Thursday, 4 February 2010

My laptop has not been working lately. I called Dell and they said I needed a new hard drive. I got the hard drive yesterday and it is now installed. I'm back in business. If only I could get my Norton anti-virus back on here. I called Norton last night and held for over 45 minutes. I finally hung up so that I could go to bed. Maybe I can get that taken care of tonight. If anybody knows how I reinstall Norton, let me know. I have my key #.

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day at work. I hope today is just as quiet.

I hope everyone has a good Thursday.


Suburban Princess said...

Man I hate dealing with dell! Their answer is always 'you need a new hard drive' or 'you need a new motherboard'!

lepetitprep said...

After dealing with horrendous laptops at my school from Dell, I am about to write the technology director "Just get MACS... we would never have these problems." I love my Macs... :)