Sunday, 11 July 2010

Today, for the first time since October 19, I wore a shoe other than a sneaker. I wore a pair of Jack Rogers sandals to Church this morning. At first, they were a little bit uncomfortable, but they got better. I was so proud of myself. I'm still going to wear my sneakers to work and for casual wear, but I may try to wear normal shoes to Church, weddings, etc. I have set a goal of October 1 to start wearing normal shoes. Now when October 1 gets here, I will already be accustomed to wearing normal shoes.

My mother and I encountered so many rude people this weekend. Yesterday, we went to a local restaurant for lunch. The woman at the next table stood right behind my mother and talked very loudly to everyone that she saw that she knew. My mother said that she could barely hear herself think. Then, I turned my head to the left, and there was some woman's rear end right in my face. Then today, we went to another restaurant for lunch after Church. There was a large party of young adults and children sitting on the bench waiting to be seated. Not one of them got up to let any older adults sit down while they wait. I can't believe people's manners nowadays. There are so many people out there that think they are the center of the universe. You would have thought that their parents would have taught them a few manners.

I hope everyone has a good Monday.


The Preppy Princess said...

Good for you on wearing your Jack Rogers for church, that is great! It's been a long road Miss PC&T, you have really been a pillar of determination.

sending you a smile,

Miss Janice said...

Don't get me started on the way people act in public. I have to pretend I just don't see it all:)

crabbygirl said...

OMG!! I could have written this post myself. So many people choose to act so rudely it is truly crazy. I am so tired of being run into and nothing, no apology, nothing. I hate hearing people's personal conversations on cell phones at the grocery store and then being rammed by their cart because they cannot shop and talk at the same time. P.S. Congrats on the Jack Rogers!!!