Thursday, 14 February 2008

Queenie was back at work today complaining about how sick she was yesterday. She said that she had to have her tonsils scraped. (?) She was laughing and talking all day long. Wow! What a miraculous recovery. She brought brownies. Who would want to eat food brought by someone who was sick? Ya'll probably think I am so catty, but she drives my coworkers and I crazy. Her boss's think she is great and wonderful. She is probably the most protected person at work. My boss even jumps on the catty comment bandwagon. Whenever I mention her name, he just rolls his eyes. I have a cobb salad from Newk's. As soon as I finish reading your blogs, I am going to eat it, drink a diet peach tea Snapple and finish watching this week's installment of "Pride and Prejudice" that is on PBS. Don't you just love Colin Firth?!?! He is the perfect Mr. Darcy.


Linney Shvede said...

Thanks for visiting!

yes, Colin Firth,
no, diet peach

Mom on the Run said...

I'm still waiting for that version of P&P to grow on me. I love the movie that came out a couple of years ago. Matthew Macfadyen...whoa baby.

Tammy B said...

I think that I may be the only person that likes diet peach tea snapple. Maybe it's a southern thing.