Friday, 19 September 2008

Thursday morning, Queenie came over to me and asked if it was allright if she ate the leftover bag of potato chips that came from Jason's Deli. I told her to go ahead that they were for whoever wanted them. She said that she was giving up sugar but she was hungry and needed something. When the day's training was over, she asked if there were any leftover cookies. I don't know where she thought the leftover cookies were coming from. I ordered box lunches and each one has its own cookie. As a matter of fact, some of the extra box lunches were missing a cookie. I think the attendees were going through them stealing the cookies. I can't say anything, I did the same. Then, she told me that she bought a box of chocolate covered doughnuts and ate some for breakfast. She's giving up sugar...don't chocolate covered doughnuts have sugar in them? Maybe it's today that's she's giving up sugar. She had on black pants, white tee and another black menswear vest.