Friday, 22 July 2011

Update on my AT&T problem.  I called on Tuesday and was on hold for over an hour and a half and talked to 6 people.  Finally, I got Valerie who told me that she could solve my problem.  She found the problem and told me that everything should be fixed by Friday, which is today.  I got a call at work from someone who said that the problem was fixed and the ticket would be closed.  When I got home, I had no telephone service.  I went online and chatted with someone who told me that I should have service after 8:00 pm.  He told me to plug my phone into the router and call a 877 number and follow the prompts.  I did.  I didn't call the 877 number because I had no phone service.  I went online again and chatted with "Allen" and he told me that it looked like I should have service.  He told me to call the Sales Department and gave me their hours.  I asked him how I could call when I didn't have telephone service.  I wasn't going to use my cell phone minutes when it is their fault.  I guess I will have no choice but to call them tomorrow morning. 

BFF MAB is supposed to come over tomorrow.  I guess I need to email her and tell her that we will have to communicate via email or cell phone.  I don't like to use my cell phone.  I share hours with my sister and she uses most of them.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday.  If you have to go out in the heat, please be careful and don't get overheated.

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