Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I have two quick questions.

Number 1:  Does anyone have a good recipe for Blondies that they will be willing to share?  I love them but have never made them.

Number 2:  For some reason, I'm sort of worried about Preppy 50 and Loving Lilly.  Has anyone heard from her?  She hasn't had a blog post in over two weeks.  She also hasn't been on Twitter.  I hope everything is okay and she is just taking a blogging break.

Have a great day!


crabbygirl said...

Sorry Tammy, I absolutely adore Blondies but I am a terrible baker. I hate to say it but I am also concerned about Preppy also. I truly hope everything is good with her and she is just busy with the holiday season. Take care!! Donna

Her preppiness said...

Thanks for your concern. I've been sick but am back now! Xoxo