Thursday, 21 April 2011

I haven't posted this week.  I forgot and left my wireless router at my mother's house.  I have been using my old computer.  It is sooooo slow.  I finally cleaned out a few files, so now it is a little faster. 

My sister's father-in-law's funeral went well.  It was sad, but nice.  A grandson did a fantastic job with the eulogy.  The music was great also.

This week, I have been busy running around getting ready for Easter.  I was going to get things done last weekend, but the funeral plans took up two days.  My sister and I are going to take her 19 month old to an Easter egg hunt at the Church.  He has to provide 24 filled plastic eggs.  I got the supplies at Target.  My sister reminded me that we can't have chocolate because it is going to be warm Saturday.  I hope he has fun.  I know we will.  It will be fun watching the children, especially the little ones.

I will finally be able to wear my sandals Monday.  I didn't wear them last summer because I was still recovering from a broken foot.  I spent the summer in Tretorns.  I even wore them with nice dresses.  I did wear my sandals to a wedding, but they came off as soon as the ceremony was over. I've tried to walk around in them and am doing fine.  Can't wait to shed the loafers for a few months.  When I lose a few more pounds, I will be able to get into my Lilly shifts.  They fit okay now, but I would rather them be a little bit looser.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.

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