Saturday, 17 July 2010

The work week is finally over. I had to drive in the rain to get to my mother's house. When I got 20 miles away, she called and told me to be very careful that there were trees down. I didn't see any trees down until I turned onto her street. When we went to eat, we say police and power company trucks on the next street. We found out that a huge tree had fallen. My sister and brother-in-law had taken the kids to Noccalula Falls for the afternoon. Their oldest texted them and said the town was destroyed. Apparently, he's at that age where he likes some drama. She was worried about my mother and me and tried to contact us. She thought we had floated away. Teenagers and their drama!

Today, we have to go to a wedding. A close friend's daughter is getting married. After that, we are heading to Huntsville. We are out of everything that we normally buy at Sam's. That will be our first stop.

I am trying to wean myself off of the medication that the orthopedic surgeon prescribed for my foot. He prescribed meloxicam, an arthritis medication. I feel like it is not necessary for me to take it any longer. It has been 9 months since I broke my foot, and I am ready to be back to normal. I never thought it would take so long. I thought that after 3 months, I would be normal. Boy, was I wrong.

I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Try to stay cool.

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Suburban Princess said...

Have fun at the wedding!