Thursday, 1 December 2011

If you are like me, you are getting geared up for the holidays.  I'm almost finished with my shopping and can now get really into the spirit of the holidays.  I've been kind of holding back and have decided that starting tomorrow, I'm going to really try to get in the spirit of everything.  I don't know why I've set a date to do it, but I have.  I guess I don't want to get burned out on the holidays.  Last year, I got everything done early so that I could really do things.  I did so much, I almost burned out.  I guess last year I was so excited because I spent November and December of 2009 sitting in a chair with my broken, wired together foot propped up on an ottoman and pillow.  Thank goodness for online shopping.

I really want to do some baking, but I'm so obsessed with sticking to my diet and eating smart that I can't bring myself to bake shortbread and Queen's cake.  Maybe in a couple of weeks, I'll bake a few goodies to enjoy.  I want to bake something different this year.  I think that different thing will be blondies. I've never baked blondies before, so I am searching for a good recipe.

My supervisor is going to be in town next week.  I'm going to be spending the next few work days getting everything ready for that visit.  I hope it is a great visit.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.  Until next time....

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Miss Janice said...

I'm trying to stay away from all the fattening holiday far, I've done okay without any chocolate, but the Red Velvet cakes are calling my name!