Sunday, 21 February 2010

This has been a busy weekend. I'm ready for a rest.

Friday night, I went to visitation for my sister's mother-in-law. The visitation was from 6:00 until 8:00. I got there at 6:02 and they were lined up out of the room, down the hall and wrapped around the lobby. After I hugged the family, I went out and sat down. We ended up staying until about 8:20. It was a good thing that we stayed, because it was hard for me to walk. When I got home, my foot was swollen.

Saturday, we got up real early and cooked food for after the funeral. We then got ready and went and got my brother-in-law's aunt. She doesn't drive. We grabbed a snack and went to the funeral, graveside and then food afterwards. By the time we got home it was almost 4:00. Then we had to get ready to go eat with our supper club. I have to tell you a funny story during the funeral. The minister was telling about how she never questioned God or anything that happened to her. For example, one day the family was with her and they were almost crying. The doctor came in and told her that he had some bad news. When he told her that she was going to have to have her leg amputated, she just looked at him and said, "Shit happens." I couldn't believe that he told that story in church. Everyone started laughing.

Today, we go to church and then out to lunch. We have been invited to eat dinner tonight with the couple that bought my father's store. They are originally from India and they are preparing bryani for us. I've never eaten Indian food, but here's my chance. They are such nice people and have tried to assimilate themselves into our culture.

Tomorrow, I have to go to Huntsville to the doctor. The lady who bought the store is going with us. She has an appointment at the same time as me. Then we go run some errands and back home.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday. It is sunny and warm here.

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Suburban Princess said...

You have never had Indian food!?!? OMG! I love it! Biryani is soooo yummy! I cant wait to hear what you think of it!