Saturday, 18 September 2010

As I said the other day, my class reunion was yesterday. Class reunions are always held the weekend of homecoming on the anniversary of our last homecoming in high school. The festivities started out with a parade. The classes from each 5 years beginning with 1961 have a float. All four classes at the high school have a float. I saw floats with pee wee football players (future Wildcats) along with their cheerleaders. The parade started at 2:45. I did not get into town until 1:45. I had to run by my mother's house real quick. It took me forever to get there. The traffic was horrible for this small town. School let out at 1:30, so I got in school traffic. I got to the parade line up about 2:00. We sat on bails of hay lined up on a flat bed pulled by a truck. There were people lined up and down the streets. Everybody brings candy to throw to the kids. After the parade, our class all headed to a local restaurant for a party. They had a buffet of appetizers, wine, beer, iced tea and water. The food was good. My college roommate, her husband and I stayed and had dinner. It was so nice to visit with everyone. Tonight, two of our classmates that now live in Chicago are having a party. They have rented a cabin at a local recreational resort and have invited everyone there. A couple of classmates are taking care of the food, one is taking care of paper products and I am in charge of soft drinks. If anyone wants anything else, they are on their own. When the food runs out, we can call for a pizza.

My mother has been out of town on a New England/St. John/Halifax cruise. She is supposed to be back tonight. My sister has been baby sitting Bo this week. I went and got him this morning. He is so glad to be home where it is nice and quiet. He needs a bath in the worst way. I guess it will have to wait. He hates getting a bath and I can't do it by myself. He tries to escape.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday.

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I hope you're having a great weekend at your reunion!