noon, I have to go to a picnic. I am going to have to work hard to stay on my diet. I am going to take MAB some of my cheese straws. I won't take her a lot, because I don't want to ruin her diet. A few won't hurt.

I am a very paranoid person. If I hear a car horn blow, I automatically think they are blowing at me because I did something wrong. It could be somebody blowing at a friend. Monday, on the way to work, my "Service Engine Soon" light came on. The owner's manual says that either something is wrong with my fuel injection or my gas cap is not on properly. When I got to work, I took off my gas cap and screwed it back on. That was what it was. My light did not reset. Finally last night when I was leaving McAllistar's, I noticed that it was off. I was starting to worry that something was wrong with my fuel injection. I have been a nervous wreck all week. I was really at a loss as to where to take it to get it serviced. I bought my SUV in South Pittsburg, TN. I can't take it there. There is not a GMC dealership in Birmingham that is convenient for me or those that would have to give me a ride, and the one where my mother lives is not all that good. Believe it or not, I take my GMC to the Ford dealership when I need something. They offer good service. I'm going to take it there in a few weeks to have them check everything before I drive to Virginia.

Only two weeks from today until Auburn Football. WAR EAGLE!!

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I was going to walk on my treadmill tonight, but when I went to plug it in, a big spark came out of the plug. Didn't want to risk getting electricuted, so I decided to not walk.

The other day, I walked over to Queenie's desk and said, "Whatcha doing?" She was reading the paper. She asked me about a food mart. I looked down and she was reading the Help Wanted ads in the Want Ads. She told me that she was looking for an additional job. She said that things were getting so expensive that she needed another job to help with the bills. Hello! What's wrong with your dead beat husband? Can he not get a job? Why does she have to work 3 jobs while he stays home? I told my coworker and all she had to say was "UNBELIEVABLE". Sometimes I feel a little bit guilty because I have extra money from the store, but I have worked hard for that money and my late father worked hard so that we would have the opportunity. I use it for the extras. I think if her husband would get off his a$$ and get a job, things wouldn't be so bad. I've worked with her for 14 years, and her husband hasn't "hit a lick at a snake" in all those years. He's been out of work so long, he probably can't get a job. That's sorry.

I hope everyone has a Happy Friday.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I've been bad the past few days about posting. Not much has happened. I've been watching the Olympics every night. I am really cheering for Michael Phelps. Even if he doesn't win the remaining 3 gold medals, he is still an incredible athlete. Today Queenie asked me, "Why are there so many athletes from Auburn and not many from Alabama?" Duh, Auburn has always been been tops in swimming and track and field. It's not just about football.

My former boss's wife came to see me today. I do her bank account transfers for her. She brought me a tin of cheese straws from a local bakery. I would rather have homemade than some from a bakery, but these were the best cheese straws that I've ever had...period. I had to control myself. I still need to stay on my diet. I figure that I can substitute a few for the mixed nuts that I usually eat for my afternoon snack. Now to keep my little paws out of the tin tomorrow. I tried to share, but I didn't have any takers.

Have a Happy Thursday!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Saturday night, my mother and I went to the National Guard reunion. We got there too early. We were so bored. After the meal, a trio sang a few songs. They were really good. After the reunion, we went to a going away party for a friend of the family that has been deployed to Iraq. Sunday, we went to Huntsville shopping. After we went to Sam's and Staple's, we headed to Belk's. Clinique is having gift with purchase right now. I got makeup and concealer. I also bought a Lilly white tee for $7.99. I thought that was a good deal. My mother bought my sister a pair of capris and two tees and paid less than $20 for all three pieces.

I've been addicted to the Olympics this year. Tonight, I'm going to watch the swimming. Margaret Hoezler and Kirsty Coventry both went to Auburn (my alma mater). War Eagle, girls! Rowdy Gaines, the commentator for the swimming was at Auburn when I was there, but I never met him. I did go a few times to watch him swim at meets. I read where there are 27 athletes with Auburn ties. We'll have to see how well they do. I'm also cheering for Michael Phelps. I hope he wins all gold medals.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last night. I was impressed as was everyone that came in the store. I like the Ralph Lauren outfits that the US team wore. They looked very classic. The outfits the Chinese wore did not look as bad as the news led you to believe. I think Yao Ming is a cool guy. He seemed to be in the spotlight at the end (of course, how could anyone miss him, he's so tall). I was very touched by the little boy that walked in with him. He'll remember last night for the rest of his life.

Tonight my mother and I have to go to the reunion of the National Guard company that my late father was in. They invite families and widows. It is really boring. We go so they don't think we have abandoned them. My mother said she is doing it for my father. I don't think he would care if we continued to go or not, but I know the others would talk about us if we didn't.

There is some man sitting at the end of the parking lot of our store. He has a truck load of watermelons. So far, he has not had the first customer.

I ordered some leather Tretorns last week. They were on sale. I got the white on white. I would have liked to had the navy on white, but they did not have them in my size. They are a tad loose, but I'm going to keep them. I may have to wear a little thicker sock with them. Go to Tretorn's website and click on sale. They only have the leather on sale. I did see some canvas in children's sizes. I usually visit about once a week to see if there is anything that I am interested in on sale.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I wish I had an interesting post, but I had a boring day. I was going to watch a recording of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" tonight, but I just wasn't in the mood.

Has anyone read "Brideshead Revisited"? I've never read the book, but thought since the movie is coming out, now would be a good time. I never saw the mini-series back in the 80's. There's not much out right now that I'm interesting in reading.

I have to go to a meeting tomorrow night. Another lady and I are responsible for refreshments. I'm taking drinks and paper products and she's bringing pretzels, mixed nuts and birthday cake. I am psyching myself up to have only a bite or two of cake. I really don't want to ruin my diet. I know that y'all hate for me to obsess about my diet, but I have had problems with my weight all my life. When I'm successful, I can't help but obsess about it.

Have a great Thursday.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Today at lunch I finished "Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties" by Julia Reed. Thanks to A Whale of a Time for recommending it. I have read one of Julia Reed's other books, "Queen of the Turtle Derby". I highly recommend both books. "Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns" about starved me to death. When I go off my diet, I'm going to have to have a ham biscuit, a pimento cheese sandwich, red velvet cake, and some ice cream. I had some eggs in the refrigerator that I didn't know what to do with, so like any southern lady, I made deviled eggs. I used dill pickles instead of sweet pickletts because I can't have the sugar on my diet. I will eat the last of them tomorrow for lunch. YUM! I can eat an entire deviled egg plate full of deviled eggs. There is an article and except from the book in the recent issue of "Taste of the South".

I finally took everyone's advice and watched "Mad Men". I really liked it. Now I need to buy season one on DVD and catch up. I'll check at Sam's this weekend and see if they have it.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Queenie got a new haircut and highlights over the weekend. Her hair looks so much better. It is now a dishwater blonde. It looks so much better than the overprocessed blonde that she had. To tell you the truth, I've never seen hair that color on anybody else. And it looks so much healthier. She had gotten better about her attire, but today she had on a low cut v-neck sleeveless sweater. She's large busted and needed to wear a better support bra. When she walked the sisters bounced back and forth.

I need to go through all my gifts and cards and make a list for thank you notes. I am trying to get motivated to write them.

Instead of walking on the treadmill, I exercised along with a recording of "Bodies in Motion with Gilad". I know he can be kind of cheesy, but it works. I need to tone areas that walking doesn't touch. Believe it or not, it wasn't that difficult tonight. I haven't exercised with Gilad in about a year. Some of his shows are from the late 80's. The women have fluffy, crunchy hair. Now that's cheesy.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a great day. Today, my sister and brother-in-law were supposed to take my mother and I out for an early dinner. My cousin was going with us. About 10 minutes before my sister was to pick us up, my cousin came over and said that my sister called her and said my brother-in-law had just gotten in the shower and we were just going to meet over at their house. My cousin drove us over there. When we got there, just my sister's car was in the drive, but we could hear people laughing and talking in the back yard. When we went in there were about 50 people there. They had thrown us a surprise party. My mother and I sort of suspected something. My sister's BFF's brother let it slip. He saw the invitation at his parent's house. We went along with him. I was really surprised to see BFF MAB there. She drove up from Birmingham. I didn't think my sister knew how to get in touch with her, but she said that she had old emails from me where I had forwarded things to people. Most of the people were friends of my parents. There were a few relatives. It was a fun party. I think my sister said she invited 125 people. Many had conflicts and some she didn't hear back from. I even went off my diet and ate some party cookies from a local bakery. YUM! My sister had two cakes, one for me and one for my mother. They were beautiful. Mine was a three tiered white cake with white frosting with green decorations. My mother's was a two tiered chocolate cake with light chocolate frosting. I took a bite of each. They were both good. I just wish my father could have been there. He would not have been able to keep it a secret.

Have a good Monday.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

I am having trouble getting into my blog today. I get a message the "Internet Explorer has aborted this site". I finally got in through Tres Posh Preppy's blog. I get the same message on other people's blogs. I don't know what the deal is.

I have a funny Queenie story. By the way, she has been fairly friendly the past couple of days. Yesterday, I was standing in front of her desk and she was rambling about getting confused with her calendar. Then she said, "I was surprised to see that Labor Day in on September 1, it's usually around the 5th". I walked away before I laughed. I told a friend of mine, and she said that if I could have kept a straight face I should have said, "Oh, it's because it's Leap Year", and then walked away. My mother and sister both laughed about it. They are aware of how she is. Then, I get home and my mother and I go to eat at my brother-in-law's restaurant. My mother wasn't very hungry and ordered the "Children's Chicken Fingers". The waitress says, " Do you mean the Kid's Chicken Fingers". We had another laugh.

Today is my birthday and tomorrow is my mother's birthday. We told my sister that we don't want her and her husband to do anything. We don't even want a cake. My sister's mother-in-law broke her ankle and hit her head in a fall a couple of weeks ago. She is in rehab for the next few weeks. They have been traveling to Huntsville a lot to visit her. With gasoline the way it is, it has been a strain on their finances and they don't need to spend the extra money for us a party. Plus, I'm still trying to stick to South Beach and I can't eat cake. I want to lose about 5-8 pounds before October 1. I hope I can do it.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.