Sunday, 13 April 2014

I'm still around. I have been fairly busy lately.

Yesterday, I decided that it was about me. I went shopping by myself. Talbot's Outlet was having a sale on dresses. I went, but didn't find a single dress that I even liked. It was not a wasted trip. I was able to buy some tees that were on sale. I went into The Brooks Brothers Outlet to see if they had any cute jewelry. Before I got to the jewelry stand, I spied three dresses that I liked. I tried them on and bought all three along with two cardigans that coordinated with them. The cardigans were 50% off and the dresses were 40% off. Good deal!

I almost stopped at the Kate Spade store to see if they had earrings to match one of the cardigans but decided to wait. I have a bad addiction to Kate Spade jewelry right now. As soon as I think I'm cured, something comes along that I want to buy.  I guess there can be worse addictions.

I hope that evetyone has a great Sunday.