Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I've been tagged by the thoughtful My Inside Voice to list 5 songs I'm embarrassed to admit I like.

1 - Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2 - Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit that you like and tell why.
3 - Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.


1. Whip It by Devo. When I hear this song, I bob my head up and down real fast. Then I turn my hed to the right, center, then left and then back. Sometimes I make myself dizzy.

2. Word Up by Cameo. When he sings "Put your hands in the air like you don't card", I do the arm motions from the video.

3. My Girl by The Temptations. I do the hand motions to this also, while I'm driving. It embarrasses my sister.

4. Love Shack by the B52's. I sing this song at the top of my lungs, but even worse...

5. Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. I try to sing at the top of my lungs in my best soprano voice, but I can't sing at all.

I think almost everyone has done this. If you haven't here's your chance.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Today was very quiet at work. Nobody in my area was there. I was able to catch up on some vacation plans. I also emailed BFF about 15 times.

Someone brought me 2 bags of garden grown tomatoes Saturday. I shared with a coworker (remember I gave away his produce a couple of weeks ago). I have been eating tomatoes for every meal. They sure are good. I don't know what I'm going to do when the gardens run out. I guess it will be back to the produce section at Publix for the hot house tomatoes.

It has been thundering outside for over 2 hours. It rained a little bit on the way home. I hope we get a little more rain. Maybe it will temporarily cool things off. Not to worry, it will be hot tomorrow. I'm ready for fall weather. I hate the heat.

Monday, 28 July 2008

I'm sorry I haven't posted since Thursday. I know you all have been lying awake wondering what has happened to me. The first part of the weekend was boring. They are changing cable providers in my community. I didn't have cable yesterday or today. When I got home this afternoon, I had service. This morning I had to listen to NPR. As I ate my oatmeal, I had to look at a blank screen on the TV. What did people do before cable and internet? Aren't we spoiled? At least they got it installed before Gossip Girl comes on.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Tervis is having their Friends & Family Sale July 24 - August 3. $0.01 shipping for all purchases of $50 or more. 15% off your purchase of $75 or more. Use coupon code F&F2008.
My computer is still acting wierd. Hopefully after it sits over the weekend, it will be better on Monday. It has done this before and after a couple of days, it was back to normal.

I tried on my blue jeans again tonight. One pair fits perfect. YAY! The other pair almost fits. I knew that they would be a little snug. Maybe a few more pounds.

Is anyone here familiar with Absinthe? A friend was asking me about it. I know what it is, but I'm not sure where it can be purchased. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Absinthe, it is a anise flavored spirit whose sale has been banned in the US since 1912. I think it has been legal in the US since 2007.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My computer is not working right. After I read all my blogs, I am going to turn off the surge suppressor and shut down everything. Maybe when it comes back on it will be okay. I can get to my MSN homepage. When I try to go to another site, I get the screen that says "Internet Explorer cannot access this site". My internet connection is good and everything else on my computer seems okay.

Queenie was back to her old self today. I don't know what came over her. She didn't seem to have as much work today. Maybe that was it.

I just went outside to get something out of my car, and it is still hot outside. I guess we're in for one of our hot Alabama summers. When it rains, it just makes it hotter.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Free Shipping

Free shipping now thru July 30 at Monogram Me. Stop by and check it out. She has some super cute things.

Monday, 21 July 2008


Thanks to Bunny Tomerlin for the nice plug on her blog. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you need to.

Bunny - I ate about 15 home grown tomatoes last week. I had to go back to eating Publix tomatoes this week and they are not quite as good. Eat a BLT for me. I need to check out John Cheever also. I've never read anything that he has written.
My air conditioner died yesterday afternoon. It had enough juice to make it through the night. It was not real cool in here, but it was cool enough. They put in a new compressor today. He didn't finish until 6:00 tonight. It is cooling off fast. It got up to almost 100 today. The air conditioner man said the heat index where he was working was 114. OUCH! Maybe it will be cool enough by 7:30 for me to walk on the treadmill. If not I won't die. This morning when I was leaving for work at 7:25, I saw my next door neighbor returning from her walk. She was soaking wet with sweat. It took a while for summer to get here, but I'm afraid it is finally here.

I went to the Summit yesterday to do some shopping. I was going to go to Belk's and then walk to Sephora. Then I was going to go to J. Crew and then tackle the stairs to Barnes and Noble. I went to Belk's then drove to Sephora and then came back home. It was too hot to shop.

I hear a rumbling that sounds like thunder. It's not suppose to rain, but I won't complain if it does. Maybe it will cool off a little bit. Or maybe it will just make the heat wet (as they say in "Rear Window")

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I had a fairly calm day yesterday. Queenie was even nice, until about 3:30 and she had a come apart. She threatened to quit and find another job. I told the other girls about it and they said that she says that all the time. I wouldn't know because she hasn't been speaking to me lately. I asked what was wrong with her and they said "Stress" with a sarcastic tone. We are all under stress, I don't know why she feels she's different. I bet it's because she sat at her desk with nothing to do for so long and now she has work to do, she can't handle it. Fifteen minutes after her come apart she had her desk packed up and was ready to go.

I did something embarrassing yesterday. My boss is out of the country on vacation for a couple of weeks. I went into his office and found a bag of fresh produce: potatoes, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and squash. Not enough for a family (he has 4 kids). I panicked. All I could think of was rotten vegetables and fruit flies. I emailed him and told him someone left him the produce and that I would find a home for it. I divided it up amongst all the girls on the floor. Two and a half hours later I receive an email that he knew about it and that this guy on the 8th floor was to come get it. Oh no! It was too late to get it back. I called the guy and apologized. He acted like he thought it was funny. He said he forgave me, but I would never forget. If someone gives me some fresh produce next weekend, I need to share with him.

This morning I cleaned house and now I'm trying to get up off my butt and walk on the treadmill. I want to get it over with so that I can relax and do what Tammy wants the rest of the day. If only there were something good on TV that would take my mind off it.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

I don't know why, but I'm sitting here watching "Jaws". I just saw it about 3 weeks ago at the Alabama Theatre. There's nothing else on TV.

The tomatoes are almost gone. I am going to eat the last two for lunch tomorrow. They were good while they lasted. I love tomatoes and they are low in calories. Tomorrow evening after work, I'm going to Publix to buy ingredients for chef salads. That's what I'm going to eat all weekend. Hopefully, I'll notice a difference on the scales next Saturday.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I've had too much week this week. My boss is going on vacation, so I have to deal with all the nuts until he gets back. Maybe I can find someone to pawn them off on. Maybe Queenie's boss. I think most of this is his job.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Complimentary Shipping from Kiehl's

Complimentary ground shipping on orders of $45 or over placed by 7/21/08. Enter the code SERVICE upon checkout.
I swear it was a full moon at work today. A woman from the loan department called me to let me know that she needed file folders. HELLO, I'm not the supply officer. Then someone from retail called to tell me that they needed a large trash recepticle and 3 large shred bins. I'm not the facilities manager. I put it on the list. The guy that delivers the mail needs somewhere to clock in and out. He also needs a computer. How did all of this become my responsibility?

Queenie has been acting nice to me this week, until this afternoon. She had some work to do, so she was angry at the world.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My boss and I have decided that when other employees don't know who does something, it becomes our job. Today, we found out that he was in charge of the coffee for the building. He implied that when things settle down, he is going to start assigning duties to other people. Good for him. Someone called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that they had been told that I was the facilities manager. I don't know when I got that demotion. For some reason people are calling me about the shred, locks on doors, mail for people that don't work there any more, etc. I think I am going to start making a list of everything.

I ended up at Target this afternoon. This morning, my hairdryer sounded like a lawnmower that was running out of gas. The only thing I bought was a cheap hairdryer and a round brush. I didn't even look at anything else. Aren't you proud of me? I will probably start going there every week for a few weeks before I go to Williamsburg. I buy my travel supplies one at a time so that I don't have to spend so much in one trip. I store the supplies in a Target bag that sits beside the dresser.

Monday, 14 July 2008

I am enjoying the tomatoes that a customer gave me. I brought back 4 large ones and 10 medium sized ones. They are so good. And they really help with my weight loss.

I've always said that there's never a dull moment at the liquor store. Saturday night, my sister's friend Chuck came to the store to sit and visit. While he was there he fell back in his chair. His eyes were open, he was breathing, but he was unresponsive. My sister thought he was having a heart attack. She called 911 and it took them forever to get there, and the fire department is a block and a half away. She called her friend CFG and she said it was probably his sugar and to give him some orange juice. They tried to give him juice, M&M's, peanut butter and crackers, but he was not able to swallow. She finally tried to give him a DumDum. The ambulance finally got there. They checked him out and his blood sugar was 39. He refused to go to the hospital. In a few minutes he was back to normal. My sister and the girl that works at the store were nervous wrecks when we got there. I've never been around anyone when they had a spell with their sugar, but I know it would scare me.

When I got back from my mother's house, I realized that I forgot and left my hairdryer and round brush at her house. I have another hairdryer, but I'm afraid it's going to die any day now. I may have to go to Target and get another one.

Today was very busy at work. I was so glad when 5:00 got here.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

This past week, my coworker and I have been trying to clean out our storage room. We have been booted out so that the loan department can store files there. We were given 4 small cabinets in the copier room to store our stuff. Yesterday, I opened one of the cabinets and Queenie had rearranged some stuff and put 2 - 500 count boxes of 9X13 envelopes in there. I haven't said anything yet. When my coworker gets back off vacation, I'll see what she has to say. It also depends on how Queenie acts next week. I don't want a confrontation when and if I say anything.

This morning, a customer brought my mother and me 3 bags of tomatoes. I don't know what we will do with all of these tomatoes. I think I'll eat one for dinner tonight. I don't know what I'll eat with it. I may go to the meat market and get me some ground chuck and cook me a small hamburger patty. I have some good Publix brand of cheddar cheese to put on it. I love fresh tomatoes out of the garden. There may be enough for my lunch all next week. Now if someone will bring me some fresh cucumbers, I won't have to go to the grocery store until Friday.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Not much happened today. Queenie was nice to me first thing this morning, but as the day went on, she became really cold. I don't know what her problem is. My coworker and I seem to think it is because we didn't have to attend a lot of training sessions and she did. We can't help that we work in a different department. I have 2 events scheduled for the 10th floor next week. I went up there today and it is a disaster. It can't be cleaned until the computer people get all of their equipment out of there. The lunch meeting on Tuesday will not be affected by the mess, but the mixer on Thursday night will have to be held in a cramped room. I can't help it. The planners should have checked before they scheduled anything.

I'm in the process of reading "Jamestown, the Buried Truth" by William M. Kelso. It is about the archaeologal discoveries at Jamestown, VA. Believe it or not, it is a very good book. But...after I finish it, I will definitely be in the mood for some good chick-lit. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Today after work I stopped by Talbots. I was going to treat myself with a new bracelet. I saw a gold bangle in the catalogue and decided that I wanted it. They didn't have it. I looked around and saw so many cute things on sale, but I'm trying not to buy any new clothes for a couple of months. I did buy a's navy with pink flamingos. I wear a lot of navy and pink. Maybe they'll have the bracelet at the Huntsville store. I'll stop in the next time I'm in town.

I'd Like to Thank the Academy.....

I am so excited to report Kappa Prep and Nautical by Nature gave me the following awards:

There are so many blogs I enjoy reading daily so this is a tough choice as to who to pass the torch on to. I am going to chose Tickled Pink and Green and Preppy Engineer.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

I HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. It feels so good. They finally got it fixed today. It didn't get too bad in here last night. Maybe since it is cool, I can walk on the treadmill tonight. I'm motivated.

I don't know why, but I tried on a pair of jeans that I have not been able to wear in about 3 years. I could get them zipped, but that was about it. They fit better than I thought they would. Maybe if I lose 5 more pounds, they'll fit. If so, that will give me 2 nice pairs of jeans to wear on vacation. I'll wear chinos the rest of the time.

My coworker and I have been booted out of our storage room. It's a nice room. It's about the size of an average sized bedroom. We not only use it for storage, but we eat lunch in there. We were going to clean it out and put a table and chairs in there, but the lending department decided that they needed it for a file room. We have to move everything out. Today, coworker and I threw a lot of stuff away. There were boxes of annual reports that went back to 1996. I kept a few from each year and threw the others away. That was a job. This task is too much of a challenge. We found us a new storage area in the copier room, but I'm afraid that everyone will help themselves to our supplies.

Monday, 7 July 2008

I got home today and the air conditioner was not cooling. They are on their way to repair it. I was going to walk on the treadmill tonight, but it's too hot. I was hoping to get it fixed early, so that it would cool off by the time I usually walk. I've been good lately about walking. And it shows on the scales. I have lost 10 pounds since Memorial Day. I almost break my arm patting myself on the back every day. I only have 5 more pounds to go. After I lose that, I may work on 5 more and then I'm going to stop trying to lose. I was even good over the 4th of July holiday. I stayed on my diet the entire time. It is so nice to be able to almost fit in my clothes again. I don't know where this weight came from. It couldn't have been all those cookies and candy bars that I ate last fall, do you think? I'm going to Williamsburg in October, and I know I will spend my afternoons at the Raleigh Tavern Bakery. I never can decide what I want, so I get one of each and go sit on the bench and eat it all. Then I wash it down with a diet soft drink. As soon as I get back, I'm going back on South Beach. I don't want to have to go through it again.

Queenie hasn't been talking to me lately. I can't figure out if she's mad at me or what. Every time I go in the kitchen across from her desk, I can hear her huffing and puffing. She seems to be busy. I don't know where all the work came from. It's hard for my coworker and me to feel sorry for her, because we remember all the times we've been extremely busy and she would just set there coloring, doing her homework or sitting with her chin propped up on her hand. Now she knows how we always felt. My coworker and I are losing our storage room. We also use it as a break room. The loan department wants us to clean it out so that they can put files in there. I'm wearing old clothes tomorrow so that I can get in there and clean.

I wish that repair man would hurry and get here. It's getting warm.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

I hope everyone had a good 4th. My sister and I worked at the store from 8:00 am until midnight. We each took a couple of breaks. The girl that works during the day volunteered to work, but I felt guilty making her work on a holiday. Now, we wish we did have her work, we went non-stop most of the day. We did over double the business that we do on a busy Saturday. Every store in town ran out of ice, including us. We have our own icemaker, but it was empty by noon. I had to be back at the store at 8:00 this morning, but I only have to work until 2:00. I am exhausted. I think I may go home and take a nap this afternoon. I could fall asleep right now.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Today this man asked me, "How do you always get stuck doing things that are not your job?" I wanted to say, "Because your secretary won't do it and passes it on to someone else." But, I was nice and just smiled. I think everyone at work is getting on each other's nerves right now. Maybe it will calm down after the holiday. Only one more day and I am off work for four days! Yay me!

I am rereading "Devil in the Junior League". I forgot how ridiculously funny it is. What's so sad is, I know people like that.

I made a pitcher of peach tea today. It tastes awful. I don't know what I could have done to it. It sort of tastes like soap. Maybe I didn't rinse the pitcher out well. I'm going to have to pour it out. I can't drink it. Yuck! I guess I'll have to drink a TaB.