Saturday, 7 June 2008

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is real hot here. We had a great day at the store yesterday. The best we've had in about 7 or 8 years. I think it is because people are staying in town and not going to Huntsville to restaurants and bars. Plus, there are a few convenience stores that have sold to non-Americans. In our town, you have to be an American citizen to get a license to sell alcoholic beverages. That has helped a lot with the beer sales.

I finally got everything back in the closet. I have 2 more loads of clothes to wash and I will be finished. What is taking so long is the fact that I don't dry wearing clothes in the dryer and the only place I have to dry them is on the shower rod. I can only hang so many on there at a time and it takes a good 24 hours for them to dry.

I have to go to a training class for work today. It is about 40 miles away in Huntsville. But, I get paid time and a half plus mileage. While I'm there, I'm going to The Pink Pelican to their 2 for $75 Lilly polo sale. They emailed me a coupon. I thought I would buy two different colors and let my sister pick the color that she wants. They also ordered a pair of Stephen Bonanno sandals for me about 6 weeks ago and they are still not in. Maybe they came yesterday. (I doubt it)

As I've said in the past couple of weeks, I've been on Phase I of South Beach. I weighed this morning and I have lost 4 pounds. Only 11 more to go. I'm going to stay on Phase I for a couple of more weeks and see what happens. I know I won't lose 4 more, but maybe I'll lose about 2. I'm going to try not to break my arm patting myself on the back. I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. I'm not that overweight, but my father's family are all small, thin people and I have always been made to feel like the beached whale. His stepmother had anorexia. She always told me not to get too thin (like that was a problem) or I'd end up like her, but she would always make disparaging remarks about "fleshy" people. Of course, I was one of those "fleshy" people.


hicktowndiva said...

Congrats on the weight loss, Tammy! And post about what you get at the Pink Pelican...I need to drop by there the next time I am in Huntsville. I live about an hour away in Sewanee, TN.

Anonymous said...

It is also really hot here in the great Midwest, and we're having the usual thunderstorms. Ugh!
Congrats on the South Beach success! Good for you! I know how difficult that can be. (We *so* hear the pain over weight issues your entire adult life.)
Hopefully you had a wonderful trip to Huntsville and can maybe celebrate getting everything back in the closet by putting a new Lilly polo in there as well!
Just wanted to say 'hi' again - it is good to get caught up on the blog!
May it be a splendid Sunday!

Kate said...

Congrats on the weight loss :)

I really hope Marshalls or TJ Maxx have Lilly polos when I get back! I need a new one so bad ;)