Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Today, I had to go to the post office to get the mail. I was not a happy camper. The mail guy was out, his back up was out, so that left me. We have three boxes at the post office. After I check the boxes, I have to drive around to the loading dock and walk up the ramp and into a big room and get more mail. Then, I have to get into the car and drive about 3 miles to another location and get the street mail. I have to walk up a long ramp to get in and then walk back down while pushing a big cart. Walking up and down the ramps is still very uncomfortable for my foot. After I get back, I have to sort the mail and notify everyone that the mail is here. By the end of the day, two departments still had not retrieved their mail. Not my problem. I hope everyone is at work tomorrow.

I have several items that I purchased from Burberry years ago that I just love. I really haven't bought any Burberry since it became a little bit trendy. I think I want a Burberry quilted jacket for fall. I thought about looking at the outlet while I'm in Williamsburg. I consider my older Burberry items classics, but some of the stuff in the outlets looks a little trendy, plus it looks like it was manufactured just for the outlets. What is your opinion of the brand and what is in the outlet?
I hope everyone has a good Thursday.

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Miss Janice said...

Lord have mercy, I guess you didn't like all that walking! Poor thing:) I love Burberry...I love the Burberry plaid. I don't have that many pieces...flip flops, a tote bag, the jacket, wool scarf, silk scarb, cap, scrunchie, headbad--hmmmmmmm, and oh, my signature cologne is Burberry! The outlet in Sawgrass Mills in South Florida is okay, just okay.