Monday, 31 January 2011

This weekend was very relaxing. Then it was back to work today. It wasn't too bad.

Today, I wore a Pendleton brown sleeveless dress, a Brooks Brothers camel merino cardigan, faux chocolate pearls and faux chocolate pearl earrings. Since I'm still not able to wear my brown shoes, I opted for my 25+ year old Bass weejuns. They are American made with an arch support. And, they fit my slightly swollen foot.

I'm having trouble losing the weight that I gained at the end of the year. Today, I decided to start riding my stationay bicycle. I'm going to ride it every day that I can. Starting March 1, I'm going to start exercising to an exercise video. I have several episodes of Gilad recorded. Thanks to The Classic Preppy, I found vidoes of Jack Lalanne on his website. I remember watching his show when I was young. I think everyone's mother exercised to his show. I have until March 1 to decide. If that goes well, I may start exercising to the New York City Ballet video. We'll see.

Right now, I'm watching Sex and the City. In a few minutes, Gossip Girl will be on. I guess this is my night for trash TV.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Everything went well on Thursday. I had two meetings that I had to play hostess. Both went perfect.

After work on Thursday evening, I stopped by Gus Mayer to try on a pair of Revas. I found the size that fit perfectly. I forgot that they close at 6:00. I realized it at about 30 seconds til. Then I went to Z Gallerie. I have a gift card that I need to spend. I didn't see anything that I wanted. I may have to cruise the store again.

Dinner at my boss's house went great. His wife prepared two kinds of soup, chili and a chicken type soup from Barefoot Contessa. To go with the soups, she prepared a big salad and some cheese biscuits. For dessert, she had baked Heath bar cookies and chocolate Heath bar tarts. The tarts were similar to chocolate pecan pie, but instead of pecans, she used Heath bars. Everything was perfect.

Yesterday, Queenie and I were the only two at work. We were caught up early and used the remainder of the day to relax. I typed the By-Laws of my ladies club. It is good to have that behind me. For lunch, I went to the Culinard Cafe and got the salad trio. It was good, except I spied some dark meat in the chicken salad. I thought that was against the law in the South. I felt like I needed a treat, so I bought an M&M cookie. Everything there is fresh and homemade. YUM! Since it was a day to relax, I wore a pair of khaki twill pants, pink turtleneck and navy birdseye cardigan. All were from LL Bean. I wore my pearls and a pair of Ralph Lauren antique looking silver hoops. Since no one was there, I wore my white leather Tretorns and a pair of Polo socks.

I left work early and drove to my mother's house. We decided to eat dinner at the Huddle House. We were both craving waffles, so we ordered waffles and sausage. It hit the spot!

Today, we have been doing a few chores and relaxing. Later, we have to go grocery shopping. We are both out of everything.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend. It is sunny and in the 60's here. I hope you are having better weather than in the past few weeks.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Yesterday and today have been fairly busy. I have been having to play hostess to some people that are using our auditorium for a class. Friday can't get here quick enough. Tomorrow, I have to play hostess for a meeting that my boss is having. I don't mind his. Tomorrow night, our entire department plus a couple of others have been invited to my boss's house for a casual dinner. This takes the place of our Christmas dinner that we didn't have, because the holidays snuck up on us. My boss's wife is a wonderful cook. She likes to cook "fancy" food. She said that she may just grill hamburgers, but I'm sure she will somehow make them "fancy". My boss has such a sweet family. Can't wait to visit with them.

What did I wear today? Let's see. I wore a navy wool skirt, a light blue Brooks Brother's merino wool twin set, Talbot's 15 inch faux pearl choker, and Talbot's large faux pearl earrings. Tomorrow, I am going to wear a black wool skirt, Talbot's black watch plaid blouse, pearls and pearl earrings. Since it is going to be chilly, I'm going to wear my Geiger black boiled wool jacket in lieu of a coat.

It will be foolish for me to go home between work and dinner. By the time I get home, it will be time for me to turn around and go back. I think I might go to Gus Mayer and try on shoes. I've been eyeing a pair of Tory Burch Revas. I haven't bought any shoes since I broke my foot. I did buy some Tretorns, but they don't count.

On a sad note, my dear sweet father passed away five years ago today. I miss him so much. I have such wonderful memories of him. I need to cheer up.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Monday, 24 January 2011

I did not post what I wore this weekend, because I wore sweatpants and a sweater. I didn't venture out much.

Today, I wore a Austin Reed black skirt (I wear this skirt a lot), a Talbot's red turtleneck, a Talbot's grey wool cardigan with a collar and silver tone closures, a Williamsburg silver clockcase pendant and Morgan & Company square silver monogrammed earrings. Tomorrow, I plan on wearing a Brooks Brothers grey wool sleeveless dress, Brooks Brothers black merino wool cardigan, pearls, pearl earrings and a Williamsburg silver monogrammed oval brooch.

Tonight Gossip Girl returns. It is always interesting to see how it will turn out. The only problem is that Greek comes on at the same time. I will watch one and DVR the other.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I planned on having a lazy weekend and that I have had. I did a few little chores yesterday morning, then I puttered for a while. Yesterday afternoon, I went to World Market to get some Mrs. Meyer's lavender detergent. They didn't have it. I did walk around the store. I saw so much stuff that was hard to resist, but I was good and walked out empty handed. I then went to the Fresh Market and they had the detergent. While there I bought BFF MAB a tin of Harney's Paris tea as a thank you gift for letting me camp at her house during the recent snow storm. I also got a Fine Cooking magazine and some snack mixes. I mixed three snack mixes together and made some trail mix. I have to be careful that I don't eat too much of it.

Today, I have just been sitting around, watching TV, playing on the computer and doing laundry. I have done a few chores, but not much.

In a little while, I am going to make a big pot of vegetable soup and finish my laundry.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Enjoy the remainder of the day.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Today is Friday, at last. Even though this was a short week, it seemed long. For some reason, I was fairly busy at work.

I'm still posting what I wear each day. Today, I wore my Talbot's black corduroy pants (from several years ago), a Lands' End white OCBD, a Brooks Brother's "346" camel cotton cardigan with a peter pan collar, pearls, gold heart locket, Lauren by Ralph Lauren gold tone hoop earrings.

After work, I went to Target and Publix. Of course, after I got home, I thought of several things that I forgot to get. I might go back to Target tomorrow.

My old gang from work was supposed to get together for lunch tomorrow. Three people are very sick and can't come, so we decided to reschedule. One person thought it was going to be too cold. Every forecast that I've seen says it is going to be partly sunny and 49. I know 49 is not warm, but it's not unbearable.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

As I said on Monday, I am going to post what I wear each day. It will motivate me to dress better for work. I welcome comments, both positive and negative. If I wear something that sounds too frumpy or unprofessional, I want to know.

Today I wore an Austin Reed black skirt, Talbot's red cotton turtleneck sweater, Geiger black boiled wool jacket, Morgan & Company monogrammed silver pendant, silver, black and red earrings, and a Tiffany narrow ID bracelet. I know, this is the same outfit that I wore on Sunday to church.

Tomorrow, I'm going to wear an Austin Reed navy skirt, Brooks Brothers light blue OCBD, J Crew kelly green cotton/cashmere cable knit crew neck sweater, pearls, gold heart pendant and gold earrings.

Now, I'm going to relax and watch a Poirot DVD.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Today was a busy day at work. The normal mail person is out on medical leave. His back-up was out sick today and her manager asked me to do the mail. I informed him that I still can't walk up ramps or carry in the mail. He did not respond even after I followed up. My supervisor told me that I needed to follow up again. He said he had been tied up and had not given it any thought. A nice young lady that works near him graciously offered to go with me and do what I was unable to do. When we got back, she helped me sort the mail. I made sure that I informed her supervisor about how helpful she was. What really made me mad was that the manager dropped the ball...and could have cared less.

After work, I had to go to a meeting. I did not get home until 8:15. I ironed, did laundry and got my lunch ready for tomorrow. Right now I am cooking some vegetables for vegetable soup.

Now, what did I wear today? I wore Pendleton dark green slacks, a Pendleton camel merino wool mock sweater, pearls, gold heart pendant and a pair of Lauren by Ralph Lauren golden earrings.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.

Monday, 17 January 2011

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I drove to my mother's house Friday night. The roads weren't too bad. They weren't too good either. My mother has been shut in since Sunday afternoon. We had planned to go eat dinner in a restaurant, but we had to babysit. My sister was sick and my brother-in-law recently had shoulder surgery. We had to keep her 16 month old. He didn't feel too good. When we woke up Saturday morning, we took his temperature. It was 102.3. My mother called the doctor and they said to bring him in. My brother-in-law met us there and sent us home. The baby had the flu. By Saturday evening, his temperature was down to 99. He is so much better now. I hope we don't get it.

One of my "goals" for 2011 is to start dressing better. I used to dress fairly nice every day. Since my accident, I have started wearing whatever. I decided that the best way to keep myself in line is to post here what I wear every day. If I wear something that I shouldn't, call me on it and I will try to do better. Yesterday, I wore an Austin Reed black skirt, a Talbot's red cotton turtleneck sweater, a Geiger black boiled wool jacket, Morgan & Company silver monogrammed pendant and earrings that are silver, black and red. Today is a holiday, so I am dressed very casual. I have on black sweatpants, a Talbot's charcoal gray cotton mock sweater, a Morgan & Company monogrammed silver pendent, and Talbot's faux diamond earrings.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the day.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

There is still ice and snow here. Most of the roads are open and the schools are back in session. In North Alabama, schools are out until Tuesday. I'm supposed to go to my mother's house tomorrow evening. Hopefully, I can get there. Tomorrow is the first day this week that the temperatures are supposed to be above freezing. Hopefully the ice and snow will melt enough for me to get there. She told me that she wants to go to a restaurant to eat dinner. She said that she has lived on grilled cheese sandwiches and soup all week.

I recorded and watched Downton Abbey that was on Masterpiece Theatre Sunday night. It was so good. I can't wait to watch this Sunday's episode. I like programs like that, but sometimes I have trouble getting into it at first. I was able to follow along from the very beginning. If you missed it, you can still catch it on

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I'm sure that you probably saw on the news about our winter storm. I went over to BFF MAB's house to stay during the storm. Every time that we have an ice storm, my neighborhood loses power. About five minutes before I got to MAB's house, it started snowing, so I thought. When I got out of the car, I realized that it was not snow, but ice. We could hear the ice hitting the house all night long. We woke up to ice everywhere. Queenie called me and told me that we didn't have to go to work at our regular time, but that they will re-evaluate at 11:00. At 11:00, they decided to stay closed. We did not have to report to work until 10:00 this morning. I'm back at home tonight. Fortunately, we never lost power. On my way home from work this afternoon, I noticed a lot of wet spots on the roads. With temperatures around 20 tonight, I'm sure the wet spots will become ice spots. My mother got about a foot of snow. The temperatures are not supposed to reach above freezing until Friday. My sister is a school teacher and does not have to go back to school until Friday.

While at MAB's house, we watched movies. We watched Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion, and Now Voyager. We were able to catch up reading and rest. Monday night, we watched the Auburn-Oregon football game. I guess I don't have to tell you how that turned out. (WAR EAGLE!!)

Tonight, I have been catching up on the shows that I recorded while I was away. I watch Desperate Housewives, Greek and Hawaii Five-0, but MAB doesn't.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Like everyone else, I am outraged at the attack in Arizona. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I heard an interview with the nine year old's mother. I almost lost it. It was so sad. I don't understand how someone can have so much anger to kill innocent people. My hat is off to the men who were able to tackle the shooter so that he was unable to shoot more people.
Right now, I am doing a few chores. The weatherman is calling for 3-7 inches of snow and 1-2 inches of ice. The snow is not so bad, it is the ice. I have to go across two mountains and numerous bridges to get to work. Plus, there is the possibility of power outages. I think I am going to go over to stay with BFF MAB. She had underground utilities, gas fireplace and gas stove. Even if we lose power, we can stay a little warm and we can cook.
I hope everyone has a good Sunday.

Friday, 7 January 2011

I am so glad that it is Friday. I was at work by myself today. My coworker went home sick. There's a nasty virus going around and I don't want it. One of my distant cousins got a virus and then all of his organs shut down. He passed away on Wednesday. He was only 47 and a super nice guy. Every time I think about it, I say a little prayer for his family.

Today I was sitting at my desk reading something on the computer. I heard the elevator stop and the doors open. I looked up and in walked my two former bosses. I was so excited to see them. I was touched that they stopped by to see me. They were visiting someone in the building and stopped by on their way out. I would love to go work for one of them, but I know it is not meant to be at this time. Maybe things will work out in the future.

After work, I went out to the new outlets right outside of town. I wanted to check out Talbot's, Brooks Brothers, Cosmetic Company and RL/Polo. I didn't make it to RL/Polo. At Talbot's, I bought a black watch plaid 3/4 sleeve blouse. I can't wait to be able to wear it with my Austin Reed black skirt. I don't know whether to wear pearls or a gold necklace. I also bought a light gray turtleneck. Can't go wrong with that. Brooks Brothers looked picked over. I didn't see anything that struck my fancy. Same for Cosmetic Company.

After I left the outlets, I went to The Fresh Market to get some Gouda cheese. The lady in the deli was nice enough to slice it for me. I then went to Publix. I think everyone in town was in Publix. The weatherman has announced that we will be getting snow and ice beginning Sunday evening. That means that everyone heads to the store to get milk and bread. I've often wondered, who drinks that much milk and eats that much bread? That's the last thing that I want when I'm snowed in. I always buy the artisan breads. All that was left was a loaf of cranberry walnut. I snatched it. The man in the bakery was wrapping Italian bread and rye bread. I was lucky to get a loaf of Italian bread. There was only one jar of creamy peanut butter left on the shelf. I guess everyone had the same idea.

When I got home, I ate and then did a few chores. I have more to do tomorrow. I want to get done early so that I can go to lunch with BFF MAB. I also want to go by Publix to pick up some things that I forgot to get or that my Publix was out of. Maybe it won't be as crowded. You never know.

I hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I've been having trouble with my "goals" for 2011. I don't make resolutions, I make goals. I decided today that I am going to take it one month at a time. I'm going to make goals for that month. I may continue certain goals from month to month. I think that will be a good thing for me to do.

This month, I am working on my weight. I'm going to eat healthy and exercise. I'm also going to play with some of the programs on my computer and experiment. You never know, I may be able to be more organized and save money.

I have been keeping up with dressing better. I've been wearing my nice skirts and nice sweaters. I am going to reserve Fridays for casual wear.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

Monday, 3 January 2011

I don't know about you, but I am glad that the holidays are over. Even though I enjoyed the holidays, it's time to get back to a normal lifestyle. I usually don't make resolutions. I have goals. One of my goals for the year are to get back to my normal weight. My foot is probably about 90% normal now. I'm hoping to start an exercise program in the next couple of weeks. Today, I started back on my healthy eating program. Believe it or not, it was easy. My main goal is to return to "ME". I feel like since I broke my foot 14 months ago that I have just let myself go.

Friday night when I got to my mother's house, she was finishing up a great meal. She served pork chops, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, crowder peas, slaw, cornbread and rolls. My sister, brother-in-law and their two children joined us. After they left, it started pouring down rain and rained until about 10:00 am New Years Day. Normally Bo wakes us up at 6:30 for his morning walk. He never woke us up. We slept in until 7:30. My mother got dressed to take him outside and he wouldn't go out. She pulled on his leash and he just stayed put. She finally took him out the front door where there is more of an eave and he did his thing out there. He does not like to get wet. We watched the Tournament of Roses Parade. After the parade, my mother watched the Capital One Bowl while I read. Saturday night, we watched the Hot in Cleveland marathon on TVLand. We laughed out loud for 3 hours.

Today was a regular day at work. After work, I came home and made a big pot of vegetable soup. I haven't eaten vegetable soup in a few weeks. It tasted so good.

I forgot that GREEK was starting a new season tonight. I missed the first 15 minutes. I think it will be easy to catch up. After it goes off, I will watch Hawaii Five-O. I recorded Masterpiece Theatre last night, but I am afraid to watch it. A co-worker told me it was sad. I don't do sad.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Good luck with the resolutions.