Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My mother, her friends and I had fun shopping yesterday. I intended on buying things for work, but I ended up with 2 pairs of capris (one blue/white seersucker and one green with pink flamingos), 3 pairs of LL Bean chino shorts, a navy polo, a black and white dress and 2 pairs of Lee chinos (stone and olive). All of that ended up costing me $111. My mother bought lots of things. She bought work clothes, church clothes and clothes for fall.

Today was fairly lonely at work. Queenie had on a black and tan skirt that was a little snug and a black square neck tank top that showed a lot of the sisters. I couldn't look at her. All I could see was cleavage.

All I have to say about the Steve McNair story is, "What was he thinking?" My heart goes out to his wife and four kids. So sad and senseless.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

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Bargain shopper! Share some photos of your finds!