Thursday, 10 January 2008


I spent the afternoon dodging tornados. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to leave on time, but at quitting time it was just raining. Of course we desparately need the rain. I wanted to get home in time to do my chores and kick back and watch "Ugly Betty". I loved how she talked Daniel into having a fashion show with "healthy" models.

I've been thinking about ordering some penny loafers. Since I can't find Bass Weejuns, I think I may order the Classic II from Eastland. They look a lot like the Weejuns that I wore many years ago. And they come in narrow widths. I have a hard time finding narrow widths, especially in a size 6 1/2. I think I may order them in burgandy. Anyone else wear penny loafers? I thought that they would be good to wear with jeans or with outfits that I just can't find the right shoes. I hope nobody makes fun of me.

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay! I'm going to wear my black Talbots cords from a few years ago, a red LL Bean turtleneck and black Talbots penny loafers. I'm going to be comfortable. Oh, and I'll have on my pearls, of course. I wear pearls everyday, remember.

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Tickled Pink & Green said...

I have penny loafers - Bass Weejuns from waaaay back. I do wear them still! And I love L.L. Bean - I have their credit card so I can get points and free shipping & monogramming.

I also bought the Grace Kelly tribute magazine a few months ago -love her!