Thursday, 10 September 2009

I did not email A today. I'm not going to. He and B were out of the office, so I had the area to myself. C was also out sick, but emailed me many times. He told me to go ahead and move my things to an empty office and work there until my new desk arrived. I told him that I would gladly move since A and I had an altercation yesterday. I didn't bother him with the details since he was sick, but he will find out on Monday. I told my former coworker and she wants me to tell my former bosses. I don't know what that will accomplish since they don't work there any more. I just had to have my drama though. I emptied all of the drawers in my area. I packed everything that had ever belonged to my department. It is sitting in boxes in the floor in front of my desk. I have stationary items stacked about 3 1/2 feet high. I would take the copier with me if it would fit in the elevator. There is nothing in the desk but a small light bulb. I may or may not move the boxes tomorrow. I may wait until A is out of the office. C said that I could not take that stuff up to my new area. I told him to let me have my drama, it makes me feel better. I think I am going to move it into a storage room outside of the executive dining room. I am the only one that has a key.

I hope that y'all don't think it is me. This has happened to many people over the past year. Each month, more and more people are let go. I'm just lucky that C thought enough of me and my work habits to move me into his department.

I'll keep you posted on my drama.

Have a good Friday.

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Preppy 101 said...

Just remember your new job is a new beginning!! Good Luck!! xoxo