Saturday, 10 October 2009

Today is such a dreary day. It rained really hard last night and now it is cloudy and dark, but it's not

I drove up to my mother's house last night (in the rain), but she's not here. She's in Cape Cod. I talked to her, and she is having a fun time. She has been planning this trip for months. I was going to wash a bedspread and comforter today and hang them on the clothesline, but I'm not sure about the weather. Maybe tomorrow. Don't you just love to hang your bed linens on the clothesline to dry? They smell so fresh and crisp.

I didn't realize until this morning that I haven't written a post since Wednesday. I know everyone is waiting anxiously as to what preppy attire I have worn. Thursday, I wore a Susan Bristol black/white mini houndstooth skirt, a Talbot's cotton mock sweater, silver monogrammed pendant, silver/black earrings, and Talbot's Mary Jane style flats. You know that skirt is several years old. Do they even make Susan Bristol anymore? Years ago, I used to love almost everything that Susan Bristol made. It sort of reminds me of Eagle's Eye. Friday, I wore my trusty LL Bean khakis and a Talbot's navy with white polka dot 3/4 sleeve sweater, pearls and gold shell earrings. This morning, I still have on my pj's. I'll decide what to wear when I decide what I'm going to do.

I'm sort of bored. I think I'll call my sister and see what she and her foster son are going to do today. I hate to get him out in the weather, but she probably needs an outing. She's been tied down to him for about a month now. She mentioned that Stein-Mart was having a sale. Maybe the three of us can go to Huntsville later. Maybe my brother-in-law and their other foster son wants to go and we can make it a family outing. I may call her right now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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