Sunday, 31 May 2009

My weekend did not start off very well, but all in all, I had a pretty good one.

I stopped by the post office Friday night to drop off the bank's mail. I usually just drive up to the mail boxes and drop it in. Since I had two boxes, I decided to go in. When I walked back out, a woman asked me if I was driving the black Envoy. She said that some man had hit me and was waiting for me. It didn't look that bad, but I'm going to have to get a whole new bumper. His foot slipped and he hit the gas instead of the brake. We had to wait for over 45 minutes for the police to get there to do an accident report. I felt sorry for him. He is 77 years old and seemed very nice.

Saturday morning, I got up, threw on some clothes and went for a walk. After I got back, I ate a bowl of oatmeal, went to get an estimate on my car, got my hair cut, helped my mother vacuum and wash her car at the car wash, went and got the car wash manager some lunch and was back home by 1:00. Later we went to eat at Wintzell's. It was delicious. I think everyone enjoyed my choice. Early Saturday morning, my sister brought her Yorkie over for us to dog sit until Sunday evening. He is so hyper, but we played with him enough that he slept all night.

My cousin spent the night with us and woke us up at 3:00 am talking in her sleep. I got up to go to the bathroom and while I was in there the telephone rang. It was Brink's security calling to say that the alarm was going off at the store. My mother explained that we no longer owned it. We started feeling guilty and called the police. We drove to the store thinking that we would reset the alarm and go on home. When we got there, the police told us to stay in the car until other officers got there. Someone had beat in the back door and stole cigarettes. Luckily, the security tape was running. The robbers had on hoods and had their faces covered, so we couldn't see their faces. We called the owner and he drove right over. The security guy at the restaurant next door said that there were two kids hanging around all night trying to bum cigarettes. He said that he knew one of them and would contact his parents. I hope that they catch them. The police didn't seem interested in investigating the scene. They took a couple of pictures and that was it. Finally they decided that maybe there might be fingerprints on the cartons that they had dropped. After the police left, we discovered that they had loosened the bulbs in the back lights and cut the phone lines and alarm lines. A policeman came back today, but did not seem interested in helping. Don't we pay their salaries?

This morning after church, my mother, her friend and I went to Huntsville. We had a good trip. My mother needed a new Rowenta iron and nobody local sold them, so we went to Target.

Thanks to Preppy Engineer for turning me onto GiGi's Cupcakes. She informed me that they are opening a store in Chattanooga. I also found out that they are opening a store in Huntsville. There goes my diet. If you live in the Nashville area and have never tried GiGi's, you don't know what you are missing. They are opening several locations this year. Go to their website and see if there will be one near you. YUM YUM!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

This morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat. I've been having coughing spells throughout the day. Now, my throat is on fire. I hope that I'm not coming down with something.

I have an appointment Saturday for a haircut. I'm thinking of going back to a chin length bob. Every time that my mother sees the movie "You've Got Mail", she suggests that I get my hair cut like Meg Ryan's. I remind her that the movie came out in 1994. I like bobs. They are so classic. Sometimes they look so plain on me. I like them because they are low maintenance.

I have dinner club Saturday night. It was my turn to make arrangements. I picked Wintzell's in Guntersville. I'm not much of a seafood person, so I think I may have a grilled chicken salad or a steak salad.

I've exercised three nights in a row. I hope that this will become a habit.

I hope everyone has a good Friday. TGIF!!
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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I made it two days on my exercise program. I plan on keeping it up. I feel so much better, both mentally and physically. I used to do some sort of exercise each day, whether it was walking, riding a stationary bicycle, exercise tape, etc. For the past few months I have been so lazy and it shows. I'm not doing it just to lose weight, but so that I don't feel stiff when I get up out of a chair.

I'm back to doing the mail at work. The mail guy has severe arthritis in his knee. His job requires a lot of walking. He is not in good health. I don't know what is going to happen.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday. Man, this week has gone by fast!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend. For the first time in years, I did everything as I wanted to.

Friday night, my mother had to go to a graduation and graduation dinner. And, she didn't have to worry about getting back to the store. Since she wasn't going to be home for awhile, I stopped by Books-a-Million and Target. I went on to her house and ate my Cracker Barrel meatloaf dinner and watched Grey Gardens. Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange outdid themselves.

After breakfast on Saturday, I helped my mother clean house. Then we went to lunch and ran some errands. When we got home, we made potato salad for Sunday. My mother makes the best potato salad. After we got the potato salad made, we sat around and watched TV.

Sunday, after church, we went home and made a banana pudding. Then we went over to my sister's in-laws for an early dinner. My sister's mother-in-law had a leg amputated several months ago and is home bound. She wanted us to come over to eat. We had ribs, grilled chicken, smoked sausage, pork chops, baked beans, potato salad, garlic bread, banana pudding, peach cobbler, and peach trifle. I ate so much. Even though it was tiring I think MIL had a good time. My mother, her friend and I went to the cemetery to look at a rose garden planted by one of my mother's former classmates. I picked MIL a rose from one of the bushes. (I didn't get it off a grave, so don't worry about the lightning striking me.) After dinner we went home and watched TV.

Monday, my mother, sister and I went to Huntsville to go to Costco. They were closed. We went to Ulta, Best Buy, Staples, and Publix. My mother did work at the store for a while yesterday afternoon. The cash register jammed and she helped the girls manually figure all of the sales. Normally, Memorial Day is the slowest day at the store, but it was busy yesterday.

Today I did something that I have promised myself that I would do for several weeks. When I got home today, I exercised. Yes, I exercised to a recording of Gilad. I know he's cheesy, but it works. I feel so much better now. I have gotten tired of being stiff every time I stand up. I am going to try to keep it up. When I go to my mother's, I am going to try and walk. She lives in an old neighborhood that has sidewalks. It is a great place to walk.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Why does the season finale of Ugly Betty always have to end on a sad note? Not just sad, but heart wrenching. Well, it's just a TV show. I imagine the first show of the fall season will start out on a happier note. Hopefully.

I liked the short sleeved blouses that I bought at Brooks Brothers "346" so much that I called today and ordered another one. I ordered the light blue. I figured that I can get a lot of wear out of it.

Tomorrow, I'm going to my mother's house. This is the first holiday weekend that we have not had to work in years. I mean years. We always worked so that the help could have the day off. I want to go to Huntsville one day this weekend. I have a VISA gift card that will start charging fees in about 3 weeks. I thought I would use it to buy myself a pair of Ray Bans. I want a pair of tortoise Wayfarers, just like the ones that I had several years ago.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I know this is probably lame, but I love the Kia Soul commercial. You know the one. The hamsters riding in the car, listening to music and bobbing their heads. If you like the music, you can download it here. I confess, that I sit and bob my head to the music.

When I go on vacation this year, I want to see a cool New England lighthouse. I've been as close as one can to the lighthouse on Campobella Island. Has anyone ever visited a cool lighthouse in New England? If so, share your experiences. I haven't decided which one that I want to visit. I don't want to spend the night, I just want to explore for a few minutes and take some pictures.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The past two nights, I have been watching the season finale of my favorite shows. Now maybe I can have time to do something when I get home from work.

The mail guy has been off the past two days and I've had to go to the post office. I have a feeling that he is going to be off tomorrow. Monday, he took a vacation day. Today, he was going to be late because he was going to the doctor about a "boil". His wife said that his knee was swollen and he was going to have to have it x-rayed. She implied that he would not be in tomorrow. I know it is job security, but it gets old. Today, a woman that works on the 6th floor brought down a piece of mail for someone that works on the 7th floor. I guess she either expected me to deliver it or for it to be routed to North Carolina then back to our office. It sounded like she was too lazy to take it up to the next floor. I finally figured out that she didn't want them to know that she sent it.

I don't really have that much to talk about.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

My mother and I went to Nashville this weekend. On the way, we stopped at a shoe store in Murfreesboro. I got a pair of K-Swiss sneakers for $25. Friday night we met a group and at at Wild Iris Restaurant in Brentwood. The food was really good. I got the filet and it was wonderful. Saturday I had a meeting from 9:00 until 11:00. After that, we went to Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin. I wanted to go to the Brooks Brothers' "346" store. There, I bought 2 short sleeved cotton blouses; one in white and one in pink; a navy/white/kelly green argyle sweater vest, a kelly green polo and a pair of earrings. At Talbot's, I bought a baby pink 3/4 sleeve cardigan and a kelly green 3/4 sleeve cardigan. After a few hours there, we headed to Green Hills Mall. The only thing that I bought there was a tube of Kiehl's mascara.

As we were leaving Cool Springs, it started raining. We stood at the door and waited and waited and it never did slack up. We decided that maybe we should buy an umbrella. We then decided to wait it out. It finally slacked enough that I could get to the car. It rained off and on the remainder of the afternoon. It rained on us going home. The only problem is that between Monteagle, TN and South Pittsburg, TN there is 4 miles of steep grade. That, plus rain, plus 18 wheelers made me a little nervous. It was either that or risk hitting a deer on a two lane mountain road.

Today, I was so tired. After church, I just sat around and watched TV.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I was just thinking yesterday, that I have not had a Queenie story for a long time. Actually, she hasn't been so bad, except for the blouse that she wears at least once a week that shows too much of the sisters. I have to train myself to look her right in the eyes.

This afternoon as we were walking out, Queenie was complaining about being broke. I reminded her that tomorrow was payday. She told me that her paycheck was already spoken for. She started complaining about the economy and how hard it has been to really cut back. Then she mentioned that she was thinking about getting a second job. It was all I could do to not say anything. When my coworker and I got on the elevator, I told her about the conversation. She about lost it. I don't know if I've ever said anything about it, but Queenie's husband has not worked any in about 15 years. Yes, 15 YEARS!!! He has no desire to get a job. A few years ago, he was actually handed a job with benefits and good pay and he turned it down. Queenie is always bragging about all the things that he can do and about how smart he is. Yes, he's smart. He has his wife working while he does nothing. I know that Queenie has her quirks, but she is basically a good hearted person and does not deserve this man. I think that she thinks that she can't do any better. I hate to see her being taken advantage of. She could have a better life if she didn't have to support this guy or if he'd get a job. A minimum wage job would be enough.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm heading to Nashville at noon tomorrow. I'll let you all know what treasures that I find.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I went today and got my passport photo made. I took Jen Lancaster's advice and did the 3/4 smile - not too much teeth and gum, but not looking like a sourpuss. It was a good picture of me.

I have to go to Nashville this weekend to a meeting. The meeting is Saturday morning, and then I'm going shopping. My mother is going with me. We are going to hit Cool Springs Galleria and then Green Hills. A trip to Nashville is not complete without a trip to Green Hills. I called the customer service line at Vineyard Vines to see if there is a store that carries VV in Nashville, but every store that they gave me is out of business. Does anyone know of a store in Nashville that carries VV and maybe Lilly? I used to go to The First Resort, but the last time I was there, they had gone out of business. I think Belk at Cool Springs carries Lilly. Maybe they will have some good pieces on sale.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday. Don't forget to mind your's National Etiquette Week.

Monday, 11 May 2009


In honor of National Etiquette Week, Miss Janice is hosting a giveaway. The prize is a book by former Social Secretary to First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Letitia Baldridge. Hop over to her site and sign up. And, don't forget to say Please and Thank You.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

I think my mother had a great Mother's Day. I bought her some Knock Out rose bushes. That's what she wanted. My sister's family bought her a desk chair for her new desk. A friend of the family called her this morning and wished her a Happy Mother's Day...all the way from Iraq. That made her day. I don't think my sister and I could top that. We went over to my sister and brother-in-law's house and ate lunch. They had my mother and I along with his parent's. We had a nice visit.

We had to keep the nursery at church this morning. Believe it or not, all the children were very well behaved. They all played well together. Not one of them misbehaved. This man brought his son in there and stayed. He said that he will be staying with his son for a couple of weeks until he gets used to the nursery. The man got down in the floor and played with all the children. I think they may need to add his name to the list of nursery workers.

I hope everyone has a good Monday (if that is possible).

Saturday, 9 May 2009


For the first Friday night in years, my mother and I didn't have to work at the store. We went out to eat at a local restaurant. When I walked in, the owner said, "Shouldn't you be working somewhere?" We had a good chuckle.

Before we went to eat, my sister called us and wanted us to go get her youngest son something to eat. She was sick and couldn't. We went to Sonic and got him a burger and some tatar tots. After we got finished eating, we went and got her some Diet Dr. Pepper's. When we got there, the son wanted us to take him to get him something to eat. He was starving. When we mentioned what we brought him, he looked surprised. He said that all that was in the bag was a burger. My sister ate his tatar tots. Before we left, my sister wasn't making sense. She was sitting in the den in the dark. She then went to the hall closet and was searching for something. She finally found a t-shirt and put it on over her other t-shirt. I assumed that she was cold. Then she was searching in another closet. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was looking for some shoes. I asked her where she was going and she said "To Bridgeport." When I asked why, she told me that she had to go do an appraisal. At 9:00 at night? She kept saying that her other son was in his room watching TV. We knew he was gone. Then she said, "He was just here talking on the phone to my sister." I'm the only sister that she has. I kept trying to close one of the hall closets so that Bo, the dog, wouldn't go in there. She told me to throw the bows away. I don't know what kind of drugs her doctor gave her, but she was talking nonsense. Later, I called over there and she was saying something about a gas heater. I hope she is better today.

When I got to town, I got the good news that I have to keep the nursery tomorrow. At our church, Mother's Day is like Easter. Everybody comes to church. It's supposed to storm tomorrow (again), so maybe the parents will keep the "little angels" at home.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their weekend.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Have you ever watched something on TV, and the entire time you are thinking, "what has possessed me to watch this?" Well, tonight, I'm watching "World's Dummest Criminal". It's like a train wreck. Actually, it is kind of funny. One of the celebrity panelists is Tonya Harding. She looks dead common. At least I've never watched "Cops". Well...maybe once.

I hope everyone has a good Friday.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Welcome Back Canadian Preppy. You've been missed.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pretty in Plaid

This is what I'm getting ready to read. It went on sale today. I stopped by Barnes and Noble on the way home and picked up my copy. If you've never read any of Jen Lancaster's books, you need to. If you've read them, you know that they are a scream. I especially like the pink and green argyle socks on the cover. So preppy!

Monday, 4 May 2009

Yesterday afternoon, I went over to BFF MAB's house. When I got there, she was gone to get us a take out from Applebee's. I let myself in and turned on the TV. I found out that there was a tornado across the area where I had just been. Luckily, it didn't get bad at MAB's house. We had a nice visit and got some plans made for our trip to Quebec. Has anyone ever been to Prince Edward Island? What's there? We were thinking about checking it out, but didn't know what to expect. I guess it reminds us of "Anne of Green Gables".

It has rained a lot tonight and is supposed to rain for the next 3-4 days. I hope we don't have bad thunderstorms or tornadoes.

I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday and have a nice Cinco De Mayo!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

BFF MAB called and said that she had a migraine, so we rescheduled for tomorrow. I decided that maybe I'd drive to Griffin, GA for the Morgan & Company warehouse sale, but the weather looked questionable. I-20 from Anniston, AL to the state line is bad enough in dry weather, much less rain. I decided that I'd do a few chores around here. Later, I'm going to Pappagallo, Staples, and Publix. I think I will have a nice relaxing day around here.

Here is the picture of C.Z. Guest and her pearls:

These are the pearls that I bought at Talbot's:

Mine aren't exactly like hers, but I still like them. Mine are double strand and hers are single strand, and mine don't have the fancy clasp. The length and pearl size are similar.

Today is the first Saturday in a long time (I mean, years) that I have not had to work at the store or felt guilty about my mother working for me. Last night I went to bed about 10:00 and read until about 10:15. I did not wake up until 7:22. I jumped out of bed and beat myself up for sleeping so late. Then I thought that I probably needed the extra sleep. I through on some clothes and went to Edgar's to get some of their sausage-mushroom quiche. While there, I picked up some chicken salad and fruit for lunch tomorrow.

Later this morning, I'm going over to BFF MAB's house to hang out and spend the day. We may discuss our trip to Quebec that we have planned for this summer.

The other day I saw a picture of C.Z. Guest on a blog. She was wearing a double strand pearl necklace that my eyes zeroed in on. I had to have pearls like those. I saw some faux ones (I'm sure C.Z. Guest only wore real pearls) at Talbot's. Last night on the way home I stopped and bought them. I had a $25 rewards coupon, so I used it. I can't wait to wear them. I love pearls. I have all sizes, real and faux. I bought Talbot's faux pearls in every size and length. Sometimes I don't feel comfortable wearing my real pearls (at the lake), so I wear the faux ones. I always wear my real ones to church or special occasions. I may make an exception for my new Talbot's pearls.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday. I hope your weather cooperates. It is dark here, but not raining or storming.