Saturday, 26 January 2008


Even though I only worked 4 days this week, it was a long week. Yesterday, it was real quiet and I played on the computer all day. It's been so busy lately, I felt like I was due a play day. Yesterday, "Queenie" had on a sheer pink blouse with big ruffles - just like the aqua one from Wednesday except in a different color. Underneath she had on a tank top that is cream with purple and brown polka dots - big wonder bread polka dots. I wonder if she doesn't own a mirror. "Queenie" is also the coworker that I refer to as the "coworker who doesn't work".

I worked at the store last night. This young woman came in with jeans tucked into knee high white boots. These were not off white boots but WHITE boots - nurse white #3. When does one wear white boots? One would not wear white shoes between Labor Day and Easter, and I don't think one would wear boots between Easter and Labor Day. And if I were half as pretty as she thinks she is, I would have a big crown on my head.

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Melissa said...

That outfit sounds hideous!