Saturday, 21 June 2008

I only had to work for 2 1/2 hours. The air conditioning was not working so I didn't stay very long. I had a headache that would not go away. When I left, it started getting better. I drove out to the outlets. I went to the Lenox outlet. I bought several pieces of Kate Spade china. I bought 2 pink/green bread and butter plates, 2 navy rimmed salad plates, 2 navy rimmed bread and butter plates and 2 navy rimmed tea mugs. It ended up being less than $30. I then went to the RL outlet and bought 2 bundles of sneaker socks and a pink t-shirt. I got tired and came home.

This evening I went with BFF MAB to see "Jaws" at the Alabama Theatre. I just love going to the Alabama Theatre. When I was president of Women's Junior Chamber of Commerce, it was my project. We raised money to replace the worn carpets and draperies. I've seen "Jaws" many times, but only once at the theatre. It is so much better on the big screen, and MAB had never seen it "Jaws" in the theatre.

Our PBS affiliate has finally brought back "To the Manor Born". Canadian Preppy posted about this Britcom and few months ago. It is on as I type.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

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Kappa Prep said...

Your plates sound so cute! Lucky you to have such amazing luck!