Saturday, 27 February 2010

I have recovered from the fire alarm. I have a plan just in case it happens again. There are some carpeted stairs that go from the 2nd floor to the lobby. They are steep, but if I can't walk down them, I can always sit down and scoot. I can scoot faster than most people can walk. I got plenty of practice when I couldn't put any weight on my foot. Someone asked if I still use crutches. I've been off of my crutches for a little over a month. I walk pretty good, but I still limp occasionally. When I first stand up, my legs are stiff. After a few steps, they loosen up.

I resisted the kelly green Kate Spade wallet. When I was in Belk's on Thursday, I went over to the Kate Spade area to see if they had one like it. They had a hot pink one. I examined it, and it was exactly what I like. But...I resisted. In a way, I am proud of myself and in a way, I want to kick myself for not buying it. Maybe it will go on sale again.

My living room has been cluttered with all of the stuff that I brought back from my mother's house. I would have done something with it, but I didn't know what. This morning, after my Cheerios, I tackled it. I found a home for everything. Not only that, but I got a lot of other things organized. The main problem has been that back in October, I was going to do some cleaning on a Wednesday. I broke my foot the day before. It never got done. Things sat for three months. I came home overnight in November to get some clothes and things. My mother tidied up some, but not much. When I came back, my mother did some cleaning like dusting, vacuuming, etc., but didn't organize anything. The reason being is that neither of us knew what to do with things. The problem is solved now. I feel so much better about the place. My bedroom is my next project. Three fourths of the room is organized and tidy, the other fourth is cluttered. I will get it done slowly but surely. It is hard for me to do too much right now. My coordination is still off a little bit.

Now that I've got my cleaning finished, I'm going to spend the remainder of the afternoon reading magazines and watching TV. I've been keeping up with the earthquake in Chili and the possible tsunami. How tragic. The bank that I work for has a clean water fund that gives money to organizations that insures that residents effected by disasters have clean water. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out about it. It bothered me that the residents of Haiti didn't have access to clean water. I wrote a check immediately to donate.

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of your Saturday.

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Preppy 101 said...

It feels so great to get things put away and organized! Have a great day! xoxo