Saturday, 13 November 2010

Today has been a busy day.

First of all, I got up late, which was not my intention. I guess I needed the sleep. My mother and I got out and ran some errands. After our errands, we went and got one of my sister's foster children and took him to see the fire trucks at the fire station. He had a blast. The fireman let him sit in the seat and pretend to drive.

This afternoon, we went to Walmart and bought a few things for Thanksgiving. We will fill in with other things from Publix and The Fresh Market.

After we got home, we settled in and watched the Auburn-Georgia game. I was nervous for awhile, but then Auburn went ahead enough that I was comfortable that they would win. And win they did. In two weeks, Auburn will play Alabama in the Iron Bowl. Hopefully, Auburn will win. After the Iron Bowl, they will play either Florida or South Carolina for the SEC championship. If the controversy around Cam Newton subsides, maybe he will win the Heisman Trophy. If he wins, he will be the third Heisman winner from Auburn. The other two were Pat Sullivan and Bo Jackson. War Eagle!!

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

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