Monday, 22 September 2008

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. My mother and I cooked dinner for her. We cooked this delicious chicken. Everyone enjoyed it. It is so easy. You take skinless, boneless chicken breasts, coat well with soft butter and roll in potato chips (you don't need to salt the chicken at all). Place on a baking dish and bake for about 45 minutes or until done. To go with it, we cooked mashed potatoes, mac & cheese (it's a vegetable in the South) and green peas. My sister's foster son requested a banana pudding for dessert and my mother did not have to have her arm twisted to make one. It was back on the diet today.

Queenie's outfit today was something else. She had on a black and beige printed skirt that was too tight, a black tank top with her stark white bra straps showing and a white eyelet belt over the tank top. I think the belt goes with a dress. It has holes and a buckle. Sometimes, I don't know what she's thinking when she puts her outfits together.

Gotta go. It's almost time for Gossip Girl and after that is Two and a Half Men.


Kappa Prep said...

What did you end up giving your sister?!The dinner sounds, yum, yum, yummy!!

Tammy B said...

I gave her an IOU for a shopping trip. She needs jeans and pants and I want her to try them on.

hicktowndiva said...

Oh, that chicken sounds so good!