Saturday, 29 January 2011

Everything went well on Thursday. I had two meetings that I had to play hostess. Both went perfect.

After work on Thursday evening, I stopped by Gus Mayer to try on a pair of Revas. I found the size that fit perfectly. I forgot that they close at 6:00. I realized it at about 30 seconds til. Then I went to Z Gallerie. I have a gift card that I need to spend. I didn't see anything that I wanted. I may have to cruise the store again.

Dinner at my boss's house went great. His wife prepared two kinds of soup, chili and a chicken type soup from Barefoot Contessa. To go with the soups, she prepared a big salad and some cheese biscuits. For dessert, she had baked Heath bar cookies and chocolate Heath bar tarts. The tarts were similar to chocolate pecan pie, but instead of pecans, she used Heath bars. Everything was perfect.

Yesterday, Queenie and I were the only two at work. We were caught up early and used the remainder of the day to relax. I typed the By-Laws of my ladies club. It is good to have that behind me. For lunch, I went to the Culinard Cafe and got the salad trio. It was good, except I spied some dark meat in the chicken salad. I thought that was against the law in the South. I felt like I needed a treat, so I bought an M&M cookie. Everything there is fresh and homemade. YUM! Since it was a day to relax, I wore a pair of khaki twill pants, pink turtleneck and navy birdseye cardigan. All were from LL Bean. I wore my pearls and a pair of Ralph Lauren antique looking silver hoops. Since no one was there, I wore my white leather Tretorns and a pair of Polo socks.

I left work early and drove to my mother's house. We decided to eat dinner at the Huddle House. We were both craving waffles, so we ordered waffles and sausage. It hit the spot!

Today, we have been doing a few chores and relaxing. Later, we have to go grocery shopping. We are both out of everything.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the weekend. It is sunny and in the 60's here. I hope you are having better weather than in the past few weeks.

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