Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I don't know if I have ever mentioned it, but I grew up in Huntsville, AL a/k/a "The Rocket City". It was called that because NASA headquarters was/is in Huntsville. Although I don't get into a lot of the science of space, I have always been fascinated by it. When my father sold men's clothes, the late Dr. Wehner Von Braun was one of his good customers. My father said that he was one of the nicest men that he ever met. He could talk about any subject no matter how everyday it was. Even though he developed the V2 Rocket for Hitler, he did a lot for Huntsville. I always heard he was a very fair employer. He referred to the workers as a team. One of the customers at the store is the son of the first POW/Rocket Scientist that was taken in Germany. He knows that people hated the Germans but he doesn't care. I grew up around them so I was always sort of oblivious as to their background. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the United States launching a rocket into space. For the past 10 days, Huntsville has had a lot of activities commemorating this and I have been trying to follow it in the news. Last night, the daughter of the main designer of the Sputnik rocket spoke at an event. Tomorrow night there is a gala at the Space and Rocket Center. There was a picture on of the tables set underneath a real Saturn V rocket. How cool would that be to eat under a rocket...and they've even cleaned off the rust.

I feel like one big wardrobe malfunction. Tonight when I got home, I got my pink cashmere turtleneck out of the closet so I could wear it to work tomorrow. On the left sleeve I noticed two small holes where moths had gotten to it. I've never had problems with moths before. I keep cedar blocks in my closet. Well, I'm wearing it anyway. I have too much invested in it. Hopefully nobody will notice. I just finished sewing two buttons on my Burberry navy wool coat. I'm falling apart. I had to replace missing buttons and you would not believe where I found identical replacement buttons - WALMART. Mr. Burberry, what were you thinking?

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