Sunday, 9 August 2009

What a weekend! My mother is having the floors in her bathrooms replaced. One is finished, but the other one is a major project. It is a half bath that connects to a laundry room which contains not only the washer and dryer, but the heat/ac unit and the water heater. They had to remove everything. She is without AC and hot water. The guy that is doing the floor has been taking his time. I went up there this weekend. The AC was supposed to be reinstalled Friday, but they called her and said it would be Monday. I thought "No problem, we'll stay with my sister." She's homeless also. She is having her hardwood floors refinished and everything that she owned was in the living room. She lives in a very old house. When they started to work in the small bathroom, they noticed problems with the floor. It was about to fall in and needs to be replaced. There's a big hole where the bathroom used to be. She also decided to knock out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. The wall contained a built in hutch and cabinet. Everything that was in it was boxed up and stacked everywhere. I told her that her house looked like "Grey Gardens". It's a good thing that they have fast carpenters that work all day, because she is hosting a 50th wedding anniversary party for her in-laws at her house in two weeks. We ended up staying with my cousin.

Yesterday, my mother and I went to Huntsville to pick up a few things. I needed a couple of things from Sam's and she needed Clinique. While at Belk's, I bought a kelly green Lacoste that was on sale and then 50% off. Then we rushed home to go to a BBQ dinner that was a fundraiser for a family at church. A young couple at church has a three year old boy that is a little doll. A few weeks ago, they found a small knot at the back of his tongue. At first the doctors said it was okay, but they wanted to remove it so that it did not get on the little boy's nerves. They looked at it again and determined that it was malignant. When they went to remove it, it was larger than they thought. The little boy is going to have to go to St. Jude's to take chemo and radiation to shrink it so that they can remove it. There is another young couple at church that went through the same thing last year. They organized a BBQ fundraiser for this family. The tickets were $10 each. When my mother went to purchase our tickets, they were sold out. My cousin gave a large donation and was given 10 tickets. He gave my mother and I four tickets. We invited my cousin and a friend to go with us. We made another donation at the door. We found out that they sold 700 tickets. As of this morning, the amount raised was $9,500. After church, they auctioned off the leftover BBQ. We figured that they raised $10,000. I think that is great. The young family is very appreciative. They are going to miss work, have to travel 5 hours to Memphis, plus they will have to pay for meals. The money will help out tremendously. The couple that organized this also hosted a fundraiser for a foundation at Children's Hospital that helps patient's families with bills and expenses. This couple is an asset to the community.

Today, my feet have been swollen all day. I think it is this heat. It has been miserable outside.

I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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