Sunday, 31 July 2011

Where has the time gone?  I didn't realize that I have not posted since last Sunday. 

This week, I received my Kensington sleigh bed and dresser from Pottery Barn.  I didn't have high expectations, but was pleasantly surprised.  I really like my new bed and dresser.   I am so glad that all of the installations and deliveries are complete. 

This weekend, I went to my mother's house.  Friday night, my brother-in-law called us to come sit with their 3 year old while he took my sister to the ER.  She had a migraine and could not keep her medicine down.  I know...TMI.  He wanted to ride in the "big twuck".  He had to settle for my mother's car.  We went to Sonic for ice cream and then to my cousin's house.  We didn't stay long because the sugar from the ice cream kicked in.  On the way home, we noticed that the doors were open at the fire station.  We pulled in the parking lot to let him look at the fire truck.  A fireman came out and told us to park the car and come in.  They let him sit in the seat and pretend to drive.  They also turned on all of the blinking lights.  He really enjoyed it.  My sister got a shot and is much better now.

Saturday, we went to Huntsville.  Since this week is my mother's and my birthday week, we bought each other a present.  I bought her two pairs of capris and three tops at Belk's on sale.  She bought me the 3 bowl set of coupe serving bowls from Pottery Barn.   I went to Dillard's and purchased a few items of Kiehl's.  After a stop at the Pink Pelican to get my new Lilly Pulitzer planner, we went to the Fresh Market and Publix.  On the way home, we stopped at GiGi's for cupcakes.  My mother got the Coconut Ball and I got Scarlett's Red Velvet.  YUM!!!

Today, we just sat around and relaxed.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Have a great Monday!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How fun to celebrate your birthday with your mom. The cupcakes sound wonderful and how smart to get your treat without too much left over temptation.

Vanesa said...

Wonderful, very interesting post, thanks.

Preppy Engineer said...

By the way, the Jillian Michaels website is on sale again. I believe it is on Gilt City and it is $69 for a whole year.