Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sometimes I feel so catty talking about my coworker, Queenie, but she sits right in my face every day.  She is a piece of work.  At one time, she was the executive assistant to the "City President" of our bank, but she never did anything, but just sit there.  Occasionally, she would do a two minute chore for a customer.  Now that she is looking for a job, she is all over the executive assistant positions that are out there.  She has never taken minutes, coordinated meetings, made travel arrangements, etc.  Every time she posts for an EA job, she says, "It sounds more like you."  At least she admits that I did all of the things that I mentioned earlier.  What really irks me is that she always tells people that she was the "President's assistant".  It makes me feel like when I tell people that I was the "President's assistant", which I was, I'm lying.  What's so funny is that I think in her own little fantasy world that she has no clue that my boss was the President and CEO of the bank. 

Another strike that she has against her is her attire.  I hate to point it out to her, because I would never in a million years do anything to hurt her feelings.  She wears a lot of satin.  She'll wear a satin blouse with a pair of pants.  Most of the time, she will wear some kind of satin shell or tank top-like top.  They look like some sort of lingerie.  Queenie's not young, she's 50.  And, she is a full figured woman.  You would think that she would know better by now.  BFF MAB says that she dresses like Ugly Betty.  That is a good description.

Now that we have been displaced, she is drooling over her severance.  She says that she wants to just leave when her time is up and get her severance.  I'm not a risk taker.  I'm looking for a job internally.  What is so weird about her wanting to leave is that she keeps posting for internal jobs and complains because of the lack of them.  Go figure.  She has gotten a call about a job at another bank, but took herself out of the running because she wants to stay and get her severance.

I hate to harp about it, but I have to put up with this day in and day out.  I'm hoping that a position that I will enjoy comes along and I can get away from her.  Don't get me wrong, she is a nice person, sometimes too nice, but she lives in her fantasy world and does not understand normal things that happen.  I may have more Queenie stories as the months go by.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. 


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Good luck with your job search. We have a "Queenie" at work too----in fact, wherever you go.....there will be a "Queenie" (sorry to say) --- but there are different levels....some are more of a "royal pain" than others!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I think every office has a Queenie. I quit my job in DC because of mine. I just couldn't take it any more. But mine was less nice and more about taking credit for everything she didn't do. You are totally going to find something bigger and better!

Donna said...

The Queenies of the workforce are why I enjoy my retirement. Good luck to you...I hope you find a good position.