Thursday, 26 June 2008

I'm getting settled in with the new bank. I've got a lot of stuff packed and shipped. I have 6 large boxes to be shipped soon as I can find a "Superman" to help me get them to the Fed Ex drop downstairs.

I ordered some Stephen Bonanna sandals back in April and I still haven't received them yet. I took Preppy Sue's advise and contacted Vivian. She is going to check on them. I hope I don't offend Angie at The Pink Pelican. I figured the hold up is not Angie's fault. If anything is said, I will definitely apologize. I like The Pink Pelican and will continue to shop there. Angie does a great job of running it. She has even opened a new store on the other side of Huntsville. I never knew that Huntsville could have so many Lilly fans.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I am ready for this week to be over with. I'm also ready for 5:00 on Wednesday to get here. I am taking July 3 as a vacation day and of course will have the entire weekend off (I have to work at the store, but that's okay).

Happy Friday everyone!

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Kappa Prep said...

I feel your shoe pain. When I ordered a monogram pair it took over three months to receive them!