Monday, 20 July 2009

I remember 40 years ago, we were sitting in our den in our house in Huntsville, Alabama, aka "The Rocket City", watching man walk on the moon. It was on TV all day long. They were showing simulations that were filmed right there in Huntsville. My father knew Dr. Wehrner von Braun and several of his rocket team. They were great men. They turned a one horse town into a major player in the space race. If it weren't for them, many people would be picking cotton for a living rather than being engineers.

As of today, I have been on South Beach Phase I for eleven days. I am feeling so much better. My clothes are fitting better. If I can only last for 10 more days. Then I'll begin Phase II.

My big interviews are tomorrow. I have one at 11:00 and another at 11:30. Wish me luck. I really want one of these positions. I'm afraid since I'm so excited, I won't get either of the jobs. At least I'm giving it a good try. I'm not telling anyone from work, except my former bosses. They know the guys that I'm interviewing with and have made calls. I hope they help.

I hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

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Shell said...

Good luck with your interviews. Fingers are crossed that they will go well.