Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I noticed on my live traffic feed that several people have been to my blog to read the 100+ Preppy Things compiled by the readers of Preppy Cafe.  Isn't it a wonderful post?  I do wish Elizabeth was still blogging.  She did a great job at Preppy Cafe.  I believe that she was the original preppy blogger.  Look what she started.

I've made it through two days on my diet and have done very well.  I just need to keep it up so that I can get back into my old clothes.   Plus, I need to take care of myself by eating right. 

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday.


Wendy said...

Oh wow! I haven't heard anyone mention Elizabeth and the Preppy Cafe in a very long time! I loved her blog too and miss it as well. Thanks for stopping by Madras 'n Pearls. Check back often for continued inspiration for 2012 changes.

Anonymous said...
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