Sunday, 7 March 2010

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was fairly busy this weekend.

Friday night, I drove to my mother's house. She almost had dinner on the table when I got there. Isn't that a nice Mama?

Saturday morning I took all of my tax stuff to the accountant. After that, my mother and I drove to Huntsville to do some shopping. We really didn't need anything, but it was such a nice day that we wanted to get out and go somewhere. We went to Belk's and Dillard's to look for dresses. We didn't have any luck at all. I bought makeup, a bath mat, Blue Willow pagoda salt and pepper shakers and a Blue Willow night light. I walked from one end of the mall and back. It was tiring, but very beneficial. When I got back home, I just sat around and read.

Sunday, we played hooky from Church and went with a friend to the Cracker Barrel to eat breakfast. Then we drove the long way home and looked at the scenery. When we got home, we walked to my sister's house and got her 2 year old foster son and took him to the playground to play for about 30 minutes. He had a blast. He ran, played and then my mother pushed him on the swings. He almost started crying when it was time to go home. It was good for all of us to get out and walk in the fresh air.

I was home bound for 9 weeks and then when I could get out, the weather turned bad. This was the first pretty weekend since I have been able to walk. It was nice to go shopping and then go for a walk. I just wish next weekend would be just as nice.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.

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Preppy 101 said...

It definitely was good to see the sun!!