Monday, 30 June 2008

We never heard any more from the woman that was arrested. I bet she was shocked when she woke up in jail. I'm sure she is still there since she assalted an EMT.

Last night when I got back to Birmingham, my air conditioner was broken. Thank goodness it got down into the 60's last night. I slept on the sofa under the ceiling fan. At one time, I woke up with a little bit of a chill. It's repaired now. It is so good and cool in here.

I didn't buy much in Huntsville. The only thing I bought was some Clinique eye shadow in Blackberry Frost. It is to replace the Benefit black orchid that popped out of my hand and into the toilet last week. YUCK!! Belk's had some good prices on things, but I didn't see anything that I couldn't live without.

I only have to work 3 days this week. YAY!! One down, two to go.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

I'm feeling better about everything at work. I'm beginning to learn things. It's not difficult, I just don't have anything to practice with.

Last night was a very interesting night at the store. Remember, every day is a full moon around here. First, the Coca-Cola man came in inquiring about a lady that he had hit earlier. He hit her and she took off. How weird.

Then, my mother and I went next door to eat (my brother-in-law's restaurant is about 6 feet away from the store). There was a woman sitting at a table by herself. She looked like she was about to fall out of her chair. The waitress said that she acted normal when she came in. She drank one beer and then started saying crazy things. They think she may have taken some kind of pills. My brother-in-law didn't know what to do about her. He didn't want to call the police, because they would just take her to jail. He finally decided to see if he could take her home. She just looked at him and turned her head away. He wanted a woman to go with him. I went and got my sister to get her to go. When he asked her again if he could take her home she said "F__ you!" Then my sister starting talking to her and said "Let's go outside and talk." The woman kept dropping F-bombs. Finally the woman went out and got in the passenger seat of her late model Mercedes. My brother in law again tried to talk to her. More F-bombs. He then decided to call the police. When they got there they tried to talk to her. They called the paramedics because they thought she may have had something wrong with her. When the EMT tried to take her blood pressure, she punched him in the nose. He refused to try to help her. The police decided to arrest her. When they tried to put handcuffs on her, she tried to get away. She ended up going to jail anyway. Usually when the police come on our property, it kills business. Last night it helped business, because everyone was wanting to know what was going on. I'm kind of curious as to what today will bring.

My mother and I are going to Huntsville today. She needs to get some last minute items for her trip next week to New York and Boston. I hope we can find some good buys.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

I'm getting settled in with the new bank. I've got a lot of stuff packed and shipped. I have 6 large boxes to be shipped soon as I can find a "Superman" to help me get them to the Fed Ex drop downstairs.

I ordered some Stephen Bonanna sandals back in April and I still haven't received them yet. I took Preppy Sue's advise and contacted Vivian. She is going to check on them. I hope I don't offend Angie at The Pink Pelican. I figured the hold up is not Angie's fault. If anything is said, I will definitely apologize. I like The Pink Pelican and will continue to shop there. Angie does a great job of running it. She has even opened a new store on the other side of Huntsville. I never knew that Huntsville could have so many Lilly fans.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I am ready for this week to be over with. I'm also ready for 5:00 on Wednesday to get here. I am taking July 3 as a vacation day and of course will have the entire weekend off (I have to work at the store, but that's okay).

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Queenie is still acting crabby. I think it is just to my coworker and I. I saw her in the ladies' room. I smiled and said "hi". She just snarled and avoided eye contact. I got railroaded into setting up breakfast refreshments for a meeting on Friday. Breakfast for 50 people. If it happens again, I'll have to let my boss know that everyone thinks I'm responsible for food. I only reserve the room, if someone wants food, their department is responsible. Luckily Jason's Deli delivers.

It's thundering outside right now. It's dark outside and it is only 6:30. I hope it rains. We really need it. I hope we don't have another drought this year.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Lands' End Free Shipping Code

For Lands' End free shipping use Promotion Code: CANOE, PIN: 530553085. It expires June 26.

I just ordered 2 fine gauge cardigans: true navy and black monogrammed with red. Free shipping helped alot.

There are advantages to living alone. If someone saw me now they'd leave. I have on green gingham seersucker capri lenth pajama bottoms, pink with green polo man t-shirt, pink polo socks, navy Lacoste stretchy headband, Saucony walking shoes, and dots of Kiehl's drawing paste all over my face. I look frightful.
Today, Queenie was crabby again. When she's like that you can ask her a question and she just ignores you. My coworker and I realized that it's not just her, but all the other assistants are acting a little cool toward us. They make snarky remarks about our not having the same training that they had. NEWS FLASH! We don't do the same job so why would we need the same training. We decided that we are going to segregate ourselves from them and just go about our own business.

Today Queenie had on a brown skirt, brown vest and a candlelight stretchy lace camisole underneath the vest....and white sandals. Some of the guys are starting to roll their eyes at her, so it's not just us catty women.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Today was my first day working for the new bank. For those of you that have not been reading my blog for very long, the bank where I work was acquired by a much larger bank. I couldn't play on the new system, because I really didn't have anything to play with. I don't like to snoop into other people's accounts. Queenie acted mad at my coworker and I. We think she is jealous because we weren't required to go to a lot of training. She's always acted jealous of our position. Coworker and I work for the top executives. Queenie works for a market executive. I'm just assuming that is it, but she is always crabby on Monday. If she were a drinker, I would think she had drank all weekend and is hungover, but she rarely ever drinks.

Today, I wore a madras jacket with a khaki skirt. I got onto the elevator with this man that is always pretty crabby. He looked at me and said, "Oh!! I just love your jacket! I want a blazer like that." It sort of made me feel good, but all I could think of was Herb Tarlick in his polyester plaid jacket.(Herb Tarlick was a character on WKRP in Cincinnati).

Saturday, 21 June 2008

I only had to work for 2 1/2 hours. The air conditioning was not working so I didn't stay very long. I had a headache that would not go away. When I left, it started getting better. I drove out to the outlets. I went to the Lenox outlet. I bought several pieces of Kate Spade china. I bought 2 pink/green bread and butter plates, 2 navy rimmed salad plates, 2 navy rimmed bread and butter plates and 2 navy rimmed tea mugs. It ended up being less than $30. I then went to the RL outlet and bought 2 bundles of sneaker socks and a pink t-shirt. I got tired and came home.

This evening I went with BFF MAB to see "Jaws" at the Alabama Theatre. I just love going to the Alabama Theatre. When I was president of Women's Junior Chamber of Commerce, it was my project. We raised money to replace the worn carpets and draperies. I've seen "Jaws" many times, but only once at the theatre. It is so much better on the big screen, and MAB had never seen it "Jaws" in the theatre.

Our PBS affiliate has finally brought back "To the Manor Born". Canadian Preppy posted about this Britcom and few months ago. It is on as I type.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Who's Queenie

Some of you have asked about Queenie. She is in her mid 40's, married to a man who hasn't had a job in over 15 years. He usually brings her to work and then picks her up in the afternoon. She has a heart of gold. We call her Queenie because she thinks she is the "Queen Bee". She works for an executive. She doesn't open his mail, answer his phone or anything. When she doesn't have anything to do, she just sits there. Other secretaries have complained, but her boss defends her. She wears about a size 14 or 16, but if something runs a little small, she says that "it's suppose to fit that way". She doesn't know that sizes aren't uniform. Sometimes I think I am over critical because maybe something might not be my taste, but most of the bad things are inappropriate for work. I think she needs some guidance when she goes shopping. She wears a lot of camisole type tops. To me, only girls in their teens or early 20's can get away with those. Some of them are down right trashy looking. She's always saying that she is going to buy more professional clothes. I don't know what profession she is aiming for.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

I haven't reported on Queenie's attire lately. This week she had two bad outfit days. Monday, she had on a seafoam green sleeveless V-neck dress that was cut way too low in the front and low in the back, but not to worry, she had on a black camisole underneath. The dress was tight and clingy and showed every bump and bulge that she has. Today, she had on a short sleeve green floral dress that was also cut way too low. She had on a different black camisole and a black slip that was hanging about 5 inches below the hem in the back. The dress was also a little snug and clingy. She wore her white sneaker socks and white canvas flat mules with it. I wish I had my camera. Someone must have said something about her showing too much cleavage.

I walked over 30 minutes last night and plan on walking 30 tonight. I am so proud of myself. I hope that this will become a habit. I really need to keep it up.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Last night I walked for over 30 minutes. I was so proud of myself that I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back. If I can just keep it up. Maybe telling all of ya'll about it will make me do it.

Today wasn't quite as busy at work. I've finished up my work for the old bank and am ready to start fresh on Monday with the new bank. I'm pretending that I'm starting a new job at a new company, which is almost what I'm going to be doing. Everything is boxed up and ready to send to the corporate office. I can't wait for Friday to get here and be over with. I have to work on Saturday, but I haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do. If I get finished in time, I want to go to the outlets. I want to go to the Lennox outlet to see if they have any leftover Kate Spade china. I'll also hit Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne. I might even venture into Tommy Hilfiger (I know, it's not too preppy, but I always find a treasure there)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I have been so busy at work this week. I'm hoping that tomorrow I can get caught up. I really need to clean my desk. It is a mess. I can't find anything and I'm scared that I will lose something important.

I walked for over 20 minutes last night on the treadmill. Maybe I can walk that much or longer tonight. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I walked while watching the end of "Gossip Girl" and some of Matlock (I know, it's a dorky show). Maybe the walking will help with my weight loss. I slept so good last night. I think the walking had something to do with it.

Monday, 16 June 2008

I had a busy weekend. I worked at the store Saturday from 8:00 am until midnight. I did take a break around 2:00 to go to WalMart (oh, the horrors). Sunday, my mother and I went to church, then to lunch with my cousin, went home and changed clothes, went to the cemetary to put flowers on my father's grave and then to another cemetary to meet up with more cousins for a mini family reunion. Then we came back home and cooked dinner for my sister and brother-in-law. Every body that came by on Saturday gave us some squash and cucumbers. I will be living on baked squash and cucumbers this week. My mother and I also cooked a roast, green beans, potatoes, fried squash, baked squash, cole slaw and cornbread. We ate like pigs. Then I had to drive 2 hours back to Birmingham.

Today was very busy at work. We got new computers, plus I had other things to do. The big conversion is this weekend. Our department is being converted tonight. Our department has our own IT guy. I guess working in the Executive Department has its advantages. I thought he was just for the guys, but he is also helping the other executive secretary and I. They don't want any screw-ups in our department.

Tonight I am going to start back walking on the treadmill. I am dreading it. Maybe I can walk while I watch "Gossip Girl". I need a distraction. Wish me luck.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

In Memory Of.....

I know that many of you have already heard of the sudden death of Tim Russert of NBC News and "Meet the Press". I was always interested in what Tim had to say. He seemed to enjoy his job, and was one of the few that didn't have an ego. NBC is doing a good job of paying tribute to him. I can't think of anyone out there that can take his place.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Not much happened today. I dressed a little more casual than I should have, but the woman executive complimented me on my Lilly sweater. It made me feel good. I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow I need to finish packing up all the old subpoenas. They are supposed to be shipped next Friday. After that I don't have to worry about the subpoenas anymore. Tomorrow is my last day to have to order appraisals. (YAY!) After Tuesday, most of my duties and responsibilities will disappear. I hope that I will get new duties so that I'm not bored. I may need a few days to rest after this week and next week.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

You are not going to believe Queenie's outfit today.

black skirt with chiffon overlay hiked up 3 inches higher in the back than in the front and a black scoop neck top that showed way too much cleavage (about 3-4 inches), when she walked her breasts swayed and jiggled. She's taller than me, and when she would stand and talk to me, all I could see were her breasts. I was embarrassed for her.

What's so bad, she had been assigned the task to go to the hangar and pick up some executives from the home office. Our floor was swarming with executives today.

At least I was dressed conservatively. I even wore panty hose. Yes, I could remember how to put them on...and they were not dry rotted.

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Kappa Prep.

Post rules at the beginning of the post. Answer all the questions. Tag 6 people, go to their blog and leave a comment to inform them that they've been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you've posted your answers.

1. What were you doing ten years ago?
Believe it or not, I was in my same position at the bank, but with a different executive. I was also travelling to the Northeast and discovering my favorite vacation spots.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today?
clean house
do laundry
get caught up at work
tidy the board room and auditorium for a big meeting
make rental car reservations for my boss

3. Snacks you enjoy?
Non-diet: ice cream, candy, cookies, cheese curls, spinach dip and chips
Diet: mixed nuts, no sugar added fudgesicles

4. Places you've lived?
Huntsville, AL; Scottsboro, AL; Jacksonville, AL (college). Auburn, AL (college); and Birmingham, AL

5. What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?
Take care of my family financially
Buy a beach house on Mt. Desert Island, Maine
Travel to where ever I want to go at a moment's notice

I've noticed that almost everyone has been tagged, so I tag anyone who has not participated.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tonight I came home and watched "Mona Lisa Smile". I just love all the clothes in that movie. I know the movie is set in 1953-1954, but I say some Pendleton circa 2003 in there. One of the characters is wearing a 49er jacket just like one I bought a few years ago.

This morning I was thinking. In the movie "Legally Blonde", Warner Huntington, III talks about being descended from several senators and a brother at Yale Law who just got engaged to a Vanderbilt. His grandmother was in town from Newport. He wants a Jackie, not a Marilyn. Well, if he's so east coast, what is he doing going to CULA on the west coast? Why didn't he go to an Ivy League school? I think he is cheesy in his grey suit, black shirt, greased hair and aviators at night. Oh, and he keeps smacking that gum. I guess it's just part of the story. No one probably noticed that but me.

Monday, 9 June 2008


A friend of the family that owns a Chevron distributership said today that gasoline in going up 15% this week. Everybody may want to fill up your tanks as soon as you can. The Chevron by me went up $0.10 a gallon today. I thought I would share.
Today, I had my work caught up by 10:30. I got a lot done in that little of time. There is going to be a luncheon in the board room Wednesday. Today I went up there to tell the computer people about it so that they will be a little quieter. When I told the guy, he was panic stricken. Then he led me to the hallway and told me to look. There were boxes stacked floor to ceiling baracading the door. Plan B - I will have to go up there and direct the guests through the auditorium lobby, through the bathroom area to the board room. The caterers are going to have to do the best they can. There is no way that those boxes will be moved by Wednesday. As a matter of fact, I think it will be worse. At least these are not outside people and they will understand what is going on. Only 10 more days until our bank conversion. I am nervous, but in a way I will be glad when it's over.

Last night on WGN-Chicago, they were showing reruns of Newhart. Remember Leslie, the first maid and how preppy she was? I had forgotten about her until I saw the first episode.

Tonight is the season finale of Greek. This season didn't last very long.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

I didn't make it to The Pink Pelican. I ran out of time. I did go to Marshall's where I bought a cute madras jacket for $15. The brand is Carole Little. I'm not familiar with that brand, but it seems to be of acceptable quality. I bought more Whim at Target. I like the daisy pattern. I did buy some Lilly at Belks. I was on my way to the restroom and decided to cruise the bedding and towels. I found a Lilly neck roll on sale and then 15% off that. It didn't have a price on it so the lady let me have it for $25. I couldn't turn that down.

Did anyone else get the Vineyard Vines catalogue? I couldn't get it out of the mailbox. It's the size of some of the magazines from the 60's and 70's. Many of you don't remember Life, Look and Seventeen magazines used to be big, about 11 X 14. I'm so glad they make them smaller.

I'm going to turn in now and look at my new VV catalogue.

Have a good Monday!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is real hot here. We had a great day at the store yesterday. The best we've had in about 7 or 8 years. I think it is because people are staying in town and not going to Huntsville to restaurants and bars. Plus, there are a few convenience stores that have sold to non-Americans. In our town, you have to be an American citizen to get a license to sell alcoholic beverages. That has helped a lot with the beer sales.

I finally got everything back in the closet. I have 2 more loads of clothes to wash and I will be finished. What is taking so long is the fact that I don't dry wearing clothes in the dryer and the only place I have to dry them is on the shower rod. I can only hang so many on there at a time and it takes a good 24 hours for them to dry.

I have to go to a training class for work today. It is about 40 miles away in Huntsville. But, I get paid time and a half plus mileage. While I'm there, I'm going to The Pink Pelican to their 2 for $75 Lilly polo sale. They emailed me a coupon. I thought I would buy two different colors and let my sister pick the color that she wants. They also ordered a pair of Stephen Bonanno sandals for me about 6 weeks ago and they are still not in. Maybe they came yesterday. (I doubt it)

As I've said in the past couple of weeks, I've been on Phase I of South Beach. I weighed this morning and I have lost 4 pounds. Only 11 more to go. I'm going to stay on Phase I for a couple of more weeks and see what happens. I know I won't lose 4 more, but maybe I'll lose about 2. I'm going to try not to break my arm patting myself on the back. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. I'm not that overweight, but my father's family are all small, thin people and I have always been made to feel like the beached whale. His stepmother had anorexia. She always told me not to get too thin (like that was a problem) or I'd end up like her, but she would always make disparaging remarks about "fleshy" people. Of course, I was one of those "fleshy" people.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Guess what! They finally fixed the ceiling in my closet. Now to put everything back. It will be so nice to get the dirty clothes hamper out of the middle of the bedroom. I know that's gross. I have clothes in the rocker in the living room (clean of course), clothes in the dining room floor and clothes drying on the shower rod. I can't wait to get back to normal.

Tuesday, I locked all the doors on the 10th floor, because they are storing our new computers there. Yesterday, I went upstairs to let them put more computers in there and relocked the door. It was still locked when I went up at the end of the day. Today, I went up to get ready for a training session tomorrow and all the doors were unlocked and wide open. I even had a sign on the main doors that said "Do Not Enter". Someone had taken the sign down and laid it on the hostess stand. The only two people that have keys to the main door are the guard and me. I know I didn't unlock them so it had to be the guard. I can't believe that guy. I told security and they couldn't believe he would do that. I'll see if they are still locked in the morning.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I'm still waiting to have my ceiling fixed. I am getting a lot of laundry done, so when they get it fixed, I can put clean clothes back in there.

I got a lot done at work today. I went to the basement and emptied my file cabinet of subpoenas. I brought them back upstairs and organized them into boxes by year. I got 4 years organized. I lack 4 years being finished. I can't believe that I was so motivated to sit at a table all day long and go through them. I took my Tretorns and put them on to go to the basement. I ran into a woman that works in real estate and she about had a stroke because I had them on. It was because I could wear them and she couldn't. I should have told her that in our department we can wear what we want. She really would have stroked out then.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

They still haven't fixed the ceiling in the closet. I still have laundry to do, but I'm going to take a break from it tonight.

I started a project today at work. I am supposed to box up all of the subpoenas that we have received since the beginning of time. After they are packed, the legal department will decide the retention. Why not decide now and I can shred the years that are not kept.

I have set up a work table in front of my desk. I can't work on subpoenas in the basement. If I stay there longer than 90 seconds, my skin starts to crawl. Someone told me that many, many years ago, the city morgue was located in the basement of our building. It looks like it used to be the morgue. It also looks like somewhere where rats can find their way in, although I've never seen evidence of one. I'm wearing casual clothes and Tretorns tomorrow because I have to empty a file cabinet and bring the contents up to my area.

I finished "Such a Pretty Fat" by Jen Lancaster today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now if I can live by her words and diet and exercise myself to a thinner toned body.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Southern Belle Question

Has anyone read both "The Southern Belle Primer (Or Why Princess Margaret Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma) AND "The Southern Belle Primer (Or Why Paris Hilton Will Never Be a Kappa Kappa Gamma) by Maryln Schwartz? Are they the same book but just a different title? I have read the first one and "New Times in the Old South (Or Why Scarlett's in Therapy and Tara's Going Condo) and enjoyed both. Just wondering before I bought the Paris Hilton version.
I'm making progress with the laundry. They fixed the ceiling in the bathroom, now all they lack is the ceiling in the closet. I'll be glad to get back to normal.

Yesterday, I watched Pretty Woman for the first time in years. I forgot how much I enjoyed that movie. I also watched part of Funny Farm. I have always liked that movie. I want the LV wrist purse that Betsy, the prospective homebuyer carries. I know it is so 1986, but I like it.

Today, Queenie had on a black tank top with spangles around the neckline. She was going out of town for training. She didn't have a jacket to wear over it. How inappropriate. She does not have the body type or coloring to wear tanks.

Now to watch the recording of Gossip Girl. I know it's a rerun, but I'm addicted.