Monday, 31 May 2010

This morning I attended the Memorial Day tribute that I posted about yesterday. It was very inspiring. There were five speakers. Each gave a short speech about the past five wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Storm/Iraq, and Afghanistan/War on Terrorism. The tribute to my father's captain was very touching.

This afternoon, I got a few chores taken care of. I took magazines to the recycle, gave the dog a bath,did some housecleaning, and then drove back home

I hope everyone had a very inspiring Memorial Day.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

This has been a busy weekend. We were going to relax Saturday and then go to Huntsville today to eat and do a few errands, but my aunt (my father's sister-in-law) passed away on Thursday. We went to the funeral today. She was 81 years old and had lived a good life. We rushed and did a few errands yesterday.

Tomorrow we will go to a Memorial Day service honoring my father's cousin who recently passed away at age 90. He was my father's captain in Korea, and with the help of a staticy old radio saved the lives of 164 young men. My father worshiped this man.

I have been keeping up with wearing my Lilly every day. Thursday, I wore a stone twill skirt that I got at Talbot's a few years ago with a pink Lilly sweater. Friday, I wore some khakis with a light blue Lilly polo. Saturday, I wore khaki capris with a navy Lilly polo. Today, I wore a navy/cream hide print Lilly dress to church and to the funeral.

Yesterday, I went to and ordered several pairs of socks. Since I wear Tretorns all of the time, I needed some new socks to make it through the summer. I ordered 4 sets, blue, navy, green and pink. I was surprised to see that they were 25% off and free shipping.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the holiday weekend. Stay safe.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My Favorite Things

Before I get started listing my favorite things, please pop over to The Classic Preppy and watch the video of the late, great Art Linkletter. It is so touching. I remember as a child, my grandmother (I called her "Mother") and I watched "House Party" every day.

Below is a list of my favorite things:

Body: Dial soap, Dove soap for sensitive skin, Oil of Olay body wash, Cetaphil body cream, Kiehl's Creme de Corps.

Haircare: Aveda Shampure shampoo and conditioner, Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil shampoo, Kiehl's conditioner, Terex Crema

Face: Kiehl's Blue Herbal cleansing gel, toner and moisturizer, Kiehl's Rare Earth cleanser, Kiehl's PCA Sodium moisturizer, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, Clinique All About Eyes, Kiehl's Abyssine eye cream, Pears soap

Cosmetics: Clinique, Benefit, Bobbi Brown

Fragrance: Chanel No. 5 body powder, Lilly Pulitzer Wink, Lilly Pulitzer Squeeze

Clothing Brands: Lilly Pulitzer, LL Bean, Lands End, Vineyard Vines, Brooks Brothers, Talbot's, Pendleton, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Lacoste

Shoes: Salvatore Feragammo, Tretorn, Talbot's, Ked's

Accessories: Kate Spade, Longchamp, Morgan & Co., Monet, Napier, Pearls, Brooks Brother's outlet, Talbot's, Ralph Lauren

Magazines: Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Allure, InStyle, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Southern Lady, Tea Time, Taste of the South, Cooking with Paula Deen, Cook's Illustrated, Marie Claire

TV Shows: Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Greek, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Frasier, Will & Grace, Drop Dead Diva, Mad Men, Murder, She Wrote, Matlock, Designing Women, I Love Lucy

Movies: Legally Blonde, Making the Grade, You've Got Mail, The Women (the original), High Society, Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Notorious, The Burbs, St. Elmo's Fire

Books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Laura Child's Tea Time Mysteries, G. A. McKevitt's Savannah Reid mysteries, Rita Mae Brown's Sister Jane mysteries, Jane Heller myster
ies, Devil in the Junior League, Social Climbers, Ex-Debutante

Vacation Places: Williamsburg, VA, Maine

Music: classical, 80's, pretty much anything but country

I think that covers it for now. I'm sure most of you share most of my favorite things.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Today was a quiet day at work. Queenie has conjunctivitis. How scary. This morning, I wiped everything with Lysol. I don't know how long she'll be out. I hope she stays away until she is well. I don't want the pink eye.

I decided that I am going to wear something Lilly every day this week. Sunday, I wore a Lilly white tee with a skirt and cardigan. Monday, I wore my Lilly light blue monkey dress. Today, I wore my Lilly navy/cream hide print shirtdress. Tomorrow, I am going to wear my Lilly khaki shirtdress. I haven't thought ahead until Thursday. Friday, I will probably wear LL Bean khakis and a Lilly polo. This weekend I will probably wear twill capris and a polo made by either Lilly, Vineyard Vines or Lacoste.

Since I still have to wear sneakers everyday, I have decided to order some cute preppy socks from I think I will order pink/green and light blue. I may order them this weekend. A nice inexpensive way to perk up my summer clothes.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

I was planning on having a nice, quiet, restful weekend. Saturday morning, my sister called and invited my mother and I for her house for a cookout later that day. Saturday was spent buying groceries and preparing a dish. We also ran a few errands while we were out. We went to the cookout and had a very good time.

Today, of course, we went to church. Afterwards we went to lunch with a church friend. Then it was home to wash the dog and do a few chores. Before I knew it, it was time to drive back home.

Now, I'm being lazy and watching a recording of Friday's rerun of Frasier. Not too sad. Now that Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives is over for the season, I need to find me some shows to watch. I hate to keep nagging about this, but I really miss Murder, She Wrote. I may just have to break down and order the DVD's. For right now, I will alternate between Frasier and Matlock.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I feel so much better today. I think my headache was sinus related. I have been sick with a cold or something for over a week. I think the headache was part of that. The nausea was due to medicating it on an empty stomach. You would think I would learn my lesson.

It is storming right now. Maybe it will blow away whatever is causing my sinuses to act up.

Yesterday I was thinking about all of those haunted sorority movies. Tonight, there is a movie on Lifetime called "Haunting on Sorority Row". I feel like it is meant for me to watch it.

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Yesterday, I felt fine when I left work. I decided to stop by Swoozie's and check out the sale. I bought two boxes of Crane notecards at 60% off. I felt fine when I left the store. On the way home all of a sudden, it was like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat. I had a pounding headache by the time I got home. I took some Tylenol and laid down for a while. It still did not go away. Then I got sick. I know, YUCK! I went to bed. I slept until 1:00. I got up and took more Tylenol. I then slept until about 7:00. There was no way that I could go to work today. I've been able to eat, but I have not been able to get up and around very much. This afternoon, I showered, did a load of laundry, ironed my clothes for tomorrow and fixed my lunch. Now, I'm done. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow. I wonder if it is something going around. BFF MAB said that she had the same thing yesterday and one of her coworkers has the same thing today. It doesn't sound like a virus.

I've been laying around watching TV. Matlock, Frasier, Gossip Girl, Barefoot Contessa.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

Monday, 17 May 2010

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in several days. BFF MAB and I went to Natchez, Mississippi. I had the best time. We got there around noon on Friday, ate lunch, checked into the hotel and took a tour. We fell in love with all of the beautiful architecture. Saturday and Sunday, we spent the day touring some of the houses. We toured Monmouth, Stanton Hall, Longwood, Dunleith, William Johnson House and Rosalie. None disappointed. It rained most of the day on Saturday, but we did not let it stop us. We hit a few shops while we were there. We got back home about 5:00 this afternoon.

It was really nice to get away for a few days. It's going to be difficult going back to work tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I haven't noticed any etiquette faux pas at work this week. I guess everyone has been minding their manners.

This week I have been wearing my Lilly dresses with my Tretorns. I may have to wear sneakers, but I finally started wearing my normal clothes. I work in a back office, where there is very limited customer contact, so I can wear what I want. So, I've been wearing my Lilly dresses. To me, Lilly Pulitzer is a happy brand. It makes me feel good about myself.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Monday, 10 May 2010

This week (May 10-14) is National Etiquette Week. In honor of the occasion, Miss Janice is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Head on over there to enter to win books by Letitia Baldridge.

We should practice good etiquette every day, not just this week. Remember to send those Thank You notes, RSVP, and refrain from using that cell phone while you are standing in line at Publix or Panera Bread (or anywhere else).

While I was on crutches, I was more conscious of bad etiquette. You would not believe the number of people that cut right in front of my while I was walking with my crutches. But, there were also a lot of people who were very courteous.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. And, don't forget your manners.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

I hope everyone has had a good Sunday, and I hope all of you mothers had a Happy Mother's Day.

Friday night, I worked at Relay for Life. I wasn't able to do as much as I could in the past, but I tried. Our team sold BBQ sandwiches, chips and drinks. We had 6 Boston butts and only had enough meat left for 3 sandwiches leftover. The team in the next tent sold ice cream, cupcakes, and fried pies. You know where I was after I ate a sandwich. My sister said it was the best ever. My family lives in a town that has an approximate population of about 15,000, and the county has an approximate population of less than 50,000. Relay for Life raised $140,000. We felt that was great, especially in today's economy. Cancer effects everyone, so I guess everyone feels the need to help. One team raised $2,500 just by selling lollipops. I was impressed.

Saturday, my mother and I went to Huntsville. I bought myself two Lilly Pulitzer dresses. I bought the Worth Shift in Poppy Pink Mini Fly by Patch and the Andover Dress in Limeade Purrfect Paradise. The Andover Dress was on sale. I also bought a Vineyard Vines Classic Patchwork Tote. I already have the VV Mini Patchwork Tote, but I wanted something bigger. My mother found the perfect pair of black pants at Talbot's, so I bought them for her for Mother's Day. It was nice to get home early and rest. I think we were still tired from Friday night.

Today, we got up, went to Church, went to lunch and then home. Before we knew it, it was 5:00 and time to get back home.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.


Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

I'm going to spend the day with my mother. I'll be back later with a post on Relay for Life and my preppy shopping yesterday.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to leave work early so that I can participate in Relay for Life. A few people walk, but the teams man booths set up around a track. They depend on everyone else to purchase what they have for sale. My mother's team sells BBQ sandwiches, chips and soft drinks. People hunt them down. My brother-in-law cooks the Boston butts for the meat and everyone loves his cooking. My sister is in charge of entertainment and my brother-in-law and their foster son are in charge of the PA system and announcing. I help my mother's team and run errands for my sister. At about 10:00, everyone leaves their booth, lights a luminary and walks around the track. Because of my foot, I won't get to help as much as I have in the past, but I will help as much as a can. It is such a good cause. While I'm walking, I will pray for Miss Janice's friend Jan, and friends and family members that are either going through treatments or are survivors. If you want me to pray for someone while I walk, just leave it in the comments.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Last week I won Preppy Engineer's giveaway of a gift set of Lilly Pulitzer's Squeeze and a makeup bag. I received it in the mail today. The package was so pretty, that I had a hard time opening it. It was wrapped in Lilly paper and tied with a green grosgrain ribbon.

I finally opened it. Now I have a great new fragrance, plus I have a cute makeup bag to use when I travel.

Thanks to Preppy Engineer for hosting the giveaway and drawing my name.

On the way home from work, I stopped by Barnes & Noble and purchased Classy by Derek Blasberg. I found out about it at Tickled Pink & Green. I can't wait to start reading it.

I have noticed that my foot gets better and better every day. I work on the fourth floor and have been walking down to the third floor and back at least 3 times a day. I can walk up the stairs like an adult, but I still walk down the stairs like a child. It will get better.

If you live in the Birmingham area, you will be interested to know that Jen Lancaster will be at Barnes & Noble at the Summit tomorrow night.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

This has been a busy weekend.

Yesterday, we started the day by going to buy a gift for a one year old's birthday party. My sister was going to go with us and take her three foster children. We called right before we left to make sure that they were ready. My sister said that she couldn't go because she was afraid that she was coming down with a stomach virus. Her sister-in-law came and got the older 2 children and we took the 2 year old to the party with us. He thoroughly enjoyed the party. He had fun playing with the other children. After the birthday party, we drove to the next town to an Eagle Scout ceremony for my cousin's grandson. It was a nice ceremony. The 2 year old fell asleep on the way home. We stopped by my sister's house and she was still sick. We took him on home with us and he spent the night and the day today. He is spending the night again with my mother.

I left to come back to Birmingham early because of the rainy weather. It rained the entire way back. I stopped by Panera and got some soup and a blueberry scone. When I got home, I fixed a pot of tea and am now relaxing on the sofa watching I Love Lucy. In a few minutes, Desparate Housewives will be on.

Please keep the folks in Tennessee in your thoughts and prayers. I cannot imagine 20 inches and counting of rain.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.