Thursday, 19 June 2008

I haven't reported on Queenie's attire lately. This week she had two bad outfit days. Monday, she had on a seafoam green sleeveless V-neck dress that was cut way too low in the front and low in the back, but not to worry, she had on a black camisole underneath. The dress was tight and clingy and showed every bump and bulge that she has. Today, she had on a short sleeve green floral dress that was also cut way too low. She had on a different black camisole and a black slip that was hanging about 5 inches below the hem in the back. The dress was also a little snug and clingy. She wore her white sneaker socks and white canvas flat mules with it. I wish I had my camera. Someone must have said something about her showing too much cleavage.

I walked over 30 minutes last night and plan on walking 30 tonight. I am so proud of myself. I hope that this will become a habit. I really need to keep it up.


Preppy Engineer said...

How old is this Queenie? Someon really needs to talk ot her!

Anonymous said...

LOL..the worst part are the socks with the flats. I'm curious...why do you call her Queenie?