Wednesday, 5 November 2008

There's a new woman on our floor. Actually, she's been there about 6 months. She is what most decent people refer to as "trailer trash". She has dyed blonde hair. She recently had her roots touched up. The dark roots were only 3 inches long. I have to say that she dresses worse than Queenie. I don't think Queenie knows any better. Trailer Trash dresses inappropriate on purpose. Today she had on an extremely low cut blouse with either a black lacy camisole or black lacy bra showing around the cleavage (I didn't get a good look, but others did). You could almost see her big fake boobs. She replaced a classy professional looking woman. Today there were executives having a meeting in her area. I'm sure they got an eyeful. The professional looking woman thinks she was replaced with her because Trailer Trash has bigger boobs. She could be right. Trailer Trash acts clueless. My bosses' wives probably like me because I'm flat-chested and wear turtlenecks and buttoned-up blouses.

Last night, instead of watching the election returns, I watched "Rear Window". I love that movie. I want to marry L. B. Jeffries. I wish for Grace Kelly's classic looks and poise. I also would like to live in the studio apartment where the composer lives (I know it's a Hollywood set).

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