Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Sorry that I haven't posted since Thursday. I have been rather busy. As I said in an earlier post, my mother has taken over my father's liquor store since he passed away two years ago. She decided to get new tile on the floor. Every time she would start to plan to have it installed, a beer holiday would come up. She decided that this past weekend would be the weekend. There is so much stuff in the store. We moved and moved and moved and it is still cluttered. We had a mess. The guy that laid the tile was supposed to have a helper, but the helper never showed. He had to do the work all by himself. He is still not finished. We were without a computer since Sunday. It is going to look great when he does get finished. The tile is beige porcelin and will have chocolate brown grout. I don't like beige, but it is a good neutral color. In a couple of weeks, he is going to lay carpet in the liquor section. Then we will have an entirely new store. We have been wanting it not to look like a "common beer store". We wanted to make it attractive to the "new rich" who are building in the lakeside subdivision behind the store. I hope these people who paid way too much for their lots drink like fishes and smoke like freight trains. Right now we have about the best selection of imported beer in town, but hometown is more of a Budwiser and cheap vodka kind of town. We sell a lot of Boone's Farm. While attracting the better customers, we don't want to alienate the ones that think Boone's Farm and Mogan David are fine wines. Oh, and we do sell our fair share of MD 20/20, more commonly known as "Mad Dog" (see the book "Tipsy in Madras" for an explanation)

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